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2021 Dec 1Z0-531 book

Q21. Which three options will clear query tracking results in ASO?

A. Materialize views

B. Clear the data in the database

C. Stop the application

D. Turn off

E. Change an outline

Answer: ACD

Q22. In Essbase 11.1.1, what are two possible ways to calculate Period to Date values in ASO?

A. Enable Dynamic Time Series

B. Analytic dimension with member formulas to calculate period to date values

C. Alternate hierarchy in Time dimension to rollup period to date values

D. Create a Date Time dimension

Answer: BC

Q23. Which two valid field headers could be assigned to the 5th column in this data file?

Duplicate Member Names is not enabled.

A. Alias

B. Attribute

C. Generation-4


E. Property

Answer: AC

Q24. You need to display a text value based on variance data in an ASO database. If the variance percentage is less than 10, users should see "Low Priority," if the variance percentage is between 11 and 25, users should see "Medium Priority," and if the variance percentage is greater than 25, users should see High Priority." The Essbase feature that supports this capability is:

A. Text List

B. Format string

C. Text data type of a measure

D. Trigger

E. Not possible in an ASO database

Answer: B

Q25. You receive the following error: Error: 1042021: Network error: The client or server timed out waiting to receive data. Which two settings in the Essbase.CFG are most commonly used to correct the issue?






Answer: BC

Refresh 1Z0-531 test question:

Q26. You have the following customer dimensions;

You need to create a % of total (by region) calculation by customer in you aggregate storage database for Net_Revenue. Select the best syntax for member formula so that the % Total calculation works at all levels of customer dimension.

A. (Net_Revenue]) / (Parent. [Net_Revenue])

B. (customer.CurrentMember, [Net_Revenue]) / (customer.CurrentMember.Parent, [Net_Revenue]);

C. (customer.CurrentMember, [Net_Revenue]) / (customer.CurrentMember,Parent, [Net_Revenue])

D. (customer.CurrentMember, [Net_Revenue]) / (customer. [Net_Revenue]);

E. (customer.CurrentMember, [Net_Revenue]) / (customer. [Net_Revenue], Products, YearTotal);

Answer: B

Q27. You have a reporting requirement to track and report the employee status for employees in your workforce ASO Essbase database. Employee status can change over time. One report requires employees down the rows and employee status across the columns.

What is the best solution to meet the all of the requirements?

A. Separate Employee status dimension

B. Text List

C. Smart List

D. Attribute dimension

E. Varying attribute dimension

F. Alternate hierarchy

G. User defined attribute

Answer: D

Q28. Identify the four true statements about ASO "under the covers".

A. Tablespaces are utilized to store data and metadata

B. Page files and index files are utilized to store data and metadata

C. Default - stores numeric data (.dat file)

D. Bin - store numeric data (.dat file)

E. Data - store numeric data (.dat file)

F. Metadata - stores metadata information about the objects in the database

G. Metadata - stores numeric data (.dat file)

H. Temp - temporary working space for the Essbase kernel

Answer: ACFH

Q29. A calculation script is performed on a database for which Create Block on Equation is OFF. The command SET CREATEBLOCKONEQ ON is issued immediately before an equation in the script.

Which statement accurately describe when blocks will be created?

A. Blocks will be created ONLY when the equation assigns non-constant values to members of a sparse dimension

B. Blocks will be created ONLY when the equation assigns constant values to members of a sparse dimension

C. Blocks will be created when the equation assigns either constant or non-constant values to members of a sparse dimension.

D. No blocks will be created.

Answer: AC

Q30. Changing a dense dimension member from stored to dynamic causes________.

A. a Full restructure

B. an Index restructure

C. an Outline restructure

D. No restructure

Answer: A