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2021 Jul 1Z0-877 exam topics

Q71. The /export/home file system is running out of space on c0t0d0s7.  You added a new disk to the system and it is named c1t1d0. You need to move the /export/home file system to slice 7 on the new disk. Which command is used to move the data from /export/home to the new disk after booting the server to the single-user milestone? 

A. mount /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s7 /mnt ; ufsdump 0ucf - /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s7 | (cd /mnt; ufsrestore xf - ) 

B. ufsdump 0ucf - /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s7 | ufsrestore xf - /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s7 

C. ufsdump 0ucf - /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s7| ufsrestore xf - /dev/rdsk/c1t1d0s7 

D. mount /export/home; ufsdump 0ucf - /export/home | ufsrestore xf - /dev/dsk/c1t1d0s7 

Answer: A 

Q72. The IT manager in your department tells you that Sun has released a patch that includes product enhancements for SunMC (Sun Management Center). Another system administrator might have already applied this patch, but the IT manager wants you to check the SunMC server to make sure it is applied. The patch number is 113106-01. Which two commands show if this patch has already been applied? (Choose two.) 

A. patchadd -G 113106-01 

B. patchadd -p | grep 113106-01 

C. patchchk 113106-01 

D. patchinfo -p | grep 113106-01 

E. showrev -p | grep 113106-01 

Answer: B,E 

Q73. When your Solaris system is booted, a startup script initializes the rpcbind service.  Which script is it? 

A. /lib/svc/method/net-physical 

B. /etc/rcS.d/S30network 

C. svc:/network/rpc/bind:default 

D. /lib/svc/method/rpc-bind 

Answer: D 

Q74. As a result of a recent incident, the user4 user will not be allowed access to the crontab command. You need to remove the user's current crontab file and make an entry in the appropriate file. What two actions achieve this? (Choose two.) 

A. Place an entry in /etc/cron.d/cron.deny. 

B. Execute crontab -d user4. 

C. Place an entry in /etc/cron/cron.deny. 

D. Execute crontab -r user4. 

Answer: A,D 

Q75. You have an x86-based system with a monitor, but want to install Solaris 10 OS in text mode. Which is the correct procedure to do the interactive text installation? 

A. boot from the CD-ROM using the b -no_text mode 

B. create a Device Configuration Assistant diskette; 

set the system BIOS to boot from the diskette drive; 

boot from the diskette; 

insert the Solaris Installation CD 1 or the DVD into the drive; 

select choice #1 (Solaris Interactive) from the installation selection screen 

C. execute boot cdrom -text 

D. set the system BIOS to boot from the CD-ROM or DVD drive; 

insert the Solaris Installation CD1 or the DVD into the drive; boot from the CD-ROM or DVD drive; 

select choice #4 (Console session) from the installation selection screen 

Answer: D 


Latest 1Z0-877 sample question:

Q76. Which three FORTH Monitor commands allow you to boot a SPARC-based system? (Choose three.) 

A. ok boot net 

B. ok reboot 

C. ok boot net:rarp 

D. ok boot -as cdrom 

E. ok boot ip= 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q77. In which two conditions is it NOT possible to perform a snapshot of a file system? (Choose two.) 

A. The file system is in use by system accounting. 

B. The file system is a multi-terabyte file system. 

C. The file system is used as backing store by real-time applications. 

D. The backing store file is located on a different file system from the source file system. 

Answer: A,C 

Q78. Given: 

#id uid=101(user1) gid=10(user1) #su user2 


#tail -2 /etc/passwd user1:x:101:10:/export/home/user1:/bin/ksh user2:x:102:11:/export/home/user2:/bin/ksh 

What is the EUID and the EGID of the new user? 

A. 101 and 11 

B. 101 and 10 

C. 102 and 11 

D. 102 and 10 

Answer: C 

Q79. A server has new disks added and labeled by the engineer, but they need to be formatted identically to an existing disk (c3t0d0). You decide to script the process and run from the command line without interaction. 

Which two commands, when used in the correct order, achieve this? (Choose two.) 

A. prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c3t0d0s2 > /tmp/c3t0d0.vtoc 

B. fmthard -s /tmp/c3t0d0.vtoc /dev/rdsk/<newdisk>s2 

C. format c3t0d0 

D. format c3t0d0 <newdisk> 

E. cat /tmp/c3t0d0.vtoc >/dev/rdsk/<newdisk>s0 

Answer: A,B 

Q80. A user needs more storage to store application data. With the system powered off, a new SCSI disk is physically attached into the existing SCSI chain. The system is booted using a reconfiguration boot. 

In which four locations is the device name for the new SCSI disk stored? (Choose four.) 

A. /devices 

B. /platform/sun4u/kernel/drv 

C. /dev/rdsk 

D. /kernel/drv 

E. /etc/path_to_inst 

F. /dev/dsk 

G. /etc/name_to_major 

Answer: A,C,E,F