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2021 Jun 1Z0-864 book

Q71. A company is redesigning a core application and wants to ensure that it will scale over time, because usage is expected to increase 400 percent in the next two years. Future-proofing is important because the company's CEO has complained about how frequently the architecture changes, requiring redesign and redevelopment work. The application will be extended continuously over the next two years and the version of the database software used is also likely to be upgraded. What is the most suitable architecture for the application?

A. Session beans accessing a JPA-based persistence tier

B. Session beans accessing a JDBC-based persistence tier

C. Session beans accessing an EJB 2.x BMP-based persistence tier

D. Session beans accessing an EJB 2.x CMP-based persistence tier

E. Plain old Java objects (POJOs) accessing a JPA-based persistence tier

Answer: A

Q72. As an architect, you need a design pattern with the following capabilities: decouples storage implementation details provides a uniform API to access various external resources encapsulates proprietary features to facilitate maintainability Which design pattern should you choose?

A. Composite

B. Resource Tier

C. Data Access Object

D. Resource Controller

Answer: C

Q73. You work for a small IT shop. The developers are responsible for deploying production applications. All of the connection and resource parameters are distributed in the Java source code. Your IT shop has a limited infrastructure so there have been few issues with pushing production applications. Your IT shop has been purchased and is now reselling Java products to customers. You now have dedicated development, testing, staging, and production environments. A new requirement states that these applications must support rapid deployment to each environment. What is the best solution?

A. refactor the Java application to use JNDI names and resource references

B. identify a build engineer that has the responsibility of modifying the constant class for each deployment

C. set your connection properties in a constants class to consolidate connection and resource parameters

D. identify the environment parameters for connection and resources and make them readily available to developers

Answer: A

Q74. A travel company wants its application to reflect asynchronously any changes that any client might have made to information common to all clients. For example, if two clients are both viewing the same seat, when it is booked, both clients see the updated status of the seat as booked. The company is considering whether to implement the presentation using a Java Swing thick client, or a web-based client using JSP or Ajax. In which option are these technologies shown in order from best response time to worst response time?

A. Swing thick client > web-based JSP > web-based Ajax

B. web-based JSP > web-based Ajax > Swing thick client

C. web-based JSP > Swing thick client > web-based Ajax

D. Swing thick client > web-based Ajax > web-based JSP

E. web-based Ajax > Swing thick client > web-based JSP

Answer: D

Q75. What is an advantage of XML over HTTP, as compared to SOAP over HTTP, for web services?

A. Guaranteed delivery

B. More security options

C. Smaller message size

D. Strongly typed parameters

Answer: C

Up to the minute 1Z0-864 free question:

Q76. SOAP was selected as an integration technology for the flexibility of messaging styles it supports (in particular, how an XML payload can be presented in a SOAP message). Which message-style statement is correct?

A. The body of an RPC-style SOAP message cannot be a literal message.

B. The XML payload for a document-style message cannot be an encoded message.

C. The XML payload for RPC and document-style messages guarantee XML payload delivery.

D. An RPC-style message has the XML payload wrapped inside an operation element in a SOAP body.

Answer: D

Q77. Which two can be used to maintain conversational state? (Choose two.)

A. Entity beans

B. HTTP session

C. stateful session beans

D. Message-driven beans

E. Stateless session beans

Answer: BC

Q78. What are two significant advantages of developing web applications with JavaServer Faces? (Choose two.)

A. JSF pages can be previewed outside the web container.

B. Backing beans can be unit tested outside the web container.

C. Client-side validation mechanisms are automatically generated.

D. The event driven model for invoking backing beans is friendly to JavaScript callbacks (Ajax).

Answer: BD

Q79. Which two statements describe the advantages of inheritance as compared to coding to an interface? (Choose two.)

A. The reuse of existing code implementations.

B. Allows you to use one object in place of another.

C. Inheritance allows you to restrict the behavior of objects.

D. Inheritance promotes encapsulation better than interfaces.

E. Only through inheritance can an object be of multiple types.

Answer: AC

Q80. Which two statements are true only when implementing rich client applications, and NOT when implementing web browser-based clients that support only HTML? (Choose two.)

A. Information can be sent to the client by the server, without client polling.

B. Information can be encrypted prior to delivering it to the client and decrypted when received to the client.

C. Information can be compressed prior to delivering it to the client and decompressed when received to the client.

D. Information can be delivered to the client incrementally, without requiring that the server deliver all the information to be presented to the client on each update.

Answer: AD