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2021 Feb 1Z0-516 answers

Q41. Exhibit: 

You work as a DBA for ABC.com. Please study the exhibit carefully. 

You are implementing Oracle General Ledger at ABC.com's site. ABC.com is based in the U.S. but has a global presence in many countries worldwide, and has transactions in multiple currencies. 

The implementation team decides that Oracle General Ledger multi currency setup will be part of the implementation. 

ABC.com's Chief Financial Officer wants a system which has features are displayed in the exhibit. 

Which of the requirements can be satisfied with the implementation? 

A. All requirements from I to V can be satisfied. 

B. I, II & III only 

C. I, II, III & IV only 

D. I, II, IV & V only 

Answer: A

Q42. Suppliers play an important part in the Procure-to-Pay process. Select three activities that you must perform using a supplier. (Choose three.) 

A. You receive goods or services from suppliers. 

B. You need supplier information for entering purchase orders. 

C. You must pay the supplier for the goods or services purchased. 

D. You need a supplier as the criterion to search for a payment in the system. 

E. You need a supplier as the criterion to search for purchase orders in the system. 

Answer: ABC

Q43. Tax Content Services store and maintain the master and reference data that are needed to support the other components in E-Business Tax. You use the E-Business Tax application to model details about the tax setup for all your company tax requirements. Identify the two that are NOT a subcomponent of Tax Content Services. (Choose two.) 

A. tax jurisdictions 

B. tax condition sets 

C. basic tax configuration 

D. determining factor sets 

E. country default controls 

F. exemptions and exceptions 

Answer: BD

Q44. A client wants to configure Oracle AP to perform prepayments for matched invoices. 

You have been hired as the implementation consultant and have been given the assignment. To complete this assignment, choose the option that applies. 

A. Set up the prepayment terms. 

B. Enable "Allow prepayments" in the Financial Options form. 

C. Enable the Oracle Payables Enable Prepayments profile option. 

D. No additional configuration is required. Users must set up the prepayment when the invoice is created. 

E. No additional configuration is required. Users must set up the prepayment when the payment is created. 

Answer: D

Q45. During a pilot run of Financial Statement Generator reports, the report output displayed credit amounts as negative numbers. The customer requires the credit amounts on the reports to be positive instead of negative. Identify the solution that must be implemented to meet the customer's requirements. 

A. Inform the customer that this requirement would require a customization. 

B. Select the change sign check box for the related row or column definition. 

C. Deselect the change sign check box for the related row or column definition. 

D. Create a journal by doubling the values wherever the report is displaying negative numbers. 

Answer: B

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Q46. Which reports would be appropriate as part of a financial month-end close? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. Account Analysis 

B. Trial Balance - Detail 

C. Currency - Daily Conversion Rates Listing 

D. Chart of Accounts - Segment Values Listing 

E. Other - Calendar Validation Report 

Answer: AB

Q47. Select the three true statements about mapping rules. (Choose three.) 

A. There are only two mapping rule actions: 1. Copy Value from; 2. Assign Value from 

B. Mapping sets enable you transfer data from multiple subsidiaries simultaneously. 

C. A rollup rule tells General Ledger what detail level of information to transfer and how to roll that information up to the parent. 

D. You can define a combination of segment values and account rules. 

E. There are only three rollup rules: 1. Transfer Level Detail - Using Detail Ranges; 2. Transfer Level Detail - Using Parent; 3. Transfer Level Summary - Using Parent 

Answer: BCD

Q48. What are the four levels at which you can set profile options? (Choose four.) 

A. Site 

B. User 

C. Application 

D. Organization 

E. Responsibility 

Answer: ABCE

Q49. AutoCash rules apply to _____ receipts. 

A. Manual 

B. Automatic 

C. Quickcash 

D. Credit card 

E. Direct debit 

F. Prepayment 

Answer: C

Q50. Which two statements are true if you select the QuickMatch invoice type? (Choose two.) 

A. You can use QuickMatch to match individual distribution lines. 

B. You can use QuickMatch to match individual purchase order shipments. 

C. Payables automatically completes the match to all available shipments on the purchase order. 

D. Payables automatically creates invoice distributions on the basis of the purchase order distributions. 

Answer: CD