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Q31. As the architect charged with refactoring an existing system, you have determined that the interactions between objects in the existing system are too complex and that the objects are tightly coupled. Furthermore, due to the coupling, additional functionality would require the modification of many objects in the system. Which pattern can fix this problem?

A. Facade

B. Mediator

C. Template

D. Prototype

E. Command

F. Abstraction

Answer: B

Q32. Your company has supported agile practices and as a policy, all their developers use test-driven development. Tests are run early and often, starting with the individual developers up to nightly tests and regularly scheduled durability tests. To make developers more productive in such an environment, management wants unit tests to run as much as possible outside the container, without requiring the application to be deployed to an actual server. This would reduce the time spent waiting for test results. Which components are most thoroughly testable outside a container without requiring the creation of mock objects?

A. CMP entity bean

B. BMP entity bean using JDBC for persistence

C. Stateless session bean using JPA for persistence

D. Stateless session bean exposing a web service interface

Answer: C

Q33. You are the architect for an in-house application used by a consulting corporation to schedule internal resources to staff client engagements. The application will be used only by a well-defined user group (the in-house HR team) and so will not be exposed to large spikes in demand. Two phase commit semantics are not required, and the simple security model is addressed by integration with the company's LDAP server at the presentation layer. The company does have a 36-month roadmap for their intranet which calls for incremental development of the application over time. What is the best solution for implementing the business logic tier?

A. JSPs accessing the database directly is sufficient.

B. An MVC web framework with no persistence tier is sufficient.

C. An MVC web framework accessing session beans to access the persistence tier is sufficient.

D. Any standard web framework implementing the MVC model accessing the persistence tier is sufficient.

Answer: D

Q34. Your company is going through an extensive security audit and it has been identified that your Internet-facing web site is vulnerable to SQL injection from authenticated users. Which two are appropriate for mitigating this threat? (Choose two.)

A. Using security roles in the deployment descriptor

B. In stored procedures called with prepared statements

C. Adding an Intercepting Validation filter to your system

D. Requiring SSL in the deployment descriptor transport guarantee

Answer: BC

Q35. You are asked to architect an SOA solution that leverages Java web services. The architecture needs to be flexible and allow for the SOAP 1.1, SOAP 1.2, and REST implementations. Which Java EE technology should you use?





Answer: C

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Q36. Using Java Web Start, you are going to deploy a new Java application from the IT development server to all the computers in your company's network. Which three actions can an unsigned JAR file in the Java Web Start sandbox take? (Choose three.)

A. Persist session data

B. Access network printers from the system

C. Use the network to access an arbitrary file server

D. Use the JNLP APIs to interact with the local file system

E. Use the network to access the host from which the application was downloaded

Answer: ADE

Q37. The web pages in a system are carefully designed so that links to security-sensitive URLs are not available in pages offered to untrusted users. Which statement is true?

A. The system security is adequately protected by this approach.

B. Every security-sensitive target must be additionally protected using the declarative security model.

C. The system security is adequately protected by this approach provided only POST requests are accepted by the server.

D. The system security is adequately protected by this approach, but security must be carefully maintained.

Answer: B

Q38. Which application would NOT be a good candidate for an EJB-centric implementation of the business tier?

A. An application that transfers money between accounts

B. A news-oriented web site that receives millions of hits a day

C. An application with business logic that calls third-party web services

D. A small workflow-oriented application to provision and deprovision employee accounts

Answer: B

Q39. You are the architect on a project developing a web site to give fashion advice to teenagers. The content on the site is largely static, but there is a small amount of per-user customization. The actual content, including the style and layout of the site, changes often to ensure a fresh look. Many graphic designers work on the site for short periods of time. The underlying content management software does not change often and the web site runs in an environment with reasonable security in place. What is your primary architectural concern?

A. Deploying the entire web site as JSPs so the content is easier to manage

B. Designing a multi-tier, service-oriented architecture to handle fail-over and ensure high availability

C. Designing a template-based solution to ensure that static content is separated from dynamic content

D. Deploying a DMZ, a secure database, and an encrypted JDBC driver to ensure that user data is protected

Answer: C

Q40. A Java EE application starts a transaction, attempts a database insert using JDBC, and sends a message to an MDB over a transactional JMS Queue. Upon receipt of a message, the MDB attempts an insert in a different database using JDBC. What is NOT a possible result after attempting to commit the application's transaction?

A. The application performs an insert and the MDB performs an insert.

B. The application performs an insert and the MDB does NOT perform an insert.

C. The application does NOT perform an insert and the MDB performs an insert.

D. The application does NOT perform an insert and the MDB does NOT perform an insert.

Answer: C