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2021 Dec 1Z0-550 actual exam

Q31. ACME has many remote development sites and decided to implement multi-tier deployment servers to assist with the package deployments. Which UBE/report is run in order to perform the package deployment to the secondary deployment server?

A. R98825B

B. R98825C

C. R98825D

D. R98825E

E. R98403

Answer: C

Q32. ACME is working on setting up security for *PUBLIC, individual users, and roles. When a user has multiple roles (APUSER, APADMIN, ...) and signs in with a single role (APADMIN), what is the hierarchy that security records read when a user attempts to access an application or perform an action?

A. User -> *PUBLIC -> Role

B. Role -> User -> *PUBLIC

C. *PUBLIC -> Role -> User

D. User -> Role -> *PUBLIC

E. *PUBLIC -> User -> Role

Answer: D

Q33. The EnterpriseOne HTML server utilizes serialized object specifications maintained in two tables (F989999 and F989998) for each path code. In order for an HTML server to be synchronized with object specifications in the serialized objects, which two have to be set to the current deployed package name?

A. Spec.ini on the HTML server designating the package name

B. Columns in the F989999 and F989998 for each record designating the package name

C. Generated manifest record in the F989999 designating the package name

D. Contents of the F98770 table designating the package name

E. JAS.INI file on the HTML server designating the package name

Answer: B

Q34. ACME has built a full package and noticed there was a problem with the package build process for one of the objects. What table retains the history records that the Package History application utilizes?

A. F9603

B. F96225

C. F9650

D. F9651

E. F98825

Answer: B

Q35. EnterpriseOne provides interfaces where administrators can view information regarding EnterpriseOne. Which two applications can you use to monitor EnterpriseOne?

A. BMC Patrol

B. Netview

C. Server Manager

D. Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control


Answer: CE

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Q36. ACME has decided to begin their EnterPriseOne implementation using the Oracle VM Templates for JDE. Which three types are available for immediate download and quick implementation via e-delivery?

A. Enterprise Server

B. HTML Server

C. Portal Server

D. Deployment Server

E. Database Server

Answer: ABE

Q37. Which two statements are NOT configurable options available during the Deployment Server installation?

A. Installation Directory

B. Features (El Files, Path Codes)

C. JDBC Driver location

D. Visual C++ Version

E. Visual C++ Location

Answer: DE

Q38. ACME Company plans to install one J2EE Application Server with four instances of the EnterpriseOne HTML Server (JAS); one instance per installed environment. Which statement is FALSE regarding each EnterpriseOne HTML Server instance?

A. Must have a unique TCP/IP transport port

B. Will have a unique JAS.INI file

C. Will share a common set of Serialized Object tables

D. Can share a single HTTP Server

E. Can share a single System DataSource

Answer: D

Q39. What configuration option is NOT required for Object Management Workbench (OMW) to function?

A. Activity Rules

B. User Roles

C. Constants

D. Allowed Actions

E. Save Location

Answer: D

Q40. Which two options are required in order to create a Business Services Server instance?

A. Business Services Server component

B. J2EE Application Server - OAS, WebSphere or WebLogic

C. J2EE Application Server Container

D. JDBC Driver

E. JDeveloper

Answer: AC