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2021 Jan 1Z0-522 practice exam

Q31. You were asked to assist a Technical developer who is modifying a standard online inquiry In EnterprtseOne. The developer wants to understand how the Cumulative Prior Year End balance is calculated.

Which statement is TRUE of the Cumulative Prior Year End balances for Income Statement accounts when you view online?

A. The Cumulative Prior Year End balances shows posted and non-posted balances for the prior year end.

B. The Cumulative Prior Year End balances show the same type of balances that the balance sheet does.

C. The Cumulative Prior Year End balances include the Net Posting amounts for the prior year end.

D. The Cumulative Prior Year End balances do not include the Net Posting amount for the prior year end.

E. The Cumulative Prior Year End balances include the Net Posting amounts for only domestic entries for the prior year end. 

Answer: B

Q32. Your client wants to use the fastest method to enter high-volume, simple voucher entries. What Voucher Entry would you recommend to your client to use? 

A. Standard Voucher Entry 

B. Voucher Logging Entry 

C. Speed Voucher Entry 

D. Multi-Voucher, Multi-Supplier 

E. Multi-Company, Single-Supplier 

Answer: C

Q33. Your client ran the "Companies in Balance" [R097001] integrity report and requires assistance in interpreting the report.

What process do the Companies in Balance integrity perform?

A. deletes batch header records with no detail records

B. lists all companies and if an amount appears In a column, the company is out of balance

C. locates batches posted out of balance

D. ensures that the intercompany is In balance

E. updates the batch status of a batch header record to D If the detail records in the Accounts Receivable Ledger, Accounts Payable Ledger, and Account Ledger batches are posted, but the header record has an unposted status

Answer: B

Q34. While analyzing the transaction history for a supplier, you review the vouchered year to date A. The currency in which the vouchers were paid. 

B. The currency defined In the A/B Amount Code field of the Supplier Master. 

C. The domestic currency of the company where the vouchers were entered. 

D. The currency associated with Company 00000. 

E. The currency defined In the Default Code field of the Supplier Master. 

Answer: B

Q35. Which three statements are TRUE about Visual Assists?

A. A Visual Assist Is available for all entry fields in JDE.

B. A Visual Assist will automatically populate the entry field with the correct value.

C. A Visual Assist will guide the user in selecting a valid value for an entry field.

D. A Visual Assist is not always available for all entry fields In JDE.

E. A Visual Assist will reduce the errors made during data entry.

Answer: CDE

Updated 1Z0-522 book:

Q36. When you know a draft is paid, the draft is closed. On a draft, what does the pay status # indicate? 

A. The draft has been accepted. 

B. The draft is on hold. 

C. The draft has been closed. 

D. The draft has been selected for payment. 

E. The draft is approved. 

Answer: A

Q37. The system identifies fixed asset journal entries based on the fixed asset range of accounts that you set up in the automatic accounting instructions (AAIs). You can generate fixed asset journal entries through any EnterpriseOne system that creates entries in the 6/L transaction table Account Ledger (FQ911). Which one of the following is NOT the type of Account that falls within the FX range of the AAIs? 

A. Accumulated Depreciation Accounts 

B. Operating Expense Accounts 

C. Asset Cost Accounts 

D. Asset Disposal Accounts 

E. Trade Accounts 

Answer: D

Q38. Which of the following is NOT an element of Asset Depreciation? 

A. Net Book Value 

B. Time Value of money 

C. Salvage value of money 

D. Time 

Answer: A

Q39. Your client would like to know if they should set up additional customer records or use Line of Business processing. 

Why would you want to activate Line of Business processing? 

A. To set up multiple sets SIC values for the customer. 

B. To use a different default business unit for invoice entry. 

C. To establish multiple Address Book records. 

D. To establish a credit limit hierarchy by company. 

E. To set up multiple sets of default information for the customer by company. 

Answer: E

Q40. The Batch-program 'Identify New Entries' does which two of the following?

A. makes the program 'Revise Unposted Entries1 find FA entries quicker

B. posts amounts to the Fixed Assets Ledger

C. reconciles the General Ledger to the Fixed Assets Balances

D. updates the General Ledger table F0911

E. creates new fixed assets master records

Answer: AD