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2021 Jun 1Z0-879 exam guide

Q201. As a result of a recent incident, the user4 user will not be allowed access to the crontab command. You need to remove the user's current crontab file and make an entry in the appropriate file. What two actions achieve this? (Choose two.) 

A. Place an entry in /etc/cron.d/cron.deny. 

B. Execute crontab -d user4. 

C. Place an entry in /etc/cron/cron.deny. 

D. Execute crontab -r user4. 

Answer: A,D 

Q202. As system administrator, you are asked to shutdown the Apache HTTPD service that is running on a development server. Your run the svcs | grep apache command, and recieve this output: legacy_runFeb_02lrc:/etc/rc3_d/S50apache Based on this output, which of the following statements are true. (Choose two.) 

A. Any legacy_run state can NOT be manually shut down. 

B. In order to shut down this service, you need to execute the following shutdown script: svcadm - v disable /etc/init.d/S50apache 

C. In order to shut down this service, you need to execute the shutdown script in the /etc/init.d directory 

D. This service is NOT managed by SMF. 

E. This service is managed by LRC. 

Answer: C,D 

Q203. On your x86-based system, what does the Boot Solaris Menu in the Device Configuration Assistant allow you to choose? 

A. the boot timeout value 

B. verbose mode to view detail booting messages 

C. the default networking port 

D. alternate boot disks or CD-ROM/DVD drives 

Answer: D 

Q204. Based on the business needs of the company, highly available data are very important. However, the cost of a fully mirrored data configuration is beyond the current financial resources of the company. Which RAID configuration should be used to hold the company's data? 

A. RAID 0 

B. RAID 1 

C. RAID 5 

D. RAID 0+1 

E. RAID 1+0 

Answer: C 

Q205. A company develops storage host bus adapters. All of the company's disk arrays log messages to a central log host named scribe through the local5 facility. Some of these disk arrays are used for production work by human resources and some are used by the development teams to test their new host bus adapters. The previous administrator put the following line in the /etc/syslog.conf file on scribe to log messages from the arrays: 

local5.warning /var/adm/messages 

Recently, the development team encountered a difficult problem and turned on the full debug What is the proper invocation of logger?output from a disk array. They request that scribe log all of that information. 

Logging all of the debug messages will create a large number of messages that could cause an administrator to overlook real problems with the production disk arrays or to overlook scribe system problems. You want to have the syslog.conf file stop using /var/adm/messages for the local5 facility messages. You want to log warning and above levels for the local5 facility to /var/adm/arrays.messages and log debug and above level messages for the local5 facility to /var/adm/arrays.debug. 

Which two statements in /etc/syslog.conf will accomplish this? (Choose two.) 

A. *.debug /var/adm/messages 

B. local5.debug /var/adm/arrays.debug 

C. local5.warning /var/adm/arrays.debug 

D. local5.warning /var/adm/arrays.messages 

E. !local5.debug /var/adm/arrays.messages 

Answer: B,D

Most up-to-date 1Z0-879 exams:

Q206. Given this line from the name service configuration file: 

hosts:nis [NOTFOUND=return] files 

Which two statements correctly describe the behavior of the name service switch? 

(Choose two.) 

A. If NIS were unavailable, the attempt to locate a host's IP address would be abandoned. 

B. If NIS were unavailable, the attempt to locate the host's address would be continued within the local file (/etc/inet/hosts). 

 (Choose two.)C. If NIS were available, but a host IP address was NOT in the NIS map, the attempt to locate the host's address would be abandoned. 

D. If NIS were available, but a host IP address was NOT in the NIS tables, the attempt to locate the host's address would be continued by searching for it in the local file (/etc/inet/hosts). 

Answer: B,C 

Q207. You have a system used for application development. The process app-rev23, owned by the epiphylla user and running in the global zone, terminates abnormally. 

Which two effects can the root user configure? (Choose two.) 

A. the process app-rev23 that produces no core file at all 

B. the process app-rev23 that produces a core file, without the string core appearing anywhere within the file name 

C. the process app-rev23 that produces a global core file that is readable by any user in a global /var/corefiles directory 

D. the process app-rev23 that produces a total of three core files, one in the current directory of the process, one in the home directory for epiphylla, and one in a global /var/corefiles directory 

Answer: A,B 

Q208. As system administrator, you have been asked to install a SPARC based system with the Solaris 10 OS. Which three are recommended system hardware requirements? (Choose three.) 

A. 128 megabytes of memory 

B. 256 megabytes of memory 

C. 5 gigabytes of disk space 

D. 3.2 gigabytes of disk space 

E. OpenBoot PROM firmware version 4.14 or later 

F. Access to a CD-ROM/DVD drive or an installation server 

Answer: B,C,F 

Q209. You bring down a SPARC-based system to run level 0. Now you need to create a customized device alias for one of the disks. Which OBP command allows the selection of a device path and later inserts it into the command line that creates the new device alias? 

A. show-devs 

B. find-device 

C. show-disks 

D. devalias 

Answer: C 

Q210. Which two lines form correct entries for the name service configuration file? (Choose two.) 

A. ethers: dns nis files 

B. printers: user files nis 

C. hosts: dns [UNAVAIL=notfound] files 

D. bootparams: nis [TRYAGAIN=return] files 

Answer: B,D