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2021 Nov 1Z0-883 free exam questions

Q61. You are attempting to secure a MySQL server by using SSL encryption. 

On starting MySQL, you get this error: 

130123 10:38:02 [ERROR] mysqld: unknown option ‘—ssl’ 

What is the cause of the error? 

A. The --- ssl level was not specified. 

B. The server was not started with the – enable--ssl-plugin option. 

C. -- ssl is not a valid server option. 

D. The mysqld binary was not compiled with SSL support. 

E. The server’s SSL certificate was invalid. 


Q62. Your developers have created table to store some of their program’s data. After examining the slow Query Log, you see that they are using the LIKE operator and SUBSTER () functions against a VARCHAR (10000) column quite often. 

An example of the start of one row of data: 


What should you do to improve the overall performance? 

A. Convert the column to TEXT and add a fulltext index to the table. 

B. Create multiple prefix indexes of differing lengths. 

C. Convert their column to BINARY. 

D. Redesign the table so that the most commonly searched for string patterns are in their own columns. 


Q63. You install a copy of Mysql 5.6.13 on a brand new Linux server by using RPM packages. The server starts successfully as verified by the following commands: 

$ pidof mysqld 

$tail - n2 /var/lib.mysql/hostname.err 

2013-08-18 08:18:38 3132 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: ready for connections. 

Version: ‘5.6.13-enterprise-commercial-advaced’ socket: ‘/tmp/mysql.sock’ port; 

3306 Mysql Enterprise Server – Advanced Edition (Commercial) 

You attempt to log in as the root user with the following command: 

$mysql –u root 

ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) 

Which statement is true about this scenario? 

A. The RPM installation script sets a default password of password for new installations. 

B. The local root user must log in with a blank password initially: mysql –u root –p. 

C. New security measures mean that the mysql_secure_installation script must be run first on all new installations. 

D. The mysql_install_bd post-installation script used – random-password. 


Q64. You need to dump the data from the master server and import it into a new slave server. 

Which mysqldump option can be used when dumping data from the master server in order to include the master server’s binary log information? 

A. Include-master-info 

B. Master-binlog 

C. Include-log-file 

D. Master-data 


Q65. An existing master-slave setup is currently using a delayed replication of one hour. The master has crashed and the slave must be ”rolled forward” to provide all the latest data. 

The SHOW SLAVE STATUS indicates the following values: 

RELAY_LOG_FILE = hostname-relay-bin.00004 


Which command set would make the slave current? 


B. STOP SLAVE; CHANGE MASTER TO MASTER_DELAY =0, RELAY_LOG_FILE = ‘hostname-relay-bin.00004’ , RELAY_LOG_POS = 1383; 

C. STOP SLAVE; CHANGE MASTER TO RELAY_LOG_FILE = ‘hostname-relay-bin.00004’, RELAY_LOG_POS = 1383; 



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Q66. In a test database, you issue the SELECT … INTO OUTFILE statement to create a file with your t1 table data. 

You then TRUNCATE this table to empty it. 

Mysql> SELECT * INTO OUTFILE ‘/tmp/t1.sql’ from t1; 

mysql> TRUNCATE t1; 

Which two methods will restore data to the t1 table? 

A. Mysql> LOAD DATA INFILE ‘/tmp/t1.sql’ INTO TABLE t1; 

B. $ mysqladmin – u root – p – h localhost test – restore /tmp/t1.sql 

C. $ mysql – u root – p – h localhost test < /tmp/t1.sql 

D. $ mysqlinport – u root – p – h localhost test /tmp/t1.sql 

E. Mysql> INSERT INTO t1 VALUES FROM ‘/tmp/t1.sql’; 


Q67. Which statement is true about the log-output variable? 

A. It is a static variable and can be set only at MySQL server startup. 

B. It enables and starts the General Query Log. 

C. It sets the target location for the binary logs generated by the MySQL sever. 

D. It specifies output destinations for the slow and General Query logs. 


Q68. Identify a performance impact when using the Performance Schema. 

A. There is no impact on performance. 

B. There is an overhead for querying the Performance Schema but not for having it enabled. 

C. There is a constant overhead regardless of settings and workload. 

D. The overhead depends on the settings of the Performance Schema. 


Q69. You execute the following statement in a Microsoft Windows environment. There are no conflicts in the path name definitions. 

C: > mysqld – install Mysql56 – defaults – file = C : my –opts.cnf 

What is the expected outcome? 

A. Mysqld acts as an MSI installer and installs the Mysql 5.6 version, with the c: my-opts.cnf configuration file. 

B. Mysql is installed as the Windows service name Mysql56, and uses c: my-opts.cnf as the configuration file 

C. An error message is issued because – install is not a valid option for mysqld. 

D. A running Mysql 5.6 installation has its runtime configuration updated with the server variables set in c: my-opts.cnf. 


Q70. Which three are properties of the MyISAM storage engine? 

A. Transaction support 

B. FULLTEXT indexing for text matching 

C. Table and page level locking support 

D. Foreign key support 

E. Geospatial indexing 

F. HASH index support 

G. Table level locking only 

Answer: B,E,G