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Q411. While you are attempting to post entries, you receive this error message: 

Number of updated GL_BALANCES rows does not equal the number of rows in the GL_POSTING_INTERIM_24697 table. 

A subsequent SQL script identifies that duplicates have arisen from a summary template ID. 

What must you do? 

A. Run the Maintain Summary Template program because a detail account has been added. 

B. Run the Optimizer program because it would improve the performance of the posting program. 

C. Run the Inherit Segment Values Attribute program because a valid code combination has been preserved. 

D. Run the Incremental Add/Delete Summary Templates program because there has been a change in the hierarchy structure. 

Answer: D

Q412. Here is a description of a report, file, or register. Use this to review payments created for each bank account that you use during a time period you specify. The report lists each payment, as well as total payment amount and cleared amount of all payments. Identify the name of this standard report. 

A. Positive Pay File 

B. Payment Register 

C. Payment Exceptions Report 

D. Payment Process Request Status Report 

Answer: B

Q413. You are implementing Oracle Receivables and Oracle Trade Management for claim investigation. 

You often need to create chargebacks to handle short payments and overpayments on invoices sent to your customers. You have a business need to manually number the chargeback transactions in Oracle Receivables to match a chargeback case number. What is true about meeting this requirement? 

A. Chargebacks in Oracle Receivables can be manually numbered. 

B. Chargebacks in Oracle Receivables always need to be automatically numbered. 

C. Chargebacks in Oracle Receivables can be manually numbered if the base numbering option of manual is selected. 

D. Chargebacks in Oracle Receivables need to be automatically numbered only when document sequencing option of manual is not selected. 

Answer: B

Q414. Which five do you need to define to meet the minimum pre-requisites to create a set of books? (Choose five.) 

A. a retained earnings account 

B. an accounting calendar 

C. a translation adjustment account 

D. the functional currency (or a seeded currency) 

E. an encumbrance account 

F. a chart of accounts structure 

G. a suspense account 

H. a transaction calendar 

I. at least one value for each segment of the chart of accounts 

Answer: ABDFI

Q415. The WF: Notification Reassign Mode profile option is set to "Transfer" for User A and set to "Reassign" for User B. User B granted his or her worklist access to User A while going on vacation. Identify three statements that apply to User A when he or she accesses User B's worklist. (Choose three.) 

A. User A will be able to grant access to User B's worklist to another user. 

B. User A will not be able to grant access to User B's worklist to another user. 

C. User A will see the "Transfer" button when he or she accesses User B's worklist. 

D. User A will see the "Reassign" button when he or she accesses User B's worklist. 

E. User A will be able to "Delegate" and "Transfer" User B's notifications to other users. 

F. User A will be able to "Transfer" but not "Delegate" User B's notifications to other users. 

Answer: BCF

Abreast of the times 1Z0-516 simulations:

Q416. There are several setup steps for receipts in Oracle Receivables; some are required whereas others are optional. Which two setup steps are optional? (Choose two.) 

A. Define receipt classes. 

B. Define receipt methods. 

C. Define receipt sources. 

D. Define AutoCash rule sets. 

E. Define application rule sets. 

Answer: DE

Q417. Identify four products in the Oracle Applications Technology Layer. (Choose four.) 

A. Oracle Tutor (TU) 

B. Oracle Workflow (WF) 

C. Oracle Applications DBA (AD) 

D. Oracle Application Utilities (AU) 

E. Oracle Applications Framework (FWK) 

F. Oracle Daily Business Intelligence (DBI) 

Answer: BCDE

Q418. ABC Corp. wants to capture additional information about the Invoice Header in Oracle Payables. It wants to use multiple Descriptive Flexfield (DFF) structures and requires the appropriate structure to default automatically based on the Vendor Type selected on the Invoice. Choose a method to implement this DFF. 

A. Define a Value Set for each Vendor Type. 

B. Define a DFF Context for each Vendor Type. 

C. Define a DFF Segment for each Vendor Type. 

D. Define a Global Segment for each Vendor Type. 

E. Define a DFF Context for each Vendor Type and set the Reference field as Vendor Type. 

Answer: E

Q419. You are implementing Oracle General Ledger at a site. is based in the US but has a presence in many countries worldwide, and has transactions in multiple currencies. The implementation team decides that GL multicurrency setup will be part of the implementation. The Controller wants a system which allows the flexibility to enter transactions in any foreign currency, and at the same time automatically performs currency conversion online and in real time. She wants to know whether this requirement could be satisfied. What is the correct response? 

A. Account generator needs to be customized for journals to be entered in foreign currency. 

B. Oracle GL provides this functionality and there is no problem in satisfying the requirement. 

C. Workflow needs to be customized for journals to be entered in foreign currency. 

D. Oracle GL does not support this functionality. 

Answer: B

Q420. For each subledger there should be one _____. 

A. Journal Type 

B. Journal Source 

C. Journal Category 

D. Account Type 

Answer: B