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2021 Jul 1Z0-550 free practice exam

Q41. Universal Table Browser (UTB) and Data Browser are used by users to view the record contents of tables. In order to secure users from seeing unauthorized data, which two security options should be put in place?

A. Application

B. Action

C. Column

D. Exclusive Application

E. Row

Answer: CE

Q42. In a traditional EnterpriseOne installation, User Overrides contain runtime override changes for several lirterent functions. In what format are the changes stored in the User Overrides table (F98590)?

A. TAM in Blob Record

B. Java in Blob Record

C. XML in Blob Record

D. Standard Record

E. Serialized Object in Blob Record

Answer: C

Q43. When assigning a role to a user profile, which two options are available?

A. Include in *ALL

B. Role sequence/hierarchy for the user

C. Effective dates

D. Role definition

E. Role security override

Answer: CD

Q44. ACME would like to integrate their existing LDAP server with EnterpriseOne to users in one system. With LDAP Authentication enabled, besides user profiles, which two other profile values can be maintained in the LDAP?

A. Role

B. Date Format

C. Language

D. Password

E. Address Book Number

Answer: BE

Q45. After a full package has been built and is deployed on the same Enterprise Server, where do the runtime business function libraries get copied from?

A. The <path code>bin32 directory on the deployment server

B. The <path code><package>bin32 directory on the deployment server

C. The <path code>bin32 directory on the build machine

D. The <package>bin32 directory on the enterprise server

E. The <path code><package>bin32 directory on the enterprise server

Answer: D

Improved 1Z0-550 simulations:

Q46. ACME has created a Training (TR900) environment based on Production Objects and Prototype Data. To minimize databases and data sources, which is the best Path Code to associate with the environment?

A. TR900

B. PD900

C. PY90Q

D. JD900

E. DV900

Answer: B

Q47. Change Assistant offers the EnterpriseOne administrator another dynamic utility to be able to search for, download, and apply software updates of all varieties for EnterpriseOne. When installing Change Assistant, which three are required in order to use Change Assistant to download and apply ESUs?

A. Java Runtime Environment (JRE.

B. EnterpriseOne Development Client

C. JDBC Driver

D. EnterpriseOne Deployment Server

E. Configuration Assistant

Answer: ABD

Q48. ACME is working on setting up security for *PUBLIC, individual users, and roles. When JOE user has two roles assigned to him: Role1=APUSER sequence 10 and Role2=APADMIN sequence 15) and signs in with the *ALL role, what is the hierarchy that security records read when a user attempts to access an application or perform an action?

A. User -> *PUBLIC -> Role1 -> Role2

B. User -> *PUBLIC -> Role2 -> Role1

C. User -> Role1 -> Role2-> *PUBLIC

D. User -> Role2 -> Role1-> *PUBLIC

E. *PUBLIC -> User -> Role1 -> Role2

Answer: C

Q49. EnterpriseOne Objects are stored in a variety of locations depending upon the object. Which three options have components stored on the Deployment Server's checkin file server per path code?

A. Data Dictionary

B. C Business Functions

C. BSSV Business Functions

D. Tasks

E. Tables

Answer: ADE

Q50. ACME has completed their EnterpriseOne installation and would like to apply the North America Business Accelerator in order to pre-configure the system for usage. Which is the proper way to launch the OBA?

A. On the Deployment Server through Software Updates

B. Stand alone installation on the Deployment Server

C. On the Deployment Server through the OBA Application

D. On the Deployment Server through Change Assistant

E. On the Deployment Server through Configuration Assistant

Answer: D