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2021 Jan 1z0-067 test engine

Q111. Evaluate these statements: 

CREATE TABLE purchase_orders 




po_totalNUMBER(8,2), CONSTRAINT order_pk PRIMARY KEY(po_id)) 


 (PARTITIONQ1 VALUESLESSTHAN (TO_DATE('01-apr-2007','dd-mon-yyyy')), PARTITIONQ2VALUESLESSTHAN(TO_DATE('01-jul-2007','dd-mon-yyyy')),PARTITIONQ3VALUESLESSTHAN (TO~DATE('01-oct-2007','dd-non-yyyy')), PARTITIONQ4VALUESLESSTHAN (TO_DATE('Ol-jan-2008','dd-non-yyyy' ))); 





quantity NUMBER(8), 

CONSTRAINTpo_items_f k 

FOREIGNKEY(po_id)REFERENCESpurchase_orders(po_id) ) 


Which two statements are true? 

A. Partitions of purchase_order_items are assigned unique names based on a sequence. 

B. The purchase_orders and purchase_order_items tables are created with four partitioneach. 

C. purchase_order_items table partitions exist in the same tablespaces as the purchase_orders table partitions. 

D. The purckase_order_:teks table inherits the partitioning key by duplicating the key columns from the parent table. 

E. Partition maintenance operations on the purchase_order_items table require disabling theforeign key constraint. 

Answer: C,E 

Q112. Your database is running in archivelog mode. Examine the initialization parameters you plan to set for your database instance. 

LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 = 'LOCATION=/disk1/arch' 

LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2 = 'L0CATI0N=/disk2/3rch' 

LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_3 = 'LOCATION=/disk3/arch' 


Identify the statement that correctly describes these settings. 

A. An online redo log file is not allowed to be overwritten if the archived log file cannot be created in any of the log_archive_dest_.ndestinations. 

B. Optional destinations cannot use the fast recovery area. 

C. An online redo log file is not allowed to be overwritten if the archived log file cannot be created in the location specified for log_archive_dest_4. 

D. These settings work only if log__archive_min_succeed_dest is set to a value of 4. 


Q113. As part of a manual upgrade process, after installing the software for Oracle Database 12c and preparing the new Oracle home, you shut down the existing single-instance database. 

Which step should you perform next to start the upgrade of the database? 

A. Start up the database instance by using the new location of the server parameter file and run the catuppst.sqi script to generate informational messages and log files during the upgrade. 

B. Start up the database instance by using the new location of the server parameter file and run the cact1.pl script from the new Oracle home to use parallel upgrade options that reduce down time. 

C. Start up the database instance by using the STARTUP UPGRADEcommand and gather fixed object statistics to minimize the time needed for recompilation. 

D. Start up the database instance by using the STARTUPUPGRADEcommand, which opens the existing database, and then performs additional upgrade operations. 


Q114. Which three statements are true about compression of backup sets? 

A. Compressed backups can only be written to media. 

B. Binary compression creates performance overhead during a backup operation. 

C. Unused blocks below the high-water mark are not backed up. 

D. Compressed backups cannot have section size defined during a backup operation 

E. It works only for locally managed tablespaces. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q115. Examine the steps/operations performed during the RMAN backup operation by using Oracle Secure Backup (OSB): 

1.Start the RMAN client by using the RMAN target / command. 

2.Start the RMAN client by using the OSB user. 

3.RMAN creates the backup pieces. 

4.Run the RMAN backup command with the sbt channels. 

5.OSB creates a backup job and assigns a unique identifier. 

6.OSB creates a backup job request through the OSB sbt library. 

7.OSB stores metadata about RMAN backup pieces in the OSB catalog. 

8.OSB starts the backup operation. 

9. OSB updates the RMAN catalog. 

Identify the required steps/operations performed in correct order. 

A. 1, 4, 6, 5, 8, 3, 9 

B. 1, 6, 4, 5, 8, 3, 9 

C. 2, 4, 6, 5, 8, 3, 7 

D. 2, 4, 5, 8, 3, 7, 9 


Regenerate 1z0-067 dumps:

Q116. In which three scenarios is media recovery required? 

A. when a tablespace is accidentally dropped from a database 

B. when archived redo log files are lost 

C. when data files are lost 

D. when one of the online redo log members is corrupted 

E. when all control files are lost 

Answer: A,D,E 


Q117. In your multitenant container database (CDB) that contains pluggable databases (PDBs), the hr user executes the following commands to create and grant privileges on a procedure: 




INSERT INTO hr.test VALUES (v_emp_id, v_ename, v salary, v_dept_id); 


GRANT EXECUTE ON CREATE_TEST TO John, jim, smith, king; 

How can you prevent users having the execute privilege on the create_test_v procedure from inserting values into tables on which they do not have any privileges? 

A. Create the create_test procedure with definer's rights. 

B. Grant the execute privilege to users with grant option on the create_test procedure. 

C. Create the create_test procedure with invoker's rights. 

D. Create the create_test procedure as part of a package and grant users the execute privilege on the package. 


Q118. Examine the RMAN command: 


Which statement is true about the execution of the command? 

A. Block change tracking must be enabled before executing this command. 

B. The database must be running in archivelog mode for the successful execution of this command. 

C. A complete database backup must exist before executing this command. 

D. The command checks for blocks containing all zeros, an invalid checksum, or a corrupt block header. 

E. The command checks for blocks that contain a valid checksum and matching headers and footers, but that has logically inconsistent contents. 


Q119. Which two statements are true about Flashback Version Query? 

A. The result of a query can be used as part of a DML statement. 

B. It can be used to create views. 

C. It can be used only if Flashback Data Archive is enabled for a table. 

D. It retrieves all versions of rows that exist in a time interval, including the start time and end time. 

E. It can be used to retrieve the SQL that is required to undo a row change and the user responsible for the change. 

Answer: A,C 

Q120. You create two Resource Manager plans, one for night time workloads, the other for day time. 

How would you make the plans switch automatically? 

A. Use job classes. 

B. Use scheduler windows. 

C. Use the mapping rule for the consumer groups. 

D. Set the switch_time plan directive for both plans. 

E. Use scheduler schedules.