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2021 Aug 1Z0-516 braindumps

Q121. Access Control is implemented in layers. Each layer builds upon the one that precedes it. Identify three correct statements about precedence of access control layers. (Choose three.) 

A. Data Security precedes Functional Security. 

B. Data Security precedes Role-Based Access Control. 

C. Delegated Administration precedes Registration Processes. 

D. Registration Processes precedes Self Service and Approvals. 

E. Self Service and Approvals precedes Role-Based Access Control. 

Answer: BCD

Q122. Identify the two methods that are NOT used to enter invoice distributions. (Choose two.) 

A. using a distribution set 

B. creating through allocations 

C. matching the invoice to a shipment 

D. using the Distributions Open Interface 

E. manually entering in the distributions window 

Answer: CD

Q123. Identify two features of the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Fusion Business Intelligence product. (Choose two.) 

A. Action links 

B. Guided drilldown 

C. Fusion dashboard launched from a separate Application Navigator 

D. Separate data security maintained by Fusion Business Intelligence 

E. View access determined by Fusion Business Intelligence responsibilities 

Answer: AB

Q124. Your client is in the process of closing its first year-end. The client completed the accounting cycle and found that several income statement accounts have a remaining balance. What would be the likely cause of these remaining balances? 

A. Natural accounts were defined with incorrect account type. 

B. Natural accounts were defined as parent values. 

C. Natural accounts were defined to hold both statistical and monetary values. 

D. Natural accounts were defined to not allow posting. 

Answer: A

Q125. ABC Company is implementing Oracle Financials. The finance manager wants to set up a control point before the Receivables entries are transferred to General Ledger. Which two statements are correct about the control mechanisms that Receivables can provide? (Choose two.) 

A. Oracle approval limit can be used to approve or reject the invoices. 

B. Oracle approval limit can be used to approve or reject the credit memos. 

C. Oracle approval limit can be used to approve or reject the adjustment activities. 

D. Oracle Approvals Management (AME) Workflow can be used to approve or reject the invoices. 

E. Oracle Approvals Management (AME) Workflow can be used to approve or reject the credit memos. 

F. Oracle Approvals Management (AME) Workflow can be used to approve or reject the adjustment activities. 

Answer: CE

Updated 1Z0-516 practice test:

Q126. Identify three features of a Value Set. (Choose three.) 

A. Value Sets are mandatory. 

B. Value Sets must contain a list of values. 

C. Value Sets control the values for many report parameters. 

D. The same Value Set can be shared between different Flexfields. 

E. A Value Set is a definition of the values approved for entry by a particular Flexfield Segment. 

Answer: CDE

Q127. For which two business reasons would you use reporting hierarchies instead of summary accounts? (Choose two.) 

A. The primary use for summarization is only for reports. 

B. You want to use summarized data in journal formulas. 

C. Summary relationships are not permanent. 

D. You want online inquiry of summary amounts. 

E. You want to easily reorganize summary views in the future. 

Answer: AE

Q128. After reviewing an incomplete invoice entered last week by her assistant, Jovi clicked the 

Complete button in the Transactions window. What are three changes this would create in Oracle Receivables? (Choose three.) 

A. This invoice can now be printed. 

B. A dunning letter is now sent to the customer for the invoice amount. 

C. This invoice now becomes eligible to be transferred to General Ledger. 

D. Payment schedules are now created based on the payment terms and invoice date. 

E. The invoice is now included in the standard aging and collection process if the transaction type has open receivables set to No. 

Answer: ACD

Q129., the GL accountant, comes to you and asks whether she can use the Constant (C) segment type with parent segment values while defining the mass allocation formula. What is your response? 

A. Allow Dynamic Insert must be enabled, and then you can do this. 

B. Whether you can do this depends on the responsibility. 

C. Whether you can do this depends on the formula. 

D. You can only do so if there is a summary account associated with the parent. 

E. You can customize the workflow, and then you can do this. 

Answer: D

Q130. Which subledger transfers journal information directly to General Ledger to create an unposted journal entry? 

A. Inventory 

B. Payables 

C. Purchasing 

D. Receivables 

E. Assets 

Answer: E