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2021 Jul 1Z0-522 exam prep

Q11. Which two statements are TRUE about Interactive Versions? 

A. An Interactive Version is always attached to an Interactive Application. 

B. An Interactive Version can contain Data Selection and Data Sequence set up. 

C. An Interactive Version is a version of an Interactive Application with Its own source code. 

D. An Interactive Version is an object that needs to be checked in for further deployment. 

E. An Interactive Version Is used to hold the Processing Options values for an InteractiveApplication. 

Answer: AD

Q12. You were asked to assist in setting up the Automatic Accounting Instructions (AAI) for the financial system. Which statement is TRUE regarding AAI? 

A. All AAI Items must have a corresponding valid Business Unit and Object Account value. 

B. There can only be two lines of description. 

C. The sequence number is hard coded in the logic of the calling application. 

D. Some AAI Items with a common prefix can have a user defined suffix. 

E. All AAI Items are company specific. 

Answer: C

Q13. Your client is required to produce a trial balance that compares 'Actual" and "Budgets". You recommend they use the Trial Balance Ledger Comparison application. How is the 'Thru" date derived on this Find/Browse form?

A. The "Thru" date is driven by the Financial Reporting Period in the General Accounting Constant.

B. The user must enter the "Thru" date.

C. The "Thru" date is driven by the Financial Reporting Period in the Company Constant.

D. The "Thru" date is driven by the General Accounting Current Period in the Company Constant.

Answer: B

Q14. Your client is using the Credit Hold process orders from Credit Hold? 

A. Check Credit P42050 

B. Release Held Orders P43070 

C. Order Hold Information P42090 

D. Standard Invoice Entry P03B2002 

E. Speed Status Change P03B114 

Answer: B

Q15. Your client needs to consolidate their financial information from various business sites.

Which statement does NOT represent a difference between a Multi-Site Consolidation and other Organizational Structure?

A. Multi-site consolidation uses elimination rules; Organizational Structure does not use these rules.

B. You cannot consolidate the balance of multiple locations in a mufti-site consolidation, but you can perform this activity with organizational reporting structure.

C. Multi-site consolidation can process consolidation from non-EnterpriseOne applications.

D. User Defined Codes 00/01 through 00/30 and 09/01 through 09/23 must be updated prior to defining the business unit and account structure.

E. The Organizational Structure Definition application updates the Structure Definition table.

Answer: E

Renewal 1Z0-522 simulations:

Q16. A client needs to print attachments as part of payments. Where do you set the processing option to turn on "print attachments"? 

A. Create Payment Groups 

B. The Speed Release program 

C. Work with Payment Groups 

D. Cash Requirements program 

E. Payment instrument defaults 

Answer: E

Q17. Your client would like view Periodic Stats by customer. Which screen do you use to select Periodic Information from Row Menu? 

A. Standard Receipt Entry 

B. Account Balance Inquiry 

C. Speed Status Change 

D. Customer Master Information 

E. Account Statistic History 

Answer: D

Q18. The repost program R099102, Is used to re-create balances based upon the F0911 transactions. The batch does which two of the following in update mode? 

A. deletes the F0902 records, based upon the data selection and recreates these records with balances based upon the F0911-transaction 

B. sets the period involved to zero and recalculates the balance for this period 

C. prints a report that shows the period amount of an account in the F0911 versus the F0902 

D. sets the periods 1 to 14 to zero and recalculates the balances for these periods based upon the F0911-transactions 

E. includes posted and non-posted transactions of the general ledger F0911 

Answer: AC

Q19. You are going through the month end dose process. If you run the Account Balance without Account Master Integrity report and have the processing option set to update mode/ what do you update?

A. the business unit of all account ledger records that have an invalid business unit number

B. the account description of ail account ledger records that have an invalid company number

C. the company number of all account ledger records that have an invalid company number

D. the company number of the account master records with the correct business unit

E. the company number of all account balance records that have an invalid company number

Answer: E

Q20. Which of the following statements is TRUE about processing options? 

A. When a report run is finished the processing options will be restored to the default value. 

B. Changes made to processing options are logged for future reference. 

C. The user can perform an audit trail on processing option changes. 

D. Access to processing options cannot be secured. 

E. Changes made to processing options will be saved immediately. 

Answer: A