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2021 Oct 1Z0-516 testing engine

Q481. The APPL_TOP directory in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 contains _____. 

A. Redoes log files 

B. Database files 

C. Data tablespaces 

D. Index tablespaces 

E. The system tablespace 

F. The product directories and files for Oracle Applications 

Answer: F

Q482. Select three true statements about Business Event System in Oracle Workflow. (Choose three.) 

A. Resides in Oracle Database 

B. Resides in Oracle Application Server 

C. Can be used with Workflow Engine to integrate external systems 

D. Consists of Event Manager, which lets you register workflow processes 

E. Uses Advanced Queuing to send messages from one system to another 

Answer: ACE

Q483. The Quick Payment method is best described as the method of _____. 

A. creating a payment without an invoice 

B. manually writing a check outside of Payables 

C. recording a payment made outside of Payables 

D. creating and printing a computer-generated payment to pay a supplier for one or more invoices 

Answer: D

Q484. You want an invoice to be due in four stages. What should you do when creating the invoice to accomplish this? 

A. Assign an invoicing rule with four schedules. 

B. Assign an accounting rule with four schedules. 

C. Assign payment terms that have four payment schedules. 

D. Assign payment terms that have four discount periods defined. 

E. Create four lines and assign different payment terms to each line. 

Answer: C

Q485. Select four advantages that Oracle Daily Business Intelligence provides. (Choose four.) 

A. Updates only changed data 

B. Drills to a report from any linked value 

C. Uses materialized views and incremental refreshes 

D. Enables design of dashboards for a particular responsibility 

E. Replicates data from a transaction instance to a reporting instance 

Answer: ABCD


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Q486. XYZ Corporation is headquartered in Dubai with a branch in Kuwait. Dubai uses a weekly calendar and Kuwait uses a monthly calendar. The plan is to close the Kuwait operations and open a new branch in Bangalore. The Kuwait secondary ledger will be deleted and the new Bangalore secondary ledger will be added. Bangalore will use a different chart of accounts from that of Dubai and will use a weekly calendar. Select two valid statements. (Choose two.) 

A. There is no mapping required from the Dubai ledger to the Bangalore ledger. 

B. After adding the Dubai ledger, the ledger options step must be completed. 

C. Deleting the Kuwait ledger is possible after the accounting setup of the Dubai ledger is complete. 

D. If the Kuwait ledger is disabled, it is still available for historical reporting and manual journal entries. 

Answer: BD

Q487. Which two statements are true about the features of Daily Business Intelligence? (Choose two.) 

A. Key Performance Indicators cannot be disabled. 

B. The data that has changed since the last refresh is updated. 

C. Parameters regulate user access to content and functionality. 

D. Incremental refresh capabilities of Oracle Database are leveraged. 

Answer: BD

Q488. Which two setups are required for customer invoicing? (Choose two.) 

A. Lockbox 

B. Customers 

C. Remit-to address 

D. Customer profile classes 

Answer: BC

Q489. Identify two features of Content Sets when creating reports using Financial Statement Generator (FSG)? (Choose two.) 

A. They cannot be added at the time an FSG is run. 

B. They are required for profit and loss statements. 

C. They provide the ability to override row set definition. 

D. They provide the ability to add calculations. 

E. They enable the generation of multiple similar reports in a single run. 

Answer: CE

Q490. Several fields are required during manual invoice entry. Which are the fields required at the header level? 

A. Date, customer, source, type, GL date, legal entity 

B. Date, legal entity, bill-to, source, type, class, remit-to 

C. Terms, date, bill-to, source, legal entity, type, remit-to 

D. Date, customer, source, type, General Ledger (GL) date, class 

E. Date, source, class, type, GL date, legal entity, bill-to, terms, remit-to 

Answer: E