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2021 Aug 1Z0-516 test

Q281. You have been hired to implement Oracle General Ledger at XYZ Company. They want to have four legal entities to support operations in the US (East), the US (West), the UK, and France. The chart of accounts and accounting calendar are similar for all entities except France. Only the UK operations want to enable average balances and journal approvals. What would be the minimum number of setups needed to meet this need? 

A. four 

B. two 

C. one 

D. three 

Answer: D

Q282. Select three statements that are applicable for Subledger Accounting. (Choose three.) 

A. Subledger Accounting posts journals from Subledgers. 

B. Subledger Accounting enables the client to make online inquiries. 

C. Subledger Accounting enables the client to keep detailed accounting entries. 

D. Subledger Accounting maintains accounting information for Payables and Receivables. 

E. Subledger Accounting enables the client to set up rules for deriving chart of accounts code combination. 

Answer: BCE

Q283. XYZ Company has disabled the Receivables Profile Option "AR: Disable Receivable Activity Balancing Segment". What must be defined in order for the General Ledger Transfer process to execute without error? 

A. Gain account 

B. Revenue account 

C. Expense account 

D. Rounding account 

E. Suspense account 

Answer: E

Q284. When structuring the summary accounts hierarchy, what fact must you take into consideration? 

A. Grandparenting is not allowed (parents cannot become children). 

B. You must include every parent value that is defined in the chart of accounts to a rollup group. 

C. General Ledger will not automatically maintain rollup relationships from the summary level to the lowest detail level. 

D. You can drill down only on balances from the summary level to the lowest detail level, and not to intermediate detail levels. 

Answer: D

Q285. While defining customers and suppliers, what is the level of information that is stored for global registries? 

A. Header-level information in partitioned tables 

B. Header-level information in an unpartitioned table for all entities within an instance 

C. Header-level information in partitioned tables with Taxpayer ID, Federal reportable, and State reportable options 

D. Header-level information in an unpartitioned table with Taxpayer ID, Federal reportable, and State reportable options 

Answer: B

Most recent 1Z0-516 exam:

Q286. Identify three tables that can be used to import billing data into Oracle Receivables. (Choose three.) 






Answer: ADE

Q287. Identify three features of Multi-Org. (Choose three.) 

A. The data can be logically partitioned. 

B. Users can be assigned to specific organizations. 

C. It defines organizations and the relationships between them. 

D. Multiple installations of Oracle Applications products are needed. 

E. It enables at most two business units to use a single installation of Oracle Applications. 

Answer: ABC

Q288. wants to compare actual amounts against their budgeted amounts. Which reporting or query options would provide that detail? (Choose two.) 

A. Account Analysis 

B. On-line Account Inquiry 

C. On-line Budget Inquiry 

D. Trial Balance 

E. Financial Statement Generator 

Answer: BE

Q289. Your functional end users are perplexed by the contents of the AutoInvoice Execution report. 

They needed expert guidance and came to you. You look at the report and see that the Interface 

Lines section of the report shows the following: 

Selected: 9 Successfully Processed: 8 

Failed Validation: 0 

What is the likely reason for this? 

A. An adjustment update of an old invoice is included in this batch. 

B. The General Ledger (GL) code combination ID failed the cross validation rules. 

C. A debit memo for an invoice and the invoice itself are submitted in the same batch and the debit memo is selected first. 

D. A credit memo for an invoice and the invoice itself are submitted in the same batch and the credit memo is selected first. 

E. The GL code combination segment value for the cost center was valid in the prior calendar month but is end-dated a day earlier. 

Answer: D

Q290. Which three are the benefits of the Currency Rates Manager in Oracle General Ledger? (Choose three.) 

A. You can maintain daily rates and historical rates more easily. 

B. You get improved efficiency with the help of the spreadsheet interface. 

C. You can maintain consistency among different currency conversion rates. 

D. Additional security ensures that historical rates can be uploaded to closed or future periods only. 

E. You can maximize intercompany imbalances during intercompany eliminations of foreign currency transactions that are due to exchange rate differences. 

Answer: ABC