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Q31. Identify two features of an "Independent" value set. (Choose two.) 

A. There is a predefined list of values for a segment. 

B. The values are stored in a product applications table. 

C. The values are stored in an Oracle Application Object Library table. 

D. You can enter a value other than those in the predefined list of values. 

Answer: AC

Q32. You are the project manager with access to the Oracle Project Management application in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. You have granted User X access to your worklist. User X now logs in to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 and accesses his or her worklist by clicking the Workflow Notifications link. Identify three actions User X can perform. (Choose three.) 

A. Create vacation rules for you. 

B. Approve projects on your behalf. 

C. Grant access to your worklist to another user. 

D. View the username of the worklist owner in the worklist. 

E. Access your worklist automatically without performing any action. 

F. Access your worklist by clicking the "Switch User" button, and then selecting your name. 

Answer: BDF

Q33. You are implementing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 General Ledger for ABC Corporation. Identify two setups required for journal approval. (Choose two.) 

A. Enable journal approval for the Journal Category window. 

B. Disable the Journal: Find Approver Method profile option. 

C. Enable the Journal: Allow Preparer Approval profile option. 

D. Configure the GL journal approval process in Oracle Workflow Builder. 

Answer: CD

Q34. Select the Apply Withholding Tax Payables option that must be set to submit the Withholding Tax by Invoice Report. 

A. At Payment Time 

B. Allow Force Approval 

C. Allow Online Validation 

D. At Invoice Validation Time 

Answer: D

Q35. Identify three modules that can be secured using the Operating Unit in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose three.) 

A. Oracle Assets 

B. Oracle Payables 

C. Oracle Receivables 

D. Oracle General Ledger 

E. Oracle Cash Management 

Answer: BCE


Down to date 1Z0-516 test questions:

Q36. Horizon Real Estate Company usually issues rent invoices to its tenants at the beginning of every quarter. It recognizes the monthly rent revenue on the first day of each month. However, some tenants are required to make the monthly rent payments in two installments, that is on the15th and the last day of the month. Which two statements are correct about the possible solutions for this business requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. Payment term can be set to defer the monthly rent revenue. 

B. Invoicing rules can be set to defer the monthly rent revenue. 

C. Accounting rules can be set to defer the monthly rent revenue. 

D. Payment term can be set to allow customers to make payments in two installments. 

E. Invoicing rules can be set to allow customers to make payments in two installments. 

F. Accounting rules can be set to allow customers to make payments in two installments. 

Answer: CD

Q37. A summary account template is being created to perform a flash inquiry on cash balances for a chart of accounts consisting of three segments: company, department, and account. Which combination would result in zero balance? 

D = Detail 

T = Total 

A. T-T-T 

B. T-T-D 

C. T-D-D 

D. D-T-D 

E. D-D-D 

Answer: A

Q38. Company ABC is implementing Oracle Application Manager to manage and monitor the Oracle application. Identify four tasks that will assist system administrators when using Oracle Application Manager. (Choose four.) 

A. Manage patches. 

B. Monitor system security. 

C. Monitor and tune performance. 

D. Diagnose and correct problems. 

E. Monitor standard report requests. 

F. Manage application responsibilities. 

Answer: ABCD

Q39. Identify three Fusion Business Intelligence products for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose three.) 

A. Oracle CRM Analytics 

B. Oracle Sales Analytics 

C. Oracle Treasury Analytics 

D. Oracle Financial Analytics 

E. Oracle Commodity Analytics 

F. Oracle Supply Chain Analytics 

Answer: BDF

Q40. Identify three features of Payment Manager. (Choose three.) 

A. updates a supplier's bank details 

B. provides calculation of the interest amount 

C. uses templates to select invoices to pay that meet the payment criteria 

D. creates payment process request templates by specifying invoice selection criteria 

E. automatically submits invoices via payment process requests to Oracle Payments for processing and payment 

Answer: CDE