Exam Code: 1Z0-864 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam (Step 1 of 3)
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2021 Nov 1Z0-864 practice test

Q41. Your web application requires access to several different services, so you created a Service Locator class to be used by the UI developers on the team. New services with different interfaces are occasionally added. Unfortunately, the caching benefits of the Service Locator class are NOT being realized because a new instance of this class is being created in every backing bean method that requires a service. Which pattern should you apply to eliminate this problem?

A. Bridge

B. Singleton

C. Prototype

D. Factory Method

E. Business Delegate

Answer: B

Q42. Which three are parts of a SOAP message? (Choose three.)

A. SOAP body

B. SOAP endpoint

C. SOAP headers

D. SOAP handlers

E. SOAP attachments

Answer: ACE

Q43. You are designing an extension to an existing, high-volume Java EE-based e-commerce application that provides enhanced customization and personalization features to users. Users must be able to change both the content and look and feel of what they see on the home page, add favorite items to a "My Favorites" area, and have items suggested to them by the application based on prior purchasing behavior. All site actions participate in a new or existing transaction to track and audit user behavior across the site for later analysis. Given these requirements, what is the most appropriate server-side component, or method to use to provide access to the configurable options stored by the e-commerce application?

A. Accessing the persistence tier directly from the presentation tier (JSPs)

B. A stateful session bean accessing a well-defined persistence tier using the DAO design pattern.

C. A stateless session bean accessing a well-defined persistence tier using the DAO design pattern.

D. A Plain Old Java Object (POJO) accessing a well-defined persistence tier using the DAO design pattern

Answer: C

Q44. A company has committed to support a non-functional requirement (NFR) that states it must process all requests within 3 seconds. The company's customers are complaining that the system is not meeting the NFR and you have been contracted to fix the system. The company is not sure whether its customers are meeting the NFR. What is the most appropriate course of action?

A. Modify the architecture to implement threading of requests

B. Add another server to spread the load across more servers

C. Establish measurements, implement the measurements, move the code to production, and determine a go-forward plan

D. Establish measurements, implement the measurements, load test in the test environment, and determine a go-forward plan

Answer: D

Q45. What are two advantages of the Business Delegate pattern? (Choose two.)

A. Increases the scalability of remote services

B. Decouples presentation logic from business logic

C. Avoids unnecessary invocation of remote services

D. Hides underlying communication details of the service

E. Enables transparent persistent storage of the business entity

Answer: CD

Down to date 1Z0-864 real exam:

Q46. What are two benefits of using the Value List Handler pattern? (Choose two.)

A. Improves network performance

B. Facilitates exposing existing services

C. Provides an alternative to potentially inefficient EJB finders

D. Facilitates post-processing across heterogeneous requests

E. Provides a mechanism to support shared elements of composite views

Answer: AC

Q47. What are two characteristics of object-oriented design? (Choose two.)

A. scalability

B. manageability

C. encapsulation

D. polymorphism

E. cross-cutting concerns

Answer: CD

Q48. You have a web portal system that interfaces to a web service endpoint on an unsecured communication channel. Evil Hacker X is intercepting the message between the two endpoints.

What kind of security threat is this?

A. Session theft

B. Man in the Middle

C. Cross-site scripting

D. Broken authentication

E. Distributed Denial of Service

Answer: B

Q49. Your web site's daily active user sessions have greatly increased. This is degrading performance because your application container is using all of its resources to manage the volume of active sessions. You need to deploy in a cluster to scale the application. You have been setting Java beans into your HTTPsession. Which interface should you implement when re-factoring your beans to successfully deploy in a cluster supporting session fail-over?

A. BeanContext

B. Serializable

C. Cloneable

D. Accessible

E. Comparable

Answer: B

Q50. A system architecture has two applications, one for billing and one for registration. The billing system is an older CORBA interface for updating billing information. The registration system is built using Java technology. A planned enhancement requires the registration application to automatically update the external billing system. Which Java technology is best suited for the enhancement?



C. Java IDL


Answer: C