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2021 Jun 1Z0-533 exam topics

Q21. A Business Rule is launched from a data form. What will Planning utilize to provide a valid list of members for a run-time prompt? 

A. Members defined on the data form 

B. Planning Metadata security 

C. Business Rules security access privileges 

D. Essbase security filters 

E. Business Rules Basic User Role 

Answer: A 

Q22. Identify the three true statements about attribute dimensions. 

A. Planning supports hierarchies and aliases for attribute dimensions. 

B. Planning supports all attribute types (for example. Boolean, Date, Text). 

C. Planning supports varying attributes (where an attribute can vary over one or more other dimensions). 

D. Attribute dimensions can be assigned to dense dimensions. 

E. Attribute dimensions may only be assigned to one base dimension. 

Answer: ABE 

Q23. Which three components can be changed after the creation of the Planning application? 

A. Number of years 

B. Names of plan types 

C. Number of plan types 

D. Initialization of WFP or CapEx Planning modules 

E. Weekly distribution spread 

F. Year Dimension Name 

G. Default Currency 

Answer: ADF 

Q24. You have a new Planning administrator to manage the Capital Expenditure application. He will assign security for the application as well as maintain dimensions in EPMA, Business Rules in Calculation Manager, and load data via Essbase rules files. He will not need access to other applications. Choose the two valid roles that will address part or this entire requirement. 

A. Administrator for the CapEx application 

B. Administrator for the Planning Server 

C. Provisioning Manager for the CapEx application 

D. Planning Calculation Manager for the CapEx application 

E. Dimension Editor for the CapEx dimensions 

F. Application Manager in Essbase for the CapEx dimensions 

Answer: DE 

Q25. Planning administrators can access which four administration tools via the EPM Workspace? 

A. Planning 




E. Calculation Manager 


G. FR Studio 

Answer: ABDE 


Improve 1Z0-533 exam answers:

Q26. What four prebuilt actions are available In EAS Business Rules? 

A. Aggregate 

B. Copy Data 

C. Clear Block 

D. Clear Data 

E. Create Block 

F. Allocate 

Answer: ABDE 

Q27. Fragmentation in an underlying Planning Essbase database that is caused by what two actions? 

A. Delete member from a sparse dimension. 

B. Delete member from a dense dimension. 

C. Renaming a member. 

D. Renaming an alias. 

E. Submitting data / deleting data frequently. 

Answer: BE 

Q28. Given the following: 

Measures (Dense): 40 stored members, 50 total members 

Time (Dense): 17 stored members, 17 total members 

Scenario (Dense): 2 stored members, 5 total members 

Market (Sparse): 100 stored members, 100 total members 

Product (Sparse): 500 stored members, 550 total members 

How many potential blocks could be created? 

A. Potential Blocks = 40 * 17*2 

B. Potential Blocks = 40* 17*2*8 

C. Potential Blocks = 100 * 500 

D. Potential Blocks = 100 * 500 * 8 

E. Potential Blocks = 100 * 550 

F. Potential Blocks = 100 * 550 * 8 

Answer: C 

Q29. What four read or write security assignments allow end users to be able to view at least some data? 

A. At least one member in the Scenario dimension 

B. At least one member In the Version dimension 

C. At least one member in the Period dimension 

D. At least one member in the Account dimension 

E. At least one member in the Entity- dimension 

F. If security has been assigned for a Custom dimension, at least one member in the user-defined custom dimension 

Answer: ABEF 

Q30. What are valid data types for the Accounts dimension? Select all that apply. 

A. Currency 

B. Non-currency 

C. Percentage 

D. Saved Assumption 

E. Text 

F. Smart List G. Date 

Answer: ABCEFG