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Q31. What is a purpose of the Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform specification (JSR-181)? 

A. to simplify development of web services from JSPs 

B. to simplify development of web services from POJOs 

C. to simplify development of web services from JMS destinations 

D. to simplify development of web services from MDB components 


Q32. A hospital has a patient management system. Currently it is used by nurses who access the system using tablet computers with a browser-based interface. The application uses HttpSession objects to store state information. In phase two of the implementation, nurses will also have access through PDAs. These PDAs will use a rich client and access the business logic using a web service. What are two ways to manage conversational state in the new version of the system? (Choose two.) 

A. All clients use HttpSession objects. 

B. All clients use stateful session beans. 

C. All clients use stateless session beans. 

D. Web clients use HttpSession objects and rich clients build a session management framework. 

Answer: B,D 

Q33. A company has defined an XML-based document format that its business partners need to use to submit order information. To guarantee confidentiality and information integrity at a fine level in the presence of multiple processing steps, the company wants to take advantage of technologies such as WS-Security and XML Digital Signatures. These technologies define SOAP headers that can be used to sign and encrypt fragments of documents. Your task is to implement the web service that accepts and processes the orders. Which component type should be used for the web service endpoint? 

A. stateless session bean with RMI interface 

B. message-driven bean with web service interface 

C. stateful session bean with web service interface 

D. stateless session bean with access to the SOAP body 

E. stateless session bean with access to the SOAP envelope 


Q34. Your client is interested in the benefits of integration with an external system using RMI-IIOP, RMI- JRMP, and CORBA for external integration. What should you tell your client? 

A. An RMI-JRMP client can call a CORBA server. 

B. A CORBA client can call an RMI-JRMP server. 

C. An RMI-JRMP client can call an RMI-IIOP server. 

D. A CORBA client CANNOT call an RMI-IIOP server. 


Q35. A. It is more secure. 

B. It is more reliable. 

C. It is easier to maintain. 

D. It makes it easier to manage the application deployment. 

Answer: C,D 

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Q36. ABC Travel offers a flight reservation service, exposed as a web service. XYZ Stays offers a hotel reservation service, also exposed as a web service. ABC and XYZ will not change their web services. A startup company has contacted you for advice about designing a new service that combines flight and hotel reservations, which they will offer as a web service. The startup company plans to provide their service by implementing a portable Java EE solution that aggregates the two services offered by ABC Travel and XYZ Stays. A combined reservation succeeds only if both the flight reservation and the hotel reservation succeed. What is the most effective way to meet the business requirement? 

A. The startup company should implement their new service as a web service that uses an XA transaction manager. 

B. The startup company cannot implement their new service as a web service, but must use an EJB component to gain transaction propagation. 

C. The startup company should implement their new service as a web service by calling the two existing services, and implementing their own compensating transaction. 

D. The startup company can implement their new service as a web service by calling the two existing services in a single transaction, relying on transaction propagation to support this business rule. 


Q37. You are building a subsystem that has several complex components, but you want to hide that complexity from the client code. Which pattern can you apply to hide this complexity? 

A. Proxy 

B. Bridge 

C. Adaptor 

D. Facade 

E. Decorator 


Q38. What are two advantages of the Business Delegate pattern? (Choose two.) 

A. increases the scalability of remote services 

B. decouples presentation logic from business logic 

C. avoids unnecessary invocation of remote services 

D. hides underlying communication details of the service 

E. enables transparent persistent storage of the business entity 

Answer: C,D 

Q39. Your web site's daily active user sessions have greatly increased. This is degrading performance because your application container is using all of its resources to manage the volume of active sessions. You need to deploy in a cluster to scale the application. You have been setting Java beans into your HTTPsession. Which interface should you implement when re-factoring your beans to successfully deploy in a cluster supporting session fail-over? 

A. BeanContext 

B. Serializable 

C. Cloneable 

D. Accessible 

E. Comparable 


Q40. You work for a small IT shop. The developers are responsible for deploying production applications. All of the connection and resource parameters are distributed in the Java source code. Your IT shop has a limited infrastructure so there have been few issues with pushing production applications. Your IT shop has been purchased and is now reselling Java products to customers. You now have dedicated development, testing, staging, and production environments. A new requirement states that these applications must support rapid deployment to each environment. What is the best solution? 

A. refactor the Java application to use JNDI names and resource references 

B. identify a build engineer that has the responsibility of modifying the constant class for each deployment 

C. set your connection properties in a constants class to consolidate connection and resource parameters 

D. identify the environment parameters for connection and resources and make them readily available to developers