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A manager checks the availability of a worker. The manager is not aware that the worker does not have a work schedule assigned. Which of the three items will be used to determine the availability of a worker? (Choose three.)

  • A. Calendar Events
  • B. Absences
  • C. Standard Working Hours
  • D. Time Sheet
  • E. Contract Data

Answer: ABC

Which two statements are true about Action and Action Reasons? (Choose two.)

  • A. There is always a one-to-one relationship between Action Type and Action.
  • B. It is mandatory to associate Actions withAction Reasons.
  • C. The history of effective date changes can be tracked well by using the Actions framework.
  • D. Terminations predictive analytics uses Actions and Reasons data to identify whether a termination is voluntary or involuntary.

Answer: CD

You are configuring Enterprise Onboarding Checklists and need to c to newhires during onboarding by line managers and HR specialists.
Which Checklist enhancement supports this requirement?

  • A. Checklist Category
  • B. Checklist Validity
  • C. Checklist Completion
  • D. Task Library

Answer: C

You are a Global Resources Implementation consultant and your client wants to track external training within the worker talent profile.
What steps should youfollow to create this new content type, and ensure it displays on the Skills and Qualifications page?

  • A. Create a new content item, create a new content type, link the content item to the person profile.
  • B. Create a new content type, create contentitems for that type, link the content type to the model profile.
  • C. Create a new content type, create content items for that type, link the content type to the person profile.
  • D. Create a new content item, create a new content type, link the content item to the model profile.

Answer: B

A candidate applied for an employment opportunity with a legal employer in the past. The candidate re-applies after some time for an opportunity with a different legal employer in the same enterprise. While applying the second time, the candidate provides a new national identification value.
Which option does the application use to check if a matching record already exists in the system?

  • A. The application cannot identify the matchingrecord and there will be two person records available for further processing.
  • B. The application identifies a match if the first name, the first character of the last name, and date of birth are the same; or if the last name, the first character of the first name, and date of birth are the same.
  • C. Because the national identifier has changed, the system cannot identify the matching record.
  • D. The application searches for the availability of date of birth and middle name to identify the matching record.

Answer: B

You are an HR specialist and want to add new values to a lookup. You have access to the specific work area, but are unable to perform the activity.
Identify the correct statement about this.

  • A. You canaccess the task for profile options from the Setup and Maintenance menu.
  • B. You cannot add new lookup codes and meanings to the existing lookup types.
  • C. You can create new lookup types but cannot modify the existing ones.
  • D. The system administrator mustenable the lookup before it is modified in the work area.
  • E. Oracle applications contain certain predefined system lookups that are locked for editing.

Answer: E

The HR of Finance Department searches for an employee who is the Finance Auditor. The search is conducted with an effective date of 01-Jan-2015 on the Person Management page. The search does not yield any results.
Identify two reasons for this behavior. (Choose two.)

  • A. The employee has multiple assignments and being a Finance Auditor is a part of the secondary assignment.
  • B. The employee is working as a contingent worker in Finance Department.
  • C. The employee is inactive as of 01-Jan-2015.
  • D. The employee was a contingent worker until 31-Dec-2014 and will rejoin as an employee on 02-Jan-2015.
  • E. The employee is working as an employee in Finance Department.

Answer: CD

A client requires that promotion approvals should go to a static set of three users in a sequential manner, with the approval process continuing to the next user if the prior approver is not available.
What setup is required to meet this requirement?

  • A. While configuring Approval Group List Builder, select “Allow empty groups” as True.
  • B. All approvers must be present in the system; else, the promotion transaction fails.
  • C. While configuring Approval Group List Builder, select “Allow empty groups” as False.
  • D. The default functionality is that if any approver is not present, then the transaction gets auto-approved.
  • E. Enable a descriptive flex field to capture the approves in the required sequence and create Approval Group List Builder.

Answer: C

As an implementation consultant, you are in the process of setting up geographies in the application. Which three statements are true about defining geographies? (Choose three.)

  • A. It is mandatory to define geography validations before geography hierarchy can be defined.
  • B. You must map geography to reporting establishments for reporting purposes.
  • C. Geography type can eitherbe defined by a user or can be geopolitical.
  • D. You must identify the top-level of geography as Country and define a geography type.
  • E. You must set geography validation for the specific address style for a country.

Answer: CDE

An HR administrator is unable to enter the details of an intern due to unavailability of the right choice of values. The HR administrator is unaware that the worker type “Intern” has not been set up in the application.
Select four valid system person types (which are part of the person model) that the HR administrator should be aware of. (Choose four.)

  • A. Contract Worker
  • B. Person of Interest
  • C. Contingent Worker
  • D. Employee
  • E. Non-Worker
  • F. Pending Worker

Answer: CDEF

As the Workflow Administrator you are responsible for ensuring that approval workflows are handled in a timely basis.
If you notice that there are outstanding notifications, what action can you take to move the approval along?

  • A. Deny the workflow on behalf of the assigned Approver.
  • B. Approve theworkflow on behalf of the assigned Approver.
  • C. Push back the workflow to another Approver.
  • D. Reassign the workflow to another Approver.

Answer: D

You hired a female employee on January 1, 2015. This employee got married on June 12, 2015. You received a request from the employee on July 11, 2015 to change her last name from the date of her marriage. You changed the last name of theemployee as requested on the same day.
What effective start date for this new employee is displayed by the system as of August 15, 2015?

  • A. January 1, 2015
  • B. June 12, 2015
  • C. July 11, 2015
  • D. August 15, 2015

Answer: B

Which task in theSetup and Maintenance work area generates position codes automatically?

  • A. Manage Position Codes
  • B. Manage Legal Entity HCM Information
  • C. Manage Positions
  • D. Manage Position Synchronization
  • E. Manage Enterprise HCM Information

Answer: B

You are implementing Core HR for a customer. Work timings, standard working hours,organization manager, and cost center information must be captured while setting up the work structure.
Identify the organization type against which you can maintain all these fields.

  • A. Reporting Establishment
  • B. Department
  • C. Business Unit
  • D. Legal Entity
  • E. Enterprise
  • F. Division

Answer: B

As an implementation consultant, you realize during the Requirement Gathering phase of your project that some Actions are notrequired.
How will you make these Actions unavailable for the end user?

  • A. Delete Actions.
  • B. Hide Actions.
  • C. Enter Action End Date.
  • D. Educate users not to use such Actions.

Answer: B


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