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2021 Jan 1Z0-869 pdf exam

Q181. - (Topic 3) 

wav is a content type supported on a device that executes: 


 Player p; 


 p = Manager.createPlayer("http://foobar.sun.com/sound.wav"); 


 p.prefetch(); Which is true? 

A. An exception is generated at runtime. 

B. No exception is thrown at runtime. No sound is played. 

C. The result is device-dependent. 

D. sound.wav is played on the device. 


Q182. - (Topic 2) 



 Canvas canvas; 


 // ... 





What occurs when serviceRepaints() is called? 

A. The application blocks until the repaint() method returns. 

B. The application immediately calls the paint() method. 

C. The application blocks until the paint() method returns. 

D. The application immediately calls the repaint() method. 


Q183. - (Topic 1) 

Which two are true? (Choose two.) 

A. GameCanvas provides an off-screen buffer. 

B. GameCanvas extends Canvas and is NOT abstract. 

C. GameCanvas provides the ability to get the states of the physical keys of the device. 

D. GameCanvas can render only Sprite and Layer objects. 

Answer: A,C 

Q184. - (Topic 3) 


Font font = Font.getFont( 




If Font.STYLE_ITALIC is unavailable on the device, what is the result? 

A. IllegalArgumentException occurs. 

B. Compile time error occurs. 

C. RuntimeException occurs. 

D. Device substitutes its closest substitute. 


Q185. - (Topic 1) 

Which two are true about record store listeners? (Choose two.) 

A. A record store can have more than one registered listener. 

B. To listen for all events, three listeners must be registered. 

C. When a record store is closed, listeners are removed. 

D. A record store can have only one registered listener. 

E. Listeners are notified if a record store is deleted. 

Answer: A,C 

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Q186. - (Topic 2) 

Click the Exhibit button. The red collision rectangle around each Sprite in the image is NOT part of the actual image. The two Sprite objects intersect in the application precisely as shown. Which two are true? (Choose two.) 

A. For the two Sprite objects to be considered in collision, collidesWith() must be invoked on both objects. 

B. If Sprite 1 is being tested for collision with Sprite 2 using pixel-level collision detection, the two Sprite objects will NOT be in collision. 

C. The most efficient way to detect collision is to use collision detection based solely on the collision rectangles. 

D. For the two Sprite objects to be considered in collision, each Sprite must have no more than one frame. 

Answer: B,C 

Q187. - (Topic 1) 


10. // ... 


 VolumeControl vc; 


 vc = (VolumeControl) player.getControl("VolumeControl"); 




 // ... 

Which is true about the volume of audio playback from player when the code is executed? 

A. The volume of the audio is exactly 40 dB. 

B. The volume of the audio must be the same on all MIDP devices. 

C. The volume of the audio is up to the MIDP device. 

D. The volume of the audio is approximately 0.4 dB. 


Q188. - (Topic 3) 

Which three APIs may untrusted MIDlets use without explicit confirmation by the user? (Choose three.) 

A. javax.microedition.rms 

B. javax.microedition.media 

C. javax.microedition.io.PushRegistry 

D. javax.microedition.lcdui 

E. javax.microedition.io.HttpConnection 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q189. - (Topic 1) 

A MIDlet that is to be installed on a phone has different values for the MIDlet-Name property between the JAD file and the manifest in the JAR file. Which is true? 

A. The value in the JAD file overrides the value in the manifest. 

B. A dialog is presented to resolve the conflict. 

C. The MIDlet installation process will be aborted. 

D. The value in the manifest overrides the value in the JAD file. 


Q190. - (Topic 1) 


MIDlet-Push-1: datagram://:444, com.fooworks.PushExample, * MIDlet-Push-2: datagram://:555, com.fooworks.PushExample, * 

are statically registered push connections and given: 


 protected void startApp() { 


 String[] connections = PushRegistry.listConnections(true); 


 if(connections.length == 0) { 


 connections = PushRegistry.listConnections(false); 


 for (int i=0; i < connections.length; i++) { 


 new DatagramHandler(connections[i]).start(); 




 } else { 


 for (int i=0; i < connections.length; i++) { 


 new DatagramHandler(connections[i]).start(); 







Which two identify what will go wrong if the code is invoked by the Application Management Software in response to an inbound connection notification? (Choose two.) 

A. Duplicate DatagramHandler objects are created if the MIDlet is paused and then resumed. 

B. An IOException is thrown if there are no active connections. 

C. The first inbound datagram is handled, but all other datagrams are missed. 

D. Datagrams for the active connection are handled, but any datagrams sent to the other port are missed. 

E. The first inbound datagram is ignored, all subsequent datagrams are handled by DatagramHandler. 

Answer: A,D