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2021 Feb 1Z0-532 exam guide

Q11. In a scenario with the zero view set to year-to-date, if January is $30 year to date and March is $90 year to date, what value does FM calculate for February year to date if no data is loaded? 

A. 0 

B. 30 

C. 45 

D. 60 

E. -30 


Q12. EPMA provides a Shared Dimension Library for maintaining EPM dimensions. Identify two reasons that would make you consider using EPMA to maintain dimensions over FM Classic metadata files? 

A. You can use the same metadata file format from FM Classic to import dimensions In EPMA. 

B. Dimensions can be shared across applications or can be local to a specific application. 

C. In EPMA, you can make a change to a member in a shared dimension once and sync ft across FM and Planning applications. 

D. You can assign member access security in the EPMA dimension library for a shared dimension and sync it across FM and Planning applications. 

Answer: CD 

Q13. Identify three valid application settings 

A. MaxNumDocAttachments 

B. UseSecurityForEntities 

C. UseSecurityForValue 

D. Va1idationAccount 

E. SupportSubmissionPhaseforEntity 

Answer: ABD 

Q14. Which clearing data using the Database Management module, dimension is not included for selection? 

A. Scenario 

B. Account 

C. Custom1 

D. Entity 

E. Value 


Q15. The file format load journals to FM can include which four sections? 

A. File Format 

B. Scenario 

C. Journal Group 

D. Standard 

Answer: ABCD 

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Q16. Assuming you are using HFM Version, identify the three true statements about Calculation Manager. 

A. FMRulesMigrator.exe will migrate VB scripts into business rules in Calculation Manager. 

B. There is no utility to migrate VB script rules to Calculation Manager. 

C. In Calculation Manager, you can toggle back and forth between the graphical and script mode. 

D. In Calculation Manager, you can create one script that can execute against both a Financial Management application and Planning application. 

E. To use a business rule, you must validate and deploy the business rule. 

Answer: ACD 

Q17. What are the three characteristics of sub EnumMemberLists ()? 

A. Specifies which dimensions have member lists 

B. Names each member list in each dimension 

C. Specifies the valid members for a member list 

D. Specifies the number of lists for each dimension 

E. Is used to create both static and dynamic lists 

Answer: ABD 

Q18. In which four ways can a user access FR reports? 

A. In the Workspace in HTML mode 

B. In the Workspace in PDF mode 

C. Over the Web outside of the Workspace in HTML mode 

D. In Smart View using the BI+ Connection 

E. In PDF format from an email 

Answer: ABDE 

Q19. Before you can define an alias for a dimension or member in EPMA, you must 

A. Do nothing; the Alias property is created by default 

B. Create an Alias dimension and associate it 

C. Create an Alias attribute 

D. Create an Alias Property 

E. Create an Alias Table 


Q20. The Audit Intersection link in Data Grid menus takes the user to: 

A. The Data Audit listing for the cell 

B. The FDM location used to load the data 

C. The database log for the data storage table 

D. The Task Audit page 

E. Line item details