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2021 Jul 1Z0-520 free exam questions

Q11. Which control option prevents changes or additions to the purchase order or release, but maintains the ability to receive and match invoices? 

A. Hold 

B. Firm 

C. Close 

D. Freeze 

E. Finally Close 

Answer: D 

Q12. Company X is a global company with operations in three regions: North America, Europe, and Asia. Each region has a separate business group, and one legal entity attached to each business group. North America has two operating units (OU) and the other two regions (Europe and Asia) have one OU each. Identify two correct statements regarding purchasing document approval and routing processes. (Choose two.) 

A. All three regions must share the same approval hierarchy. 

B. North America can have two sets of Approval Groups, one for each OU. 

C. North America can have only one set of Approval Groups to share across each OU. 

D. Each region can have a different type of hierarchy: Employee/Supervisor or Position Hierarchy. 

E. Each region can have a different approval hierarchy, but all three regions must use the same type of hierarchy: Employee/Supervisor or Position Hierarchy. 

Answer: B,D 

Q13. Your customer is planning to close the accounting period in Inventory. Before closing the period, the customer would like to view the total number of pending transactions in one form. Which form would provide this information? 

A. Pending Status 

B. View Material Transactions 

C. Find Pending Transactions 

D. Transaction Open Interface 

E. Inventory Accounting Period 

Answer: E 

Q14. Some move orders are pre-approved requests for subinventory transfers that bring material from a source location to a staging subinventory within the organization. Identify the correct move order type. 

A. Shipping move orders 

B. Pick wave move order 

C. Move order requisitions 

D. Replenishment move orders 

E. Automatic move order requisitions 

Answer: B 

Q15. The warehouse has received new stock from an internal distribution warehouse. Which two receiving transactions can be used to put stock into the warehouse's inventory using the Intransit Inventory? (Choose two.) 

A. Direct Receipt 

B. Standard Receipt and Delivery 

C. Inter organization Direct Receipt 

D. Inter organization Receipt and Delivery 

E. Inter organization Miscellaneous Receipt 

Answer: C,D 


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Q16. Which setup profile option allows you to send a report directly to a browser window? 

A. Viewer: Text 

B. Concurrent: Report Copies 

C. Flexfields: Open Key Window 

D. Concurrent Report: Access Level 

Answer: A 

Q17. Which four are true about the Future Periods field in the Financials Options window? (Choose four.) 

A. You cannot import or enter invoices in a future period. 

B. You can import/enter invoices in future periods, pay and create accounting entries for them. 

C. You can change this number to the maximum number of future periods you want to allow in Payables. 

D. You can import/enter invoices in future periods but you cannot pay or create accounting entries for them. 

E. The first time you enter this field, Payables defaults the number of future periods you use in your Ledger as a default. 

F. Payables uses this value to limit the number of future periods you can maintain in the Control Payables Periods window. 

G. After you change the status of a future period to Open, you can change it back to Future only if you did not create any transactions in that period. 

Answer: C,D,E,F 

Q18. Company XYZ manufactures three different types of PC monitors. 

Type 1 is a unique requirement for the local college called Northern College. 

Shipments of Type 1 to other customers are not allowed. 

This item is stored only in a subinventory called MODEL 1. 

Other models are also stored in this same subinventory. 

The other two types (Type 2 and Type 3) can be shipped to any other customer, including 

Northern College. Which conditions are mandatory for the Picking rule (rule) to meet these requirements? 

A. Transaction type of Sales Order. Rule assigned to Northern College. 

B. Subinventory as MODEL 1. Rule assigned to customer Northern College. 

C. Subinventory as MODEL 1. Rule assigned to Type 1, and customer as Northern College. 

D. Subinventory as MODEL 1. Rule assigned to Type 1, and transaction type as Sales Order. 

E. Subinventory as MODEL 1. Rule assigned to Type 1, transaction type as Sales Order, and customer Northern College. 

Answer: E 

Q19. Which four must be set up to implement a position hierarchy for document approvals? (Choose four.) 

A. Buyers 

B. Employee Jobs C. Approval Groups D. Security Hierarchy 

E. Employee Positions 

F. Employee Locations 

G. Approval Assignments 

Answer: B,C,E,G 

Q20. A recent shipment of item A was routed to the inspection department according to standard practice, but no receipt for item A is available in the system for inspection. 

What might have happened? 

A. Requester set the receipt routing to Direct Delivery in the requisition, 

B. Receiving clerk created an express receipt instead of a standard one. 

C. Buyer changed the receipt routing to Standard Receipt in the purchase order line. 

D. Buyer changed the routing to Direct Delivery at the supplier site level for this supplier. 

E. Receiving clerk changed the receipt routing to Standard Receipt at the time of receiving. 

Answer: E