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You have run the payroll calculation and several workers have an error status.
What action should you take to remove the payroll calculation results for all workers?

  • A. Delete Records
  • B. Rollback
  • C. Retry
  • D. Mark for Retry

Answer: B

You have run payroll process and need to validate and audit the run results before moving on to processing the payment. Which report helps you in diagnosing the results?

  • A. Payroll Data Validation Report
  • B. Payroll Balance Report
  • C. Balance Exception Report
  • D. Payroll Activity Report

Answer: D

Your customer has a business requirement to only allow their employees to create one personal payment method. How should you configure this within the product?

  • A. Remove the “Manage Personal Payment Method” privilege from the employee role, so that employees cannot create personal payment methods.
  • B. Create a formula to define the maximum number of payment methods allowed, ant attach it to the payroll user interface configuration user defined table.
  • C. Create an information element with an input value to store the maximum number of payment methods allowed.
  • D. It is not possible to implement this type of restriction within the application.

Answer: B

You notice that the Cost Center segment, which is defined using Manage Department Costing, has not been populated for an element in the costing results.
What are two reasons for this?

  • A. There is no costing option defined for the element.
  • B. The costing type is defined as Distributed for the element.
  • C. Element is at Payroll relationship level and the costing type is defined as “Costed”.
  • D. The costing type on the element is defined as “Fixed Costed”.

Answer: AB

Which legislative data group (LDG) description is incorrect?

  • A. An LDG can be associated to multiple cost allocation key flexfield structures.
  • B. An LDG can contain many legal entities that act as payroll statutory units.
  • C. An LDG is associated with a legislative code and currency.
  • D. An LDG marks a legislation in which payroll is processed.

Answer: A

You have a requirement to verify the costing results of a person in a particular payroll run. In which three ways do you verify the costing results of a single person? (Choose three.)

  • A. You cannot view the costing results of a single person.
  • B. You can view the costing results from Statement of Earnings -> View Costing Results.
  • C. You can run the Payroll Costing Report for a single person.
  • D. You can use the OTBI – Payroll Run Costing Real Time subject area.

Answer: BCD

You have a requirement to stop the new entries from being created for an element and to continue the existing entries. How do you achieve this?

  • A. End date the element definition.
  • B. Change the effective date to the required date and select the “Closed for entry” check box.
  • C. You cannot achieve this requirement because you need to continue the existing element entries.
  • D. Delete the element definition and re-create it with a different effective date.

Answer: B

You hire an employee on 01-JAN-2021. The employee is in the process of moving bank accounts and is yet to create a personal payment method. How will the employee receive their payroll payment for the month of January?

  • A. They will be paid by check, because this is the default payment method on the employee’s payroll.
  • B. They won’t receive payment until they have created a personal payment method.
  • C. A cash payment request will be sent to accounts payable, and the employee will be paid in cash.
  • D. The payment process will error and they will not receive payment for the month of January.

Answer: A

Which two delivered reports can be used to view the results of a payroll run immediately after running the Calculate Payroll process? (Choose two.)

  • A. Payroll Activity Report
  • B. Payroll Balance Report
  • C. Payment Register Report
  • D. Payroll Register Report

Answer: AB

A worker moves to a different legal employer within the same country. The HR uses performs a global transfer to meet this requirement.
What is the impact of the transfer on the worker’s payroll relationship record?

  • A. The payroll relationship will be ended and a new relationship is created.
  • B. There is no impact.
  • C. It depends on the customer’s payroll statutory unit and legal employer structure.
  • D. It depends on the customer’s payroll statutory unit and tax reporting structure.

Answer: C

A customer is implementing the two-tier employment model. At what level are payroll run results captured in cloud payroll?

  • A. Payroll Relationship only
  • B. Work Relationship and Assignment
  • C. Assignment only
  • D. Payroll Relationship and Assignment

Answer: C

Your customer is running their weekly payroll, which includes a number of high-performing workers, who will be receiving a bonus. They want these workers to be able to view their payslip two days earlier than other workers on the weekly payroll.
What action should be taken to meet this requirement?

  • A. Navigate to the Document of Records (DOR) and override the payslip availability date for the impacted employees.
  • B. Create a payroll object group for the impacted workers and enter the overriding payslip availability date when submitting the payroll run.
  • C. It is not possible to override the payslip availability date for a subset of workers.
  • D. Using the payroll time definition, override the payslip availability date for the impacted workers.

Answer: B

In order to load balance initialization data, you may load batch headers and batch lines into HCM Cloud using which two named methods? (Choose two.)

  • A. Using WebCenter Content to load the batch data by importing a text file and running the Load Batch from File process
  • B. Using the Payroll Batch Loader spreadsheet to manually enter batch data
  • C. Using the HCM Data Loader to create batch data
  • D. Using the Create New Balances for Employees task in Functional Setup Manager

Answer: BC

Which status should you select for your flow pattern so it is available under “Submit a Payroll Flow”?

  • A. Activ
  • B. Payroll Flow
  • C. Activ
  • D. Process of Report
  • E. Activ
  • F. Flow Pattern Submission
  • G. Activ
  • H. Proces
  • I. Report, or Payroll Flow

Answer: D

Which two seed job roles have access to the Setup and Maintenance work area and can access all payroll setup tasks? (Choose two.)

  • A. Application Implementation Consultant
  • B. Payroll Interface Coordinator
  • C. Payroll Administrator
  • D. Payroll Manager

Answer: CD

An element is defined with costing type as “Fixed Costing”. Which costing levels are considered while building cost account?

  • A. Payroll, Department, Element Eligibility
  • B. Payroll, Element Eligibility, Element Entry
  • C. Payroll, Element Eligibility, Department, Element Entry
  • D. Payroll, Person Element Entry, Department, Job or Position, Person, Element Eligibility

Answer: B

Your customer is using a third-party time product. You have created elements using the time category and now need to import time card hours into cloud payroll.
How can you meet this requirement?

  • A. Use the batch Loader task to import time element entries into cloud payroll.
  • B. Use the Load Time Card process to import time entries into cloud payroll.
  • C. It is not possible to load time directly from a third-party time product into cloud payroll.
  • D. Use the Load Time Card process to import time entries into cloud Time and Labour, and then use the batch loader task to import time element entries into cloud payroll.

Answer: B

Your customer is using HCM cloud Absences. Where is the absence information passed from absences to payroll held in the application?

  • A. User-defined tables.
  • B. Absence information is not passed from cloud absences to cloud payroll.
  • C. Input values
  • D. Value definitions

Answer: C

Where would a payroll flow task retrieve its parameter information when selecting “Bind to Flow Parameter”?

  • A. Derives the value from the output of the previous task
  • B. Derives the value from one of the flow pattern parameter values
  • C. Derives the value from one of the task parameter values
  • D. Derives the value from the context of the current flow instance

Answer: B

The customer requires that a team of payroll clerks be able to view the output of a task submitted by another user. Which Owner Type should be configured against the task?

  • A. Active Users
  • B. All
  • C. Group
  • D. User

Answer: C

What are three important considerations when you create your batch data to initialize employee balances?

  • A. You must use the same date for all batch detail lines.
  • B. You must create your batches by Legislative Data Group.
  • C. You must include all balances for one employee within one batch.
  • D. You must initialize balances before you run any payroll processes.

Answer: BCD

A worker’s check has been returned to the company as it is damaged. This must be recorded in the application. What action should they take?

  • A. Rollback the prepayment process for this employee.
  • B. Change the check payment status from paid to void.
  • C. Delete the check payment payment result.
  • D. Change the check payment status from paid to cancelled.

Answer: B


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