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Q221. In the Multi-Org model, which organization type is the highest level that impacts accounting? 

A. Ledger 

B. Operating Unit 

C. Business Group 

D. GRE/Legal Entity 

E. Inventory Organization 

Answer: A

Q222. In the Descriptive Flexfield (DFF) implementation, the purpose of the "Synchronize with Reference Field" check box is to synchronize _____. 

A. The DFF Values with the Reference field 

B. The DFF Contexts with the Reference field 

C. The DFF Attributes with the Reference field 

D. The DFF Segments with the Reference field 

E. The DFF Value Sets with the Reference field 

Answer: B

Q223. You are on the road traveling to an OAUG conference. You have received a notification in plain text on your mobile device to approve PO requisition from the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 instance. Identify the key information in your reply email that is required to process your response.

A. Your reply message must include approval comments. 

B. Your reply message must include electronic signature from your mobile device. 

C. Your reply message must include Notification ID and Access key from the original notification. 

D. Your reply message must include Notification ID and PO requisition number from the original notification. 

E. Your reply message must include your login password to the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 instance. 

Answer: C

Q224. Before you can create customer invoices, you have to define customers and your remit-to address. Identify five additional setups that are required before you can create invoices in Receivables. (Choose five.) 

A. payment terms 

B. AutoAccounting 

C. Transaction sources 

D. Standard memo line 

E. System and profile options 

F. Receivables transaction types 

G. Customer account relationships 

Answer: ABCEF

Q225. Select two valid statements that apply to chart of accounts structures for a global company. (Choose two.) 

A. A segment of different chart of accounts structures can share the same value set. 

B. A global chart of accounts is possible only if all sets of books for companies worldwide use the same chart of accounts structure. 

C. If the same value set is used for two or more chart of accounts structures, the same security rules for that segment cannot be assigned to multiple structures. 

D. It is possible to have multiple companies in the same set of books provided that they share the same chart of accounts structure, accounting calendar, and reporting currency. 

Answer: AB

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Q226. Select four values that default from profile classes in Oracle Accounts Receivable. (Choose four.) 

A. Currency 

B. Legal entity 

C. Payment terms 

D. Statement cycle 

E. Business purpose 

F. Credit classification 

Answer: ACDF

Q227. Your company needs a solution that provides the option of transferring a high volume of customer receipts from the bank into the Oracle Accounts Receivable system. You do not want the customers account balance to be affected immediately when the receipts are transferred and uploaded to the receivables system. Which is the most appropriate receipt creation method to implement in Oracle Receivables? 

A. Cash receipts 

B. Manual receipts 

C. Automatic receipts 

D. Quickcash receipts 

E. Miscellaneous receipts 

Answer: D

Q228. Identify two advantages of using Oracle Internet Expenses. (Choose two.) 

A. It improves cycle times by routing expense reports via a workflow. 

B. Expense reports that are entered using Internet Expenses are visible in Payables. 

C. Enforcement of spending policy controls expenses, showing any policy deviations. 

D. Expense report template attributes are defined in Internet Expenses to manage expense types. 

Answer: AC

Q229. Jane, the GL accountant, says that she had heard about the budget upload functionality of Oracle General Ledger and had been eager to test it. However, she was unable to test it in the Conference Room Pilot (CRP) instance. What would be your explanation? 

A. The GL period is closed. 

B. The budget status may be frozen. 

C. The GL account code combination is invalid. 

D. Budget journals are required at the ledger level. 

E. The budget dates in the budget organization have a different date range. 

Answer: D

Q230. ABC Company wants to compare consolidated actuals against consolidated budgeted amounts. Identify the two steps that must be performed to provide ABC Company with this information. (Choose two.) 

A. Run the Trial Balance report. 

B. Execute an online budget inquiry. 

C. Execute an online account inquiry. 

D. Review the Account Analysis report. 

E. Run financial statement generator reports. 

Answer: CE