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2021 Jul 1Z0-554 practice test

Q41. You have a single page containing bindings you want to secure in an application. What is the recommended way to secure the data on that specific page? 

A. Create a bounded task flow, add the page, and secure the bounded task flow. 

B. Create an unbounded task flow, add the page, and secure the bounded task flow. 

C. Secure the page definition file. 

D. Secure the JSF file. 

E. Secure all the entity objects used on the page. 

Answer: A 

Q42. You have an ADF Faces page that contains various input fields and a command button. The command button has the partial submit property set to true. For this page, when the button is clicked which two statements are true? 

A. Only UI components whose values have been changed will be refreshed. 

B. Only the UI panel In which the button exists will have its content refreshed. 

C. The page will refresh all UI components that have the partialSubmit property set to true. 

D. The page is submitted and only components, whose partialTriggers property references the button, will be refreshed. 

E. The page is submitted, and any components that have the same binding executable as the button and have changeEventPolicy set to PPR, are refreshed. 

Answer: BC 

Q43. When a page is rendered, the binding filter asks the binding context to load the file containing parameters, executables, and bindings. Name this file. 

A. DataBinding.cpx 

B. bc4j.xcfg 

C. adfm.xml 

D. .jspx 

Answer: C 

Q44. You want to convert adefault set of business components for Departments into service interface. Which two components would you use to do this? 

A. Application module, entity object 

B. Entity object, associations 

C. Entity object, view object 

D. Application module, view object 

E. View object, view links 

Answer: A 

Q45. Identify the indicated component (orange triangle within ProductId field):

A. af:contextInfo 

B. af : noteWindow 

C. af:showPopupBehavior 

D. af:outputFormatted 

E. af:message 

F. af: link 

Answer: B

Up to the immediate present 1Z0-554 exam prep:

Q46. You select a binding In the page definition file and set the ChangeEventPolicy property to ppr. 

What effect does this action have on the way the page is rendered? 

A. It allows a component to partially refresh another component whose partialSubmit property is set to true. 

B. When a user selects a new value In a field, the portion of the page where that component resides is redrawn. 

C. It enables you to add a component as a partial target for an event, so that when that event is triggered, the partial target component is refreshed. 

D. Components whose values change as a result of back-end logic are automatically repainted. 

Answer: A 

Q47. For an employee view object, you have defined a view criteria to show only U.S employees, you already have an ADF Faces table displaying data from employees view object. How would you design the page to display a query panel on the page that will allow the end user to select view criteria and filter the existing Employees table on the page? 

A. Drag the view criteria as a query panel. 

B. Drag the view criteria to the existing table and select query panel with table. 

C. Drag the view criteria as a query panel, and then set the ID property of the query panel to reference the table. 

D. Drag the view criteria as a query panel, and then set the ResultcomponentId property of the query component to reference the table. 

E. Drag the view criteria as a query panel, and then set the Model property of the query component to reference the table binding. 

F. Drag the view criteria as a query panel, and then set the value property of the query component to reference the table binding. 

Answer: D 

Q48. Which three statements are true about ADF Business Component declarative validation? 

A. An entity object attribute can have more than one validation rule. 

B. Declarative validation can also be defined on a view object to override the entity object level validation. 

C. For an entity object level validation rule, you can define which attributes will trigger the validation rule. 

D. If your application is to be deployed in three different languages, then a separate validation rule is required for each language to handle the different translated error messages. 

E. You can define a declarative validation rule to call a Java method. 

Answer: ACE 

Q49. You have a page that shows employees, the department they work in, and their manager. When you assign an employee to a manager, you want to make sure the only managers you show are people who work in the same department as the employee. You can accomplish this task with a dependent list of values. In order to accomplish this task you need to create a view criteria on the employee’s view. Which attribute from the employee’s view should you use in view criteria? 

A. EmployeeId 

B. DepartmentId 

C. DepartmentName 

D. ManagerId 

Answer: B 

Q50. An application has an address form that allows internal users to enter shipping addresses for provisioning, as well as allows external users to enter billing address for placing orders. How can this form be implemented to promote reuse? 

A. As a page tempate that multiple Pages can be based upon 

B. as a page fragment that can be usedformultiple task flows 

C. as a ospx page containing a form with input components 

D. ospxpage contained within a module 

E. as a page fragment that contains an af:document tag 

Answer: B