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2021 Jul 1Z0-516 test

Q61. Party Merge provides the capability to merge parties and their related entities in the Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA) Registry, thereby eliminating duplicate data in the Registry. Select four entities that can be successfully merged using the Party Merge functionality. (Choose four.) 

A. You can merge bill-to sites with bill-to sites. 

B. You can merge bill-to sites with ship-to sites. 

C. You can merge individuals with individuals. 

D. You can merge individuals with organizations. 

E. You can merge organizations with organizations. 

Answer: ACDE

Q62. Identify three prerequisites for the Payables period-close process. (Choose three.) 

A. resolving holds 

B. reconciling bank statements 

C. updating matured bills payable 

D. completing all receipt processing 

E. confirming or canceling all pay runs 

F. making adjustments to supplier invoices interfaced to Projects 

Answer: ACD

Q63. Your client has requested that you set up a relationship type that would allow any party within the relationship to pay for the accounts of any other party. Identify the relationship group that you would assign your relationship type to, in order to accomplish this. 

A. Pay all 

B. Pay within 

C. Pay below 

D. Pay parties 

Answer: B

Q64. Identify three processes that you must run before closing your Payables period. (Choose three.) 

A. Expense Report Export 

B. The Create Accounting program 

C. Payables Open Interface Import 

D. Period Close Exceptions Report 

E. The Transfer Journal Entries to GL program 

Answer: BDE

Q65. Identify the platform that hosts the Workflow Engine and the Business Event System. 

A. Oracle Database 

B. Workflow Manager 

C. Oracle HTTP Server 

D. Oracle Workflow Builder 

E. Oracle Application Server 

Answer: A

Rebirth 1Z0-516 practice test:

Q66. Which two statements are correct regarding a table-validated Value Set? (Choose two.) 

A. A table-validated Value Set does not provide a predefined list of values. 

B. You use a table-validated Value Set when you have a set of values that is already maintained in an application table. 

C. You cannot define a table that you want to use when defining the table-validated Value Set. 

D. You can use a SQL query to retrieve all the approved values from the table when defining the table-validated Value Set. 

Answer: BD

Q67. Select two correct journal types to be used based on the context provided. (Choose two.) 

A. Company E wants to track availability of funds against budgets. Use encumbrance journals. 

B. Company D wants to track availability of funds against budgets. Use budget journals 

C. Company B wants to track floor space and other physical attributes. Use statistical journals. 

D. Company A wants to track floor space and other physical attributes for Mass Allocation. Use encumbrance journals. 

Answer: AC

Q68. In creating a report, what is true about the column set? (Choose two.) 

A. Formats can be set for each column. 

B. Seeded column sets provided by Oracle must be used. 

C. Calculations can be performed using columns. 

D. Accounts cannot be assigned to a column set. 

Answer: AC

Q69. Scott, the CFO at ABC Company in the USA, wants to present the annual income statement to the board of directors of the company. ABC Company engages in many exports and import activities and follows the policy to revalue all its transactions in foreign currency with the current market rates. Scott requests George, the head accountant of the company, to revalue all foreign currency transactions done during the year. Select two prerequisites that George must comply with to ensure that the revaluation is done as desired. (Choose two.) 

A. Define accounts for realized gains and realized losses. 

B. Define accounts for unrealized gains and unrealized losses. 

C. Define the weights for each currency used for doing transactions. 

D. Define a batch under which the revaluation journals would be stored. 

E. Define a revaluation rate for each currency for each period or date for which the revaluation must be run. 

Answer: BE

Q70. You just received an invoice for a new supplier. You need to pay it and ensure that all accounting entries are created in General Ledger. You perform these steps, in the order shown: 

1. Enter the supplier. 

2. Enter the invoice. 

3. Create the pay run. 

4. Create payment accounting entries. 

5. Validate the invoice. 

6. Create invoice accounting entries. 

7. Transfer the information to General Ledger. 

What would be the result? 

A. The invoice is not paid and no entries are created in General Ledger. 

B. The invoice is paid and all accounting entries are created in General Ledger. 

C. The invoice is not paid but the invoice accounting entry is created in General Ledger. 

D. The invoice is paid but only the invoice accounting entry is created in General Ledger. 

Answer: C