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2021 Oct 1Z0-518 answers

Q11. Identify three tables that can be used to import billing data Into Oracle Receivables. (Choose three.)






Answer: ADE

Q12. Select three features that Multi-Org provides to satisfy business needs. (Choose three.)

A. secures user access to data

B. supports fixed asset management

C. procures from one Legal Entity and receives in another

D. supports multiple language installations of Oracle Applications

E. supports any number of business units within a single installation

Answer: ACE

Q13. BT Inc. Is Implementing Oracle Accounts Receivable to Interface with an external non-Oracle legacy billing system. The client wants Receivables to generate accounting entries, Instead of sending accounting data through the Interface.

Identify four setup items that are used by Receivables to generate the General Ledger (GL) code combinations. (Choose four,)

A. AutoAccounting

B. transaction type

C. accounting rules

D. transaction source

E. customer bill-to site

F. standard memo line

Answer: ABEF

Q14. Identify four tasks that you can perform using Oracle Workflow in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, (choose four}

A. Automata business processes,

B. Generate account code combinations,

C. Approve standard business documents,

D. Send notifications using Advanced Queuing,

E. Generate Inventory item numbers using item generator workflow,

F. Integrate with third party business systems that are not on a company network.

Answer: ABDF

Q15. What are the three elements involved in submitting a concurrent request? (Choose three.)

A. selecting Operating Unit

B. selecting report language

C. providing completion option

D. defining a submission schedule

E. selecting the request or request set to be submitted

Answer: CDE


Leading 1Z0-518 test question:

Q16. There are several setup steps for receipts in Oracle Receivables; some are required whereas others are optional. Which two setup steps are optional? (Choose two.)

A. Define receipt classes.

B. Define receipt methods.

C. Define receipt sources.

D. Define AutoCash rule sets.

E. Define application rule sets.

Answer: DE

Q17. Which four transactions are improved by AutoIvoice? (Choose four)

A. invoices

B. deposits

C. guarantees

D. debit memos

E. credit memos

F. on-account credits

Answer: ADEF

Q18. Which three statements are true about accounting rules? (Choose three.)

A. Accounting rules enable you to defer revenue.

B. Accounting rules enable you to define fixed and variable rules to recognize revenue.

C. Accounting rules enable you to define the number of periods and percentage of total revenue that you can record in each accounting period.

D. Accounting rules enable you to define the number of periods and amount of invoice that you can bill your customer in each accounting period.

Answer: ABC

Q19. Indentify three steps to be performed after defining a Flexfield structure, but before entering values, (Choose three)

A. Select the “Freeze Flexfield Definition” check box.

B. Click the Compile button to build the Flexfeild structure.

C. Save your changes before freezing the Flexfield definition.

D. Submit a concurrent request to build the Flexfield structure.

E. Do not save your changes before freezing the Flexfield definition.

Answer: ABC

Q20. ABC Corp. has set up the Asset Category Key Flexfield. It has also set up a Descriptive Flexfield to store vehicle Information associated with the asset category "Vehicle." Identify two correct statements (Choose two.)

A. The setting up of the Descriptive Flexfield is mandatory.

B. The Asset Category Flexfield is owned by the Oracle Assets module.

C. The Descriptive Flexfield attributes are associated with tables in the Oracle Assets module.

D. Only the Asset Category Key Flexfield is associated with tables In the Oracle Assets module.

Answer: BC