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2021 Dec 1z0-067 free question

Q81. Which two are direct benefits of the multiprocess, multithreaded architecture of Oracle Database 12c when it is enabled? 

A. Reduced logical I/O 

B. Reduced virtual memory utilization 

C. Improved Serial Execution performance 

D. Reduced physical I/O 

E. Reduced CPU utilization 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q82. Automatic Undo Management is enabled for your database. You want a user to retrieve metadata and historical data for a given transaction or for transactions in a given time interval. 

Which three are prerequisites to fulfill this requirement? 

A. Minimal supplemental logging must be enabled. 

B. The database must be running in archivelog mode. 

C. Flashback Data Archive must be created and the flashback archive administer system privilege must be granted to the user. 

D. The flashback any table privilege must be granted to the user. 

E. The select any transaction privilege must be granted to the user. 

F. Therecycle binparameter must be set to on. 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q83. Which two statements describe the relationship between a window, a resource plan, and a job class? 

A. A window specifies a resource plan that will be activated when that window becomes active. 

B. A window specifies a job class that will be activated when that window becomes active. 

C. A job class specifies a window that will be open when that job class becomes active. 

D. A window in association with a resource plan controls a job class allocation. 

E. A window in association with a job class controls a resource allocation. 

Answer: A,D 

Q84. Which two resources might be prioritized between competing pluggable databases (PDBs) when creating a multitenant container database (COB) plan using Oracle Database Resource Manager? 

A. maximum undo per consumer group 

B. maximum idle time for a session in a PDB 

C. parallel server limit 


E. maximum number of sessions for a PDB 

Answer: C,D 

Q85. Identify three scenarios in which RMAN will use backup sets to perform active database duplication. 

A. when the duplicate ... from active database command contains the section size clause 

B. when you perform active database duplication on a database with flashback disabled 

C. when you specify set encryption before the duplicate ... from active database command 

D. when the number of auxiliary channels allocated is equal to or greater than the number of target channels 

E. when you perform active database duplication on a database that has read-onlytablespaces 

Answer: A,C,D 


Far out 1z0-067 exam question:

Q86. Your database is running in archivelog mode and a nightly backup of the database, along with an autobackup of the control file, is taken by using RMAN. Because of a media failure, the SPFILE and the control files are lost. 

Examine the steps to restore the SPFILE and the control file to mount the database: 

1. Set D3ID of the target database in RMAN. 

2.Start the database instance by using the startup force nomount command in RMAN. 

3.Restore the control files from the backup. 

4.Mount the database. 

5.Restore the SPFILE from the autobackup. 

6.Create a PFILE from the recovered SPFILE. 

7.Restart the instance in nomount state. 

Identify the required steps in the correct order. 

A. 1, 2, 5, 3, 6, 4 

B. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 4 

C. 2, 1, 5, 7, 3, 4 

D. 2, 1, 5, 6, 7, 4, 3 


Q87. Which four actions are possible during an Online Datafile Move operation? 

A. Creating and dropping tables in the datafile being moved 

B. Performing file shrink of the data file being moved 

C. Querying tables in the datafile being moved 

D. Performing Block Media Recovery for a data block in the datafile being moved 

E. Flashing back the database 

F. Executing DML statements on objects stored in the datafile being moved 

Answer: A,C,E,F 

Explanation: You can now move On line Datafile without hove to stop Monoged Recovery and manually copy and rename Files. This can even be used to move Datafiles from or to ASM. 

-New in Oracle Database 12c: FROM METAUNK. Physical Standby Database is in Active Data Guard Mode (opened READ ONLY and Managed Recovery is running): It is now possible to online move a Datafile while Managed Recovery is running, ie. the Physical Standby Database is in Active Data Guard Mode. You con use this Command to move the Datafile 

-A flashback operation does not relocate a moved data file to its previous location. If you move a data file online from one location to another and later flash back the database to a point in time before the move, then the Data file remains in the new location, but the contents of the Data file ore changed to the contents at the time specified in the flashback. Oracle0 Database Administrator's Guide 12c Release 1 (12.1) 

Q88. You want RMAN to make duplicate copies of data files when using the backup command. 

What must you set using the RMAN configure command to achieve this? 



C. CHANNEL DEVICE TYPE DISK FORMAT '/disk1/%U' , '/disk2/%U' 




Q89. Your multitenant container database (CDB) cdb1, which has no startup triggers and contains multiple pluggable databases (PDBs), is started up by using the command: 


Which two statements are true about the successful execution of the command? 

A. All redo log files are opened. 

B. The root, the seed, and all the PDBs are opened in read-write mode. 

C. All the PDBs are opened in read-write mode. 

D. All the PDBs are in closed state. 

E. Only the root database is opened in read-write mode. 


Q90. Examine the command and its output: SQL> DROP TABLE EMPLOYEE; 

SQL> SELECT object_name AS recycle_name, original_name, type FROM recyclebin; 


binsgk31sj/3akk5hg3j21kl5j3d==$0EMPLOYEE TABLE 

You then successfully execute the command: 

SQL> FLASHBACK TABLE "BINSgk31sj/3akk5hg3j21kl5j3d==$0" TO BEFORE DROP; 

Which two statements are true? 

A. It flashes back the employee table and all the constraints associated with the table. 

B. It automatically flashes back all the indexes on the employes table. 

C. It automatically flashes back any triggers defined on the table. 

D. It flashes back only the structure of the table and not the data. 

E. It flashes back the data from the recycle bin and the existing data in the original table is permanently lost. 

Answer: B,D