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2021 Nov 1Z0-877 test preparation

Q161. Click the Exhibit button. 

Given the system logging messages, which two statements are true? (Choose two.) 

A. The SSH server is not running after booting. 

B. The SSH service tried to start just one time. 

C. The SSH service encountered errors while starting. 

D. The LP print service is running successfully after booting. 

E. The SSH and LP services have the same reason for not starting. 

Answer: A,C 

Q162. A junior administrator wants to mount an XFS file system on a Solaris 10 OS workstation. This file system is NOT supported in the Solaris OS. Which five file systems are natively supported in the Solaris 10 OS? (Choose five.) 









Answer: A,C,D,F,H 

Q163. This information is displayed describing the details of a file system snapshot: A. /usr/sbin/fssnap -a 

B. /usr/sbin/fssnap -i /export/home 

C. /usr/lib/fs/ufs/fssnap -i /export/home 

D. /usr/lib/fs/ufs/fssnap -a /export/home 


Q164. Which Solaris 10 tools provide a user interface which enables the system administrator to analyze a system for available updates and install only those updates that you selected? (Choose two) 

A. /usr/sbin/patchmgr 

B. /usr/bin/updatemanager 

C. /usr/sbin/smpatch 

D. /usr/sbin/patchadd 

Answer: B,C 

Q165. The /prod/inv file system needs to be unmounted so you can take it offline for maintenance. When you try and unmount it, you receive the following error message: 

umount: /prod/inv busy 

One or more users are still using it. 

Which command should you use to discover who is using the file system? 

A. who -q 

B. fuser -cu /prod/inv 

C. who /prod/inv 

D. fuser -ck /prod/inv 


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Q166. to look at the log file for the su(1) command. The contents in the log file are:Following a security and standards audit at your company, management now requires that all Solaris OS servers adopt an EFI label. Some of your systems contain disks less than 1 terabyte. What command should you run to select and enable an EFI label for those disks? 

A. You cannot have EFI labels on disks less than 1 terabyte. 

B. format -d EFI 

C. format -e 

D. prtvtoc -s 

E. fmthard -s EFI 


Q167. Given : 

# who -r . run-level S Jan 26 16:01  S  1  3 

Which two statements are true? ( Choose two. ) 

A. The current run-level is single-user. 

B. The previous run-level was single-user. 

C. The system achieved run level 3 on Jan 26 16:01. 

D. A reboot is not necessary to go to run-level 3. 

E. The system has been at this run-level three times since the last reboot. 

Answer: A,D 

Q168. A server has not had any changes made to the configuration of the standard system login accounts. It has a number of tape devices attached to it. The server is the only system on the local network that has tape devices. A file must be configured to allow backups. Which file must be correctly configured on the system with the tape devices attached to enable the other system to successfully perform its backup? 

A. /.rhosts 

B. /etc/hosts.equiv 

C. /etc/rmt/tape.conf 

D. /etc/hostname.rmt0 


Q169. A junior administrator is concerned that the root password on a production server is no longer secure. The junior administrator sends you an email with the following text: 

SU 1/25 14:01 + pts/3 root-user2 

SU 1/27 09:10 - pts/5 user1-root 

SU 1/27 09:11 + pts/5 user1-root 

SU 1/28 21:01 + console root-user3 

SU 1/29 21:30 - pts/2 user2-root 

SU 1/29 21:31 - pts/2 user2-guest3 

SU 1/29 21:33 + pts/2 user2-user1 

Which three statements about this output are true? (Choose three.) 

A. user3 knows the root password. 

B. This text is from the /var/adm/wtmpx file. 

C. user2 knows the root password. 

D. This text is from the /var/adm/sulog file. 

E. This text is from the /var/adm/lastlog file. 

F. user1 knows the root password. 

G. user2 knows the password for user1. 

Answer: D,F,G 

Q170. A junior kernel engineer wants to test some modifications to a SPARC-based kernel. Which ok prompt command allows you to boot your workstation using the new kernel that the engineer has developed? 

A. boot -v 

B. boot -s 

C. boot -a 

D. boot -r