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2021 Nov 1Z0-868 test engine

Q61. Interceptors provide a way of refactoring code shared by multiple EJB 3 components into a single unit. This is particularly appealing when the code in question can be described as implementing a specific aspect, for example, having a well-defined purpose that can be described in a concise way. Which two actions can be implemented as interceptors? (Choose two.) 

A. logging the IP addresses of all clients of a web application 

B. computing sales tax based on customer ZIP code for a variety of purchase operations 

C. publishing to a JMS topic the arguments to any successful method invocation on an EJB component 

D. computing a discount percentage based on a customer's profile and the contents of the customer's shopping cart 

E. logging the identity of any authenticated clients to any of the business methods defined by a set of EJB components 

F. ensuring that the clients of a web service implemented as a stateless session bean are authorized to access its operations, based on a WS-Security SOAP message header 

Answer: C,E 

Q62. A youth sports club is developing a new application to allow youth sports teams to manage players and provide a schedule. Its ISP permits only web containers and a database. The club wants to maximize profit by having rapid development and no infrastructure costs. You have been contracted to architect a solution for the club. Which architecture would best support the club's business needs? 

A. an MVC web framework interacting with the database using JDBC 

B. an MVC web framework communicating with stateful session beans with the persistence model using DAOs 

C. an MVC web framework communicating with stateless session beans with the persistence model using DAOs 


Q63. Which three are parts of a SOAP message? (Choose three.) 

A. SOAP body 

B. SOAP endpoint 

C. SOAP headers 

D. SOAP handlers E. SOAP attachments 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q64. You are the architect of a project that will provide an external, low latency, scalable, and highly- available service for handling string translations. Each request consists of a short string ID and a language key, limited to "EN", "FR", "ES", "DE" and "JP". Each response is a simple unicode string averaging 256 bytes in size, and there will be no more than 50,000 records for each language. All the records have already been translated and changes to the records will be rare. What should you do to ensure that your service will scale and perform well as new clients are added? 

A. store all the records in an LDAP server and use JNDI to access them from the web tier 

B. deploy a standard 3-tier solution that is supported by a fast and reliable relational database 

C. deploy a single service on many servers in the web tier, each storing all the records in memory 

D. store all of the records in a network attached file system so they can be served directly from the file system 


Q65. You are asked to architect an SOA solution that leverages Java web services. The architecture needs to be flexible and allow for the SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, and REST implementations. Which Java EE technology should you use? 






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Q66. A company is developing an eCommerce application written in Java to sell products online. They already have an inventory system that is written in Java EE using stateful session beans. The new eCommerce application must check for the availability of products before the order is placed. Both applications are behind the firewall. The chief technology officer (CTO) wants to write a web service on the inventory system, so the eCommerce application can access the web service to check availability. You are the lead architect for the project. What is your advice to the CTO to minimize development time? 

A. implement a RESTful web service using servlets 

B. place @WebService on the session beans from the inventory system 

C. use RMI to expose the inventory system to the ecommerce application 

D. implement a JMS queue to send and receive messages between the applications 


Q67. You are interested in writing an XML messaging application. You would like to make methods calls to an API so you can read SOAP messages containing attachments and optionally send and receive these messages over the Internet. You are most interested in implementing XML messaging from the Java platform. Which Java API is best suited for your solution? 

A. StAX 





Q68. Security restrictions in a use-case require that the behavior of an EJB business method vary according to the role of the user. How should this be achieved? 

A. The deployment descriptor is written using the roles determined by the programmer. 

B. The programmer determines a role reference and uses it in the code. This is mapped to a role in the deployment descriptor. 

C. The business method determines the role of the user using JNDI and configuration information in the deployment descriptor. 

D. The business method determines the role of the user using JAAS and configuration information in the deployment descriptor. 


Q69. A mortgage company is building a system that allows customers to apply for a mortgage using a web application. A mortgage typically takes several days to process, so the customers receive results through an email message. When a customer completes the mortgage form, the customer must click the Submit button. When the Submit button is clicked, the application sends the mortgage data to an external system for processing and displays a JSP indicating that the application has been accepted. Because the company's core business is mortgages, the architecture must guarantee the delivery of mortgage data between the web application and the external processing system. In this situation, which technology should the web application use to send the mortgage data to the external processing system? 

A. a JMS queue 

B. XML over HTTP 

C. a synchronous web service 

D. an asynchronous web service 


Q70. A company is in the business of distributing hard candies. The distribution of these candies is automated and the system that helps track information about candy distribution is written in Java technology. The business unit for the company has been asking the IT group to provide a flexible reporting system to track detailed information. A large amount of data about candy is stored using a DAO layer, but little is used. What is the best solution for the IT group to implement to provide the most flexibility for the business unit? 

A. refactor the DAOs to include additional static queries to pull information and export a spreadsheet for the business unit to review 

B. implement an ad-hoc query tool exposed using JSF that allows business units to create queries and produce results in a given format 

C. provide a JSP page, which has scriptlets that expose pre-defined queries for the business unit to execute and display in HTML 

D. create a web service that exposes fixed queries invoked by a JSP client that can pull data from the database and export in a given format