Exam Code: 1Z0-879 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator Certified Professional Upgrade Exam
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Jun 1Z0-879 Study Guide Questions:

Q311. Your system has three disk drives allocated for data storage. You are using Solaris Volume Manager to create your file system on these drives. The application will be read-intensive. Which configuration will provide the best data protection in the event of a failure? 

A. RAID 5 

B. RAID 1 

C. RAID 0 

D. RAID 1+0 

Answer: A 

Q312. Given: 

usermod -P Profile user1 

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The user1 user loses all other profiles. 

B. The user1 user gets assigned Profile. 

C. The user1 user loses all authorizations in the user_attr file. 

D. The user1 user gets all authorizations from Profile added in the user_attr file. 

Answer: A,B 

Q313. Changes to your x86-based Solaris server require you to rebuild the boot archive.  Which describes how to manually rebuild the boot archive? 

A. The GRUB menu provides the option to rebuild the boot archive. 

B. Select failsafe in the GRUB menu and answer when prompted to rebuild the primary boot archive. 

C. A normal reboot will automatically rebuild the boot archive if the system detects an out of sync boot archive. 

D. Performing a reconfigure reboot will automatically rebuild the boot archive if the system detects an out of sync boot archive. 

Answer: B 


Update 1Z0-879 answers:

Q314. Which answer describes the task being performed on line 3? 

Review the excerpt from a sample zone configuration session: A. /usr/sf w is to be loop-back mounted from the global zone. 

B. /usr/sf w is to be copied from the global zone. 

C. /usr/sf w is to be linked to the global zone. 

D. The /usr/sfw directory will be inherited from the previous non-global zone. 

Answer: A 

Q315. The / file system of one of your CAD users keeps filling up when printing. After investigation, you discover the 36 gigabtye disk is partitioned as follows: 

/ 15 Gigabyte swap 1 Gigabyte /export/home 20 Gigabyte 

Which action would you take to prevent the / file system from filling up? 

A. Increase the space available to swap. 

B. Reconfigure the system so /usr is a separate file system. 

C. Reconfigure the system so /opt is a separate file system. 

D. Reconfigure the system so /var is a separate file system. 

Answer: D 

Q316. The adminuser already has the following authorizations: 

Solaris.admin.usermgr.pswd, Solaris.system.shutdown, Solaris.admin.fsmgr.write 

To add the ability to purge log files, you need to add Solaris. admin. logsvc. purge to the list of authorizations for adminuser. Which command would you use to perform this task? 

A. rolemod -A Solaris.admin.logsvc.purge,Solaris.admin.usermgr.pswd, Solaris.system.shutdown,Solaris.admin.fsmgr.write adminuser 

B. rolemod -A solaris.admin.fsmgr.write adminuser 

C. usermod -A solaris.admin.fsmgr.write adminuser 

D. rolemod -P Solaris.admin.logsvc.purge,Solaris.admin.usermgr.pswd, Solaris.system.shutdown,Solaris.admin.fsmgr.write adminuser 

Answer: A 

1Z0-879  actual test

Certified 1Z0-879 practice exam:

Q317. The user1 is logged in at the console and assumes the identity of root using the su command. Which user identities do the whoami and who am i commands report? 

A. whoami reports root, who am i reports user1 

B. whoami reports user1, who am i reports user1 

C. whoami reports user1, who am i reports root 

D. whoami reports root, who am i reports root 

Answer: A 

Q318. A user's system does not contain all the parts of the Solaris OS that the user needs. Which file tells you what software cluster has been installed on the user's system? 

A. /etc/issue 

B. /var/adm/system/CLUSTER 

C. /var/sadm/system/admin/CLUSTER 

D. /var/sadm/install/package/content 

Answer: C 

Q319. A system administrator is configuring a server to PXE boot an x86-based system with a MAC address of 00:07:e9:05:a7:ab. The x86-based system will have a unique JumpStart profile applied to it. Which three options should be specified for the add_install_client script? (Choose three.) 

A. -d 

B. x86 


D. i86pc 

E. SUNW.i86pc 

F. -e 00:07:e9:05:a7:ab 

G. -m 00:07:e9:05:a7:ab 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q320. Given: 

online 14:21:27 svc:/network/login:rlogin 

You want to control rlogin service using rlogin FMRI (Fault Management Resource Identifier). 

Which two are compatible FMRI formats to control rlogin service? (Choose two.) 

A. rlogin 

B. /network/login:rlogin 

C. svcs:/network/login 

D. rlogin:login 

E. network/rlogin 

Answer: A,B