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2021 Sep 1Z0-525 training

Q11. The webcat structure, along with various other presentation parameters are stored in: 

A. DBFeatures.ini 

B. Instanceconfig.xml 

C. NQSConfig.ini 

D. Repository File (.rpd) 

Answer: D 

Q12. What is a DTM in Informatica? 

A. Data Transmission Manager 

B. Data Transmission Mode 

C. Data Transformation Manager 

D. Data Transformation Mode 

Answer: C 

Explanation: DTM is Data Transformation Manager 

Q13. Which is true regarding the location of Informatics PowerCenter client tools installation? 

A. the client tools should be installed on the same machine as the transactional database. 

B. the client tools should be installed on the same machine as the DAC Server. 

C. the client tools should be installed on the same machine as the OBAW database. 

D. the client tools should be installed on the same machine as the DAC client. 

Answer: D 

Q14. Which three calendar types are supported by BI Applications 7.9.6 release? 

A. Enterprise 

B. 13 Period, 4-4-5 

C. Fiscal and Gregorian 

D. 15 Period 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q15. Which is not a customized fact or dimension table? 

A. wc_xxx_f 

B. w_xxx_f 

C. wc_xxx_fs 

D. wc_xxx_a 

Answer: B 


WC—this denotes as warehouse custom.

Latest 1Z0-525 exam question:

Q16. The universal adapter in Informatica, is used to load data from what two sources? 


B. JD Edwards 

C. Legacy OLTP Systems 

D. Non Oracle Sources 

Answer: A,C 

Q17. What is the significance of Configuration tags in Oracle DAC? 

A. It controls the inclusion of tasks in a subject area. 

B. It controls the parameters generated by DAC. 

C. It controls the OS configuration parameters required for functioning of DAC 

D. It controls the configuring of the source and target database schemas. 

Answer: A 

Q18. To enable SSO integration of the Source EBS Application with BIEE which file do you need to configure? 

A. NQSConfig.ini 

B. credentialstore.xml 

C. instanceconfig.xml 

D. isapiconfig.xml 

Answer: C 

Q19. The Green Factory (a national agricultural organization with one office for IT support and consisting of 20 farmers, 2 dairy producing factories, and a vegetables and flowers Auction) wishes you to implement Sales Analytics and enable all members to benefit most from the Out of the Box materials. What would you advise? 

A. Analyze expected use and calculate capacity. Organize architecture according to the calculated capacity and implement Oracle BI Sales Analytics centrally. Define user groups and apply object security. Define different profiles in Delivers and schedule iBots to provide users with the data they need. Arrange meetings for quick user acceptance. 

B. Organize architecture and directly implement Oracle BI Sales Analytics centrally. Define one user group and schedule iBots to provide this group with the data it needs. Arrange meetings for quick user acceptance. 

C. As Answer A, but check and reuse existing user groups 

D. As Answer A, but installed de-centrally 

E. As Answer B, but installed de-centrally 

Answer: C 

Q20. Considering loading a fact named w_xxx_A, what is the exact sequence in which the mappings related fact are loaded? 

A. SDE -> PLP-> SIL 

B. SDE -> SIL -> PLP 

C. SIL -> SDE -> PLP 

D. PLP-> SIL -> SDE 

Answer: B 


The correct sequence is SDESILPLP