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2021 Jun 1Z0-803 Study Guide Questions:

Q61. Given: 

Given the code fragment: 

What is the result? 

A. 10 20 30 40 

B. 0 0 30 40 

C. Compilation fails 

D. An exception is thrown at runtime 

Answer: A 

Q62. Which code fragment cause a compilation error? 

A. flat flt = 100F; 

B. float flt = (float) 1_11.00; 

C. float flt = 100; 

D. double y1 = 203.22; floatflt = y1 

E. int y2 = 100; floatflt = (float) y2; 

Answer: B 

Q63. Given: 

Class A { } 

Class B { } 

Interface X { } 

Interface Y { } 

Which two definitions of class C are valid? 

A. Class C extends A implements X { } 

B. Class C implements Y extends B { } 

C. Class C extends A, B { } 

D. Class C implements X, Y extends B { } 

E. Class C extends B implements X, Y { } 

Answer: AE

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Q64. Given the code fragment: 

Which code fragment, when inserted at // insert code here, enables the code to compile and and print a b c? 

A. List update (String[] strs) 

B. Static ArrayListupdate(String [] strs) 

C. Static List update (String [] strs) 

D. Static void update (String[] strs) 

E. ArrayList static update(String [] strs) 

Answer: E 

Q65. Given: 

class X {} 

class Y { Y ( ) { } } 

class Z { Z (int i ) { } } 

Which class has a default constructor? 

A. X only 

B. Y only 

C. Z only 

D. X and Y 

E. Y and Z 

F. X and Z 

G. X, Y and Z 

Answer: A 

Q66. Given: 

What three modifications, made independently, made to class greet, enable the code to compile and run? 

A. line 6 replaced with handy.dandy.keystroke stroke = new KeyStroke ( ); 

B. line 6 replaced with handy.*.KeyStroke = new KeyStroke ( ); 

C. line 6 replaced with handy.dandy.KeyStroke Stroke = new handy.dandy.KeyStroke(); 

D. import handy.*; added before line 1 

E. import handy.dandy.*; added after line 1 

F. import handy.dandy,KeyStroke; added after line 1 

G. import handy.dandy.KeyStroke.typeException(); added before line 1 

Answer: CEF 

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Q67. public class StringReplace { 

public static void main(String[] args) { 

String message = "Hi everyone!"; 

System.out.println("message = " + message.replace("e", "X")); } 

What is the result? 

A. message = Hi everyone! 

B. message = Hi XvXryonX! 

C. A compile time error is produced. 

D. A runtime error is produced. 

E. message = 

F. message = Hi Xveryone! 

Answer: B 

Q68. Given: 

What should statement1, statement2, and statement3, be respectively, in order to produce the result? 

Shape: constructor 

Square: foo 

Shape: foo 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

E. Option E 

Answer: D 

Q69. Given: 

How many times is 2 printed as a part of the output? 

A. Zero 

B. Once 

C. Twice 

D. Thrice 

E. Compilation fails. 

Answer: D 

Q70. Given: 

A. Good Day! 

Good Luck! 

B. Good Day! 

Good Day! 

C. Good Luck! 

Good Day! 

D. Good Luck! 

Good Luck! 

E. Compilation fails 

Answer: E