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2021 Feb 1Z0-864 actual test

Q131. Some media players use a virtual proxy for image loading. What is the benefit of using a virtual proxy?

A. It controls access to the original object.

B. It defers creation of expensive objects until necessary.

C. It provides a local representation for an object in a different address space.

D. It is a replacement for a bare pointer that performs additional actions when an object is accessed.

Answer: B

Q132. A company has an existing system that is a two-tier (presentation/business logic -> database) architecture that requires the installation of code on a PC. The company wants the system to support a thin client (browser). Which three non-functional requirements will be improved as a result of separating the business logic into a third tier (presentation -> business logic -> database)? (Choose three.)

A. Security

B. Scalability

C. Extensibility

D. Performance

E. Manageability

F. Maintainability

Answer: CEF

Q133. You are designing the persistence layer for your current project and deciding which approach is best: an ORM-centric implementation or a direct SQL-based implementation. Which two statements are guaranteed to be true in all cases when comparing the two approaches? (Choose two.)

A. Persistence frameworks that do NOT subscribe to an open, standardized API are more difficult to maintain in the long term.

B. ORM is a better choice than JDBC because it combines ease of development, database independence/insulation, and tooling support with no runtime overhead.

C. JDBC is a better choice than ORM, because it combines direct access to the database, a minimal programming model, the best performance and scalability, and ease of development.

D. Any decision must consider and address the issues of performance, scalability, ease of development, and ACID semantics, weighted according to the specific application being designed.

Answer: AD

Q134. A travel company re-architected its application from a two-tier to a three-tier architecture. To see what impact the new architecture would have on its non-functional requirements (NFR), the company intends to build a prototype based on the new architecture. The company compared the NFR metrics associated with the new prototype against the metrics from their original two-tier solution. What is an advantage of the original two-tier solution?

A. It has better availability because it has fewer single points of failure.

B. It has better manageability because each client has its own copy of the application.

C. It has better performance because each client must use its own set of domain objects.

D. It has better scalability because each client can access the database independently of other clients.

Answer: A

Q135. You have been asked to advise a client on the suitable architecture to use in the construction of their next generation hotel room reservation system. The primary requirements for the business tier are as follows: ease of development, separation of the persistence tier from the business logic tier, extensibility, performance, scalability, security, and transaction management. State is maintained in the presentation tier. What is the most suitable high-level architecture for the business tier that most closely meets the stated requirements?

A. stateful session beans accessing the persistence tier directly

B. stateless session beans accessing the persistence tier directly

C. Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) accessing the persistence tier directly

D. stateful session beans accessing the persistence tier through a DAO layer

E. stateless session beans accessing the persistence tier through a DAO layer

Answer: E

Up to date 1Z0-864 vce:

Q136. The Java system you are enhancing needs an integration point to an external system to gain access to data stored in a database. The application uses an open database connectivity data source to access data. What do you use to connect to the database?

A. XML over HTTP

B. RPC-style SOAP


D. JDBC-ODBC bridge driver

Answer: D

Q137. A company is a startup that aggregates the product catalogs from several vendors and provides an online shopping experience. Vendors maintain the company's catalog and product inventory in vendor-unique relational databases that it hosts. The company has the following non-functional requirement priorities for a new system: scalability, availability, and reliability. Which logical tier map will maximize the non-functional requirement priorities as set forth by this company?

A. Presentation/business logic tier - database

B. Presentation tier - business logic tier - database

C. Presentation tier - business logic tier - resource tier - database

D. Presentation tier - database (business logic in stored procedures)

Answer: C

Q138. Your web page design company is designing web sites for all of the stores in a local mall. Your company must create a consistent "look and feel" for these sites. Once this "look and feel" project has gone through demonstration, enhancement, and approval iterations with the mall's clients, your job will be done, and the development of the actual B2C (business to client) system will be handled by a different firm. Which architecture is most appropriate for your prototype project?

A. Two-tier, web-centric

B. Three-tier, web-centric

C. Three-tier, enterprise-centric

D. Three-tier, application-centric

Answer: A

Q139. Your company's web site is supported with a cluster of load-balanced web servers and a database server. To reduce expenses, your company must replace your current cluster of web servers with a single web server. All servers under consideration have the same specification. Which three items will be negatively impacted by this re-architecture? (Choose three.)

A. Security

B. Reliability

C. Scalability

D. Availability

E. Manageability

F. Maintainability

Answer: BCD

Q140. You need to restrict access to the administration screens in your web site. In which two locations can you determine whether a user is authorized to access a particular screen? (Choose two.)

A. An EJB entity

B. An intercepting filter

C. A custom tag library

D. Stored procedures

E. A deployment descriptor

F. Custom JavaScript in JSP

Answer: BE