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2021 Nov 1Z0-883 question

Q31. Which three tasks can be performed by using the performance Schema? 

A. Finding queries that are not using indexes 

B. Finding rows that are locked by InnoDB 

C. Finding client connection attributes 

D. Finding the part of a code in which a single query is spending time 

E. Finding the size of each table 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q32. Which two statements are true about InnoDB auto-increment locking? 

A. The auto-increment lock can be a table-level lock. 

B. InnoDB never uses table-level locks. 

C. Some settings for innodb_autoinc_lock_mode can help reduce locking. 

D. InnoDB always protects auto-increment updates with a table-level lock. 

E. InnoDB does not use locks to enforce auto-increment uniqueness. 




Q33. A general purpose MySQL instance is configured with the following options: 

-- log-slow-queries -- long-query-time=,0001 -- log-slow-admin-queries -- general-log -- log-bin -- binlog-format=STATEMENT -- innodb-flush-log-at-trx-commit=1 

Which three statements are true? 

A. The General Query Log records more data than the Binary Log. 

B. The binary Log records more data than the General Query Log. 

C. The Slow Query Log records more data than the General Query Log. 

D. The General Query Log records more data than the Slow Query Log. 

E. The Slow Query Log records more data than the Binary Log. 

F. The Binary Log records more data than the Slow Query Log. 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q34. You are creating a new server with the same accounts as an existing server. You do this by 

importing a mysqldump file of the mysql database. 

You test whether the import was successful by using the following commands: 

Mysql> select user, host, password from mysql.user; 

9 rows in set (0.00 sec) 

Mysql> show grants for ‘admin’@’%’; 

ERROR 1141 (42000): There is no such grant defined for user ‘admin’ on host ‘%’ 

Which command will fix this issue? 

A. CREATE USER ‘admin’ @’%’; 

B. GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO ‘admin’@’%’; 



E. UPDATE mysql.user SET Create_user_priv = ‘Y’ WHERE user= ‘admin’; 



Q35. Which two are true regarding MySQL binary and text backups? 

A. Binary backups are usually faster than text backups. 

B. Binary backups are usually slower than text backups. 

C. Text backups are human-readable while binary backups are not. 

D. Binary backups are not portable across different operating systems. 

Answer: C,D 

Down to date 1Z0-883 rapidshare:

Q36. What are three methods to reduce Mysql server exposure to remote connections? 

A. Setting -- skip-networking when remote connections are not required 

B. Using the sql_mode=STRICT_SECURE after connections are established for encrypted communications 

C. Setting specific GRANT privilege to limit remote authentication 

D. Setting – mysql_secure_configuration to enable paranoid mode 

E. Using SSL when transporting data over remote networks 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q37. Consider the Mysql Enterprise Audit plugin. 

Which statement is true when you identify a connection event that has used external authentication? 

A. The attribute “STATUS” is set to the string EXTERNAL_AUTH. 

B. The attribute “PRIV_USER” contains the username. 

C. The event type that is given in the attribute “NAME” is EXTERNAL_AUTH. 

D. There is no differentiation between native and external authentication events. 

E. External authentication is managed through external auditing logs. 

F. The “PROXY_PRIV” user shows a username if external authentication is used. 


Q38. You inherit a legacy database system when the previous DBA, Bob, leaves the company. You are notified that users are getting the following error: 

mysql> CALL film_in_stock (40, 2, @count); 

ERROR 1449 (HY000): The user specified as a definer (‘bon’@’localhost’) does not exist 

How would you identify all stored procedures that pose the same problem? 

A. Execute SELECT * FROM mysql.routines WHERE DEFINER=’bob@localhost’;. 

B. Execute SHOW ROUTINES WHERE DEFINER=’bob@localhost’. 



E. Examine the Mysql error log for other ERROR 1449 messages. 


Q39. Which hardware storage option, when set up with redundant disks, offers the least stability, availability, and reliability for Mysql data? 

A. RAID 5 


C. SAN (Storage Area Network) 

D. NFS (Networked File System) 


Q40. Which statement is true about using Microsoft Windows Cluster as a platform for Mysql? 

A. It is provided by means of IP- level disk replication. 

B. It is shared-nothing architecture. 

C. It implements High Availability by using the .NET Connector’s load balancing capabilities. 

D. It relies on the shared disk architecture being visible to both servers.