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2021 Aug 1Z0-547 exam prep

Q11. Which service uses IDMAP to associate Windows and UNIX identities? 





Answer: B 

Explanation: The Solaris CIFS service determines the Windows user's Solaris credentials by using the idmapd service to map the SIDs in the user's Windows access token to UIDs and GIDs, as appropriate. The service checks the mappings and if a match for the Windows domain name and Windows entity name is found, the Solaris UID or GID is taken from the matching entry. If no match is found, an ephemeral UID or GID is dynamically allocated. 

Note:idmapis an iIdentityMapping service for POSIX and Windows identity conversion. 

Reference:Solaris CIFS Administration Guide,Identity Mapping Administration 

Q12. Remote replication is optimized for which three use cases? 

A. Replication can be used to distribute data (such as virtual machine images or media) to remote systems across the world. 

B. Replication can be used to migrate data and configuration when upgrading hardware. 

C. Replication can be configured from an appliance to itself or its cluster peer for redundancy. 

D. Replication can be used to mirror an appliance for disaster recovery 

Answer: A,D 

Explanation: Remote replication (or just "replication") is ageneral-purpose feature optimized for the following use cases: 

* Data distribution (A) 

Replication can be used to distribute data (such as virtual machine images or media) to remote systems across the world in situations where clients of the target appliance wouldn't ordinarily be able to reach the source appliance directly, or such a setup would have prohibitively high latency. One example uses this scheme for local caching to improve latency of read-only data (like documents). 

* Data migration (B) 

Replication can be used to migrate data and configuration between 7000 series appliances when upgrading hardware or rebalancing storage. Shadow migration can also be used for this purpose. 

*Disaster recovery(D) 

Replication can be used to mirror an appliance for disaster recovery. 

Reference: Sun ZFS Storage 7000 System Administration Guide, Remote Replication Introduction 

Q13. When ample storage space is available, which storage profile should be selected when both high performance and high reliability are required? 

A. Striped 

B. Mirrored 

C. Double-parity RAID 

D. Single-parity RAID, narrow stripes 

Answer: C 


Incorrect answers 

A: No reliability with striped 

B: Low performance with mirrored. 

Note:Wide Striping occurs when chunks of data are spread across multiple arrays, possibly all the drives in the system. Narrow Striping occurs when the chunks of data are spread across the drives in a single array. 

Q14. Which two items define why the CLUSTRON (Cluster Control) relies on serial links for inter-head communications? 

A. Serial links provide greater reliability and are sufficient for a heartbeat. 

B. Both InfiniBand and serial links are used for performance and reliability. 

C. Serial links take interrupts at high priority. 

D. InfiniBand links are used, and not serial links. 

Answer: A,C 

Explanation: All inter-head communication consists of one or more messages transmitted over one of the three cluster I/O links provided by the CLUSTRONhardware.Thisdevice offers two low-speed serial links and one Ethernet link.The use of serial links allows forgreater reliability; Ethernet links may not be serviced quickly enough by a system under extremely heavy load. The serial links used by the Sun ZFS Storage 7000 series appliances are not susceptible to this failure mode. The Ethernet link provides a higher-performance transport for non-heartbeat messages such as rejoin synchronization and provides a backup heartbeat. 

Q15. Which share property cannot be changed on-the-fly? 

A. Data compression 

B. Database record size 

C. Synchronous write bias 

D. Cache device usage 

E. Case sensitivity 

Answer: E 


Reference: Sun ZFS Storage 7000 System Administration Guide,Editing Share Properties

Up to the immediate present 1Z0-547 training:

Q16. When setting up the network configuration on a 7000-series system, what does the term ‘datalink’ refers to? 

A. IP partitions 

B. Configuring IP addresses 

C. Managing devices utilized by interfaces 

D. Connecting a target to a LUN 

E. Linking multiple IP addresses to sources 

Answer: C 

Explanation: Datalinks 

These manage devices, and are used by interfaces. They support: 

*VLANs - Virtual LANs to improve local network security and isolation. 

*LACP - Link Aggregation Control Protocol, to bundle multiple network devices to behave as one. 

This improves performance (multiplies bandwidth) and reliability (can survive network port failure), however the appliance must be connected to a switch that supports LACP and has it enabled for those ports. 

*IB Partitions - Infiniband partitions to connect to logically isolated IB fabric domains. 

Reference: Sun ZFS Storage 7000 System Administration Guide, Datalinks 

Q17. Which two properties are available when creating alerts based on statistics from Analytics? 

A. Threshold 

B. Baseline: distance from 

C. Reset: limit 

D. Timing: for at least 

Answer: A,D 

Explanation: Threshold Alerts These are alerts based on the statistics from Analytics. The following are properties when creating threshold alerts: *Threshold The threshold statistic is from Analytics, and is self descriptive (eg, "Protocol: NFSv4 operations per second") *Timing: for at least Duration which the current statistic value must exceed/fall below the threshold 

* exceeds/falls below * only between/only during 

* Repost alert every ... this condition persists. 

* Also post alert when this condition clears for at least ... 

Reference: Sun ZFS Storage 7000 System Administration Guide,Threshold Alerts 

Q18. Which item below allows you to configure snapshots in order to ensure application consistency? 

A. Schedule snapshots to occur at a specific time each day 

B. Quiesce, sync, or shutdown the application and then take a snapshot of the master lun 

C. Quiesce, sync, or shutdown the application prior to taking a snapshot of the project defined for the application 

D. Schedule project snapshots to occur periodically. This way you will be sure to get all open files by the end of the day. 

Answer: D 

Explanation: A snapshot is a point-in-time copy of a filesystem or LUN. Snapshots can be created manually or by setting up an automatic schedule. 

Project snapshots are the equivalent of snapshotting all shares within the project, and snapshots are identified by name. 

Reference: Sun ZFS Storage 7000 System Administration Guide,Snapshots 

Q19. Which two items are the correct and supported ways to add user accounts to the 7000-series system? 

A. Editing/etc/passwd and/etc/shadow 

B. After logging in to the BUI as root, click the Maintenance: Users: Add User via the plus (+) sign and fill out the blanks; click Apply. 

C. Using ssh, add users via the CLI by “configuration users create”. Set the properties, and commit. 

D. Using ssh, add users via the CLI by “configuration users user newname” where newname is the new userID to be added. 

E. From the BUI as root, click Configuration: USERS: plus(+) sign to add a new user and fill out the blanks; click add. 

F. Add user accounts in active directory, LDAP, or NIS. User accounts don’t usually need to be added to the 7000. 

Answer: D,E 

Explanation: D:CLI See set 4 below. Adding an administrator 

E:Go to Configuration->Users. Add user. 

The BUI Users page lists both users and groups, along with buttons for administration. 

Mouse-over an entry to expose its clone, edit and destroy buttons. Double-click an entry to view its edit screen. 

Q20. Which of the following is required in order to bind a 7000-series system to an LDAP server? 

A. A self-signed Certificate 

B. A Base Search DN (Distinguished Name) 

C. LDAP Proxy Server 

D. A password for the LDAP Proxy Server 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Base search DN: Distinguished name of the base object, the starting point for directory searches.