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2021 Aug 1Z0-878 rapidshare

Q61. What are two beneficial features of soft partitions? (Choose two.) 

A. They allow a single large volume to be subdivided into more than eight segments. 

B. They improve throughput by scattering access across multiple physical volumes. 

C. They allow multiple physical volumes to be combined into a single logical volume. 

D. They allow the file system to grow as the underlying volume size increases without moving or destroying the data already stored on it. 

E. They allow a file system to grow beyond the limits of the underlying physical volume. 

F. They provide a more reliable method for storing data and improving availability. 

Answer: A,D 

Q62. Which command displays all zones on a system and their current state? 

A. zonecfg list B. zoneadm list C. zonecfg info D. zonename list 

E. zoneadm list -cv 

F. zonecfg -z all info 

Answer: E 

Q63. A server providing only boot services for SPARC systems is configured on your local network. This server does NOT support DHCP. A root/install server is configured on another system. 

You boot a SPARC JumpStart client on the network using the following command : 

boot net -install For which three protocols must the boot server answer requests, to allow this client to install? (Choose three.) 




Answer: D,E,F 

Q64. Given the following output from a dumpadm command: 

# dumpadm Dump content: kernel pages Dump device: /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s1 (swap) Savecore directory: /var/crash/wm13w1 Savecore enabled: yes 

Which statement is correct? 

A. The dump device is also a swap device. 

B. Crash dumps are written to the /var/crash/wm13w1 file. 

C. The system dumps the whole content of memory to the dump device. 

D. The savecore command will run as the system shuts down following a panic. 

Answer: A 

Q65. Which three statements are true about soft partitions? (Choose three.) 

A. An unlimited number of soft partitions can be created from a volume. 

B. A soft partition can be grown to use any available space on a volume. 

C. Soft partitions can be extended without moving or destroying data on other soft partitions. 

D. A soft partition can be included in a volume and directly accessed simultaneously by an application. 

E. Soft partitions are an alternative to Solaris Volume Manager software volumes for organizing disk storage. 

F. Soft partitions provide a mechanism for dividing large storage spaces into smaller, more manageable sizes. 

Answer: B,C,F

Most recent 1Z0-878 latest exam:

Q66. You have a stable and mature system that is running out of disk space in the /var file system. You want to avoid the creation of unix.X and vmcore.X files. By default, the system will transfer crash dump information following a panic into unix.X and vmcore.X files when the system reboots. Which command disables this default behavior? 

A. dumpadm -n 

B. dumpadm -y 

C. dumpadm -s 

D. dumpadm -c 

Answer: A 

Q67. Which statement is true about the number of data sources that can be specified in the Name Service Switch file for each of the data types? (Choose two.) 

A. A minimum of one can be specified. 

B. A minimum of two can be specified. 

C. A maximum of four can be specified. 

D. The maximum number that can be specified depends on the data type. 

E. The maximum number that can be specified depends on the system type. 

Answer: A,D 

Q68. You are preparing to install several UltraSPARC machines that will function as servers using JumpStart. Since these machines are servers, you want to disable the power management feature of Solaris 10 OS during installation. What JumpStart configuration technique must you use to disable power management during a JumpStart installation? 

A. add the line powermanagement=FALSE to the sysidcfg file 

B. add the line powermanagement FALSE to the profile file 

C. create a finish script containing the line touch /a/noautoshutdown 

D. There is no way to disable power management if you are using JumpStart. 

Answer: D 

Q69. You no longer require the development zone and want to delete it from the system. Which commands are necessary to permanently remove the development zone from the system? (Choose three) 

A. zoneadm —z development halt 

B. zoneadm —z development delete 

C. zoneadm —z development uninstall 

D. zoneadm —z development detach 

E. zonecfg —z development delete 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q70. On a WAN Boot server, which file fulfills client download requests for wanboot and the root file system? 

A. /usr/sbin/wanbootutil 

B. /etc/inet/wanboot.conf 

C. /usr/lib/inet/wanboot/bootlog-cgi 

D. /usr/lib/inet/wanboot/wanboot-cgi 

Answer: D