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2021 Jun 1Z0-533 exam engine

Q11. Name the valid ways to create blocks in an underlying Essbase database. Select all that apply 

A. Copy data 

B. Load data 

C. Create block on Equation 

D. Aggregate data 

Answer: ABC 

Q12. Assuming you have a Period dimension with calendar months rolling to quarters to total years. If you assign the property Time Balance Last to the "Headcount" account member, what will user see for Q1? 

A. January's value 

B. March's value 

C. The total of January+February +March 

D. The average of January + February + March 

Answer: B 

Q13. Identify the two true statements about a sparse Entity dimension In Hyperion Planning. 

A. You cannot build alternate rollups or assign custom attributes. 

B. Base currencies are assigned to entity members. 

C. Exchange rates are assigned to entity members. 

D. Entity along with Scenario and Period make up a planning unit. 

E. Entity along with Scenario and Version make up a planning unit. 

Answer: BE 

Q14. Identify the two true statements with regard to Versions and Scenarios. 

A. Versions control data entry based on time periods set by the administrator. 

B. There is only one Version to one Scenario. 

C. Versions allow several "what-if" Scenarios. 

D. Users must have the same security settings in the Version dimension as they have in the Scenario dimension. 

E. Versions can be top down or bottom up. 

Answer: CD 

Q15. Planning utilizes which type of database to store data (for example, "the numbers")? 

A. Block Storage Option Essbase database 

B. Aggregate Storage Option Essbase database 

C. Relational database 

D. XOLAP database 

E. Proprietary database 

Answer: A

Avant-garde 1Z0-533 exam:

Q16. You need to create a highly formatted, printable Income statement for each store in your company. Each report should be emailed to the store manager at the close of each week (each store has a different store manager). What is the best way to deliver this solution? 

A. With Financial Reporting, create a book for each store that contains a P&L for each store and use the book to distribute the reports to store managers via email. 

B. With Financial Reporting, create a store P&L and use batch bursting to distribute the report to store managers via email. 

C. With Web Analysis, create an income statement that store managers can log in and access. 

D. Within Smart View Report Designer, use the Cascade feature to generate and distribute each store income statement via email. 

E. Create a Planning P&L Data form and use email notification to send to store managers. 

Answer: D 

Q17. You have the following design requirement: You need to track customer status for a sales planning application. Valid options for customer status include: Active, Inactive, Out of Business. Customer status can change on a month-by-month basis. 

What is the best way to build Customer Status into the Planning application? 

A. Attribute dimension 

B. Varying attribute dimension 

C. Smart List 

D. Free Form Text 

E. Alternate hierarchy 

Answer: C 

Q18. Identify the two true statements about shared members. 

A. You can assign a custom attribute value to a shared member. 

B. You can define a member formula for a shared member. 

C. You can assign security rights to a shared member. 

D. There is no limit to the number of shared members that you can create for the base member. 

E. Shared members may be defined for Accounts and Entity dimensions only. 

Answer: CD 

Q19. You are designing the storage properties for your Planning application. What two design principles should you follow related to the dynamic calc storage property? 

A. Dynamically calculated members should roll up to stored members. 

B. You cannot calculate and store dynamic calculated members in calc scripts and business rules. 

C. Consider dynamic calc members on sparse parents with 100 t children. 

D. Tagging upper-level members of sparse dimensions can reduce block size. 

E. If you use a large number of dynamic calcs, you should consider increasing the Dynamic Calculator Cache. 

F. Consider Dynamic Calc and Store over Dynamic Calc. 

Answer: BE 

Q20. A planning end user opens a data form and sees a long list of entities in the drop-down list in the Page section. She would like to shorten this list and use the search functionality instead. How can she change the number of members needed on a form to initiate a page dropdown search? 

A. Form Management>>Display tab 

B. Form Management>> Options tab 

C. Preferences>>Database Settings tab 

D. Preferences>> Display Options tab 

E. This change can only be made by the Planning Administrator. 

Answer: D