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2021 Oct 1Z0-516 book

Q271. Isa Global Inc. is based in the United States with divisions in Europe and Asia. All journal imports, recurring journals, mass allocations, and manual journal entries have been posted for their European subsidiary. What is the next logical step in the period-close process? 

A. opening the next period 

B. closing the current period 

C. revaluing foreign currency balances 

D. translating to the functional currency 

E. consolidating to the parent set of books 

Answer: C

Q272. Event Types in Subledger Accounting is a grouping of _____. 

A. Events 

B. Accounts 

C. Event Models 

D. Event Entities E. Event Classes 

Answer: E

Q273. Which four selection criteria can be used when creating a pay run? (Choose four.) 

A. supplier 

B. due date 

C. customer 

D. pay group 

E. invoice batch 

F. payment priority 

Answer: ADEF

Q274. Identify three features of Key Flexfields. (Choose three.) 

A. Key Flexfields are used as identifiers for entities. 

B. The Key Flexfield structure comprises Segments. 

C. A Key Flexfield structure consists of multiple code combinations. 

D. Key Flexfields appear as a single-space field enclosed in brackets. 

E. Each segment of a Key Flexfield usually contains meaningful information. 

Answer: ABE

Q275. ABC Company in India imports baking equipment from XYZ Company in the US A. There is an outstanding invoice of $1,000,000 to be paid in two months. The USD-to-INR rate when the transaction was done was 47.5. Now the USD-to-INR rate has changed from 47.5 to 40.5. Jack, who is a treasury analyst at ABC Company, reviews the transactions and comes to a conclusion. Select two correct conclusions arrived upon by Jack. (Choose two.) 

A. XYZ Company is not impacted at all by this rate change. 

B. XYZ Company has a positive impact by this rate change. 

C. ABC Company is not impacted at all by this rate change. 

D. ABC Company has a positive impact by this rate change. 

Answer: AD

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Q276. Identify three key benefits of Oracle Workflow in Oracle E-Business Suite elease 12. (Choose three.) 

A. Sends collection notices to customers 

B. Provides self-service monitoring capabilities 

C. Enable automatic routing of business documents 

D. Delivers notifications and reminders of work to be done 

E. Automatically generates asset keys using asset key generator workflow 

F. Automatically creates purchase orders from self-service Web applications 

Answer: BCD

Q277. Which table stores information about contingencies that impact revenue recognition for imported transactions? 






Answer: B

Q278. Which two statements are true regarding error handling in Oracle Workflow? (Choose two.) 

A. Workflow Engine captures errors. 

B. Workflow Manager captures errors. 

C. Default error handling is provided for subscription processing. 

D. Workflow Manager places errored events on the WF_ERROR queue. 

E. Notification System initiates the default error process after an error is reported. 

Answer: AC

Q279. Which form can you use to set up automatic transaction numbering? 

A. Profile Options 

B. System Options 

C. Transaction Types 

D. Transaction Sources 

Answer: D

Q280. Company ABC added a new responsibility to an existing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 application. The System Administrator sets the MO: Operating Unit profile option at the Application level. The Application level will override the _____ level. 

A. Site 

B. Responsibility 

C. User and Responsibility 

D. User, Responsibility, and Site 

Answer: A