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Q11. A developer needs to write a Web service that supports user sessions that timeout after 120 seconds. Which configuration file is correct for the developer use? (Choose one) 

A. web.xml 

B. server.xml 

C. ejb-jar.xml 

D. service-config.xml 


Q12. An automobile manufacturer publishes a Web service for use by their suppliers. The manufacturer has stringent security requirements that require suppliers to verify their identity. Data integrity and confidentiality must be maintained between the client and the server. Which two meet all of these requirements? (Choose two.) 

A. X.509 and XKMS 


C. SSL and mutual authentication 

D. XML Encryption and XML Digital Signature 

E. Private network and XML Signature 

Answer: CD 

Q13. A company is refactoring an existing website to use Web services clients. The application retrieves lists of parts and displays them to the users in a browser window. Previously, the data was stored as files on the web server and, in order to access the files, the user would simply click on a hyperlink. Now the data must be dynamically generated via a service that another developer has created. They want the easiest way to refactor their website to use Web services. Which three client-side technologies should they use? (Choose three.) 



C. Javascript 




Answer: BCE 

Q14. Given the class: Choose the annotation to add on line 4 to enable the client to receive a JSON representation of the instance of Value that is returned (Choose one): 

A. @Produces("application/json"); 

B. @Consumes("application/json"); 

C. No annotation is needed, since JAX-RS supports marshalling and unmarshalling of JSON records. 

D. No annotation is possible, since JAX-RS does not support marshalling and unmarshalling of JSON records. 


Q15. A developer creates the following web service: Assuming that he packages the class in a war file without deployment descriptors, the web service is hosted by a EE container relative to module context at ? (Choose one) 

A. "/Invoice" 

B. "/InvoicePort" 

C. "/InvoiceService" 

D. "/InvoiceWebService" 


Q16. Choose the JAX-RS type that is used to produce URLs to resources, given the resource class, to incorporate into resource responses (Choose one): 

A. UriBuilder 

B. UriInfo 

C. UriMapper 

D. Producer 


Q17. Given that StockQuoteService is a Service class and StockQuoteProvider is a corresponding SEI for a web service. Which of the following options enable MTOM feature for proxy for the StockQuoteProvider SEI ? (Choose one) 

A. proxy = new StockQuoteService().getStockQuoteProvider() 

B. proxy = new StockQuoteService().getStockQuoteProvider(new MTOMFeature()) 

C. proxy = new StockQuoteService(new MTOMFeature()).getStockQuoteProvider() 

D. proxy = new StockQuoteService().getStockQuoteProvider(new RespectBindingFeature()) 


Q18. Given the resource class fragment: Choose the code fragment below that would secure access only to the Resource update() method (Choose one): 

A. <security-constraint> 






B. <security-constraint> 





C. <security-constraint> 






D. <security-constraint>D.<security-constraint> 






Q19. A student developer has created a new library of math functions to share with friends in a linear algebra class. The developer is having difficulty getting people to come over to the dorm to see the new code library, so he decides to deploy it as a Web service so that everyone can enjoy the features via the Internet. One of the functions has this WSDL definition: 

<portType name="MyMathLib"><operation name="incCtr"><input message="tns:incCtr"/></operation></portType> 

Which two statements are true about this Web service? (Choose two.) 

A. This is an asynchronous receive. 

B. This indicates a one-way message exchange pattern 

C. The client must use SOAPFaultException to display any errors. 

D. It must send a SOAP fault back to the sender. 

E. It must NOT send a SOAP fault back to the sender. 

Answer: BE 

Q20. Given the class: 

Choose the option that describes what would happen if this class were deployed (Choose one): 

A. Any HTTP GET or POST request with the URL "/resource" would result in a call to getName(). 

B. Any HTTP GET or POST request with URLs that begin with "/resource" would result in a call to getName(). 

C. A runtime error would result, since a method cannot be responsible for both GET and POST requests. 

D. A compile error would result, since a method cannot be responsible for both GET and POST requests.