Exam Code: 1Z0-516 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle EBS R12.1 General Ledger Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Jun 1Z0-516 Study Guide Questions:

Q371. Identify three functions that the Create Accounting program provides. (Choose three.) 

A. validates and creates subledger journal entries 

B. generates the Posted Journal Report for subledger journal entries 

C. transfers final journal entries in the current batch run to General Ledger 

D. applies the application accounting definitions that are created in Accounting Builder (ABM) 

E. allows you to update final journal entries before the Transfer to General Ledger process is run 

F. generates the Subledger Accounting Program Report, which documents the results of the Create Accounting program 

Answer: ACF

Q372. Oracle Daily Business Intelligence functions are secured using standard Oracle Applications function security. Choose three dashboards that are secured by the Inventory Organization. (Choose three.) 

A. Inventory Management 

B. Warehouse Management 

C. Procurement Management 

D. Commodity Supplier Management 

E. Customer Fulfillment Management 

Answer: ABE

Q373. Identify the three reports that can be processed using the State Controller window. (Choose three.) 

A. Consolidation Audit 

B. Consolidations Journal 

C. Consolidation Financial 

D. Consolidation Exceptions 

E. Consolidation Balance Inquiry 

Answer: ABD


Regenerate 1Z0-516 practice exam:

Q374. Select the three options available when creating the Security profile for Multi-Org Access Control. (Choose three.) 

A. View all Organizations 

B. Secure by Business Groups 

C. Secure by Inventory Organizations 

D. Secure by Operating Unit and Inventory Organization 

E. Secure Organizations by Organization list and/or hierarchy 

Answer: ADE

Q375. Payables lists four seeded payment methods. They are check, outsourced check, electronic, and wire. Choose the correct description for wire. 

A. a paper check to print and send to a supplier 

B. an EFT, EDI, or XML to the bank of a supplier 

C. a funds transfer initiated by contacting the bank and requesting wire payment to the bank of a supplier 

D. transmission of payment information to an external party, such as your bank, that prints checks on your behalf 

Answer: C

Q376. Select four areas found in the DATA_TOP directory in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose four.) 

A. Redo log files 

B. Data tablespace 

C. Index tablespaces 

D. Product directories 

E. System tablespace 

Answer: ABCE

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Verified 1Z0-516 questions pool:

Q377. Which two actions would you perform by using the column set builder function? (Choose two.) 

A. assigning accounts 

B. creating the format mask 

C. defining calculations in the new column 

D. sorting rows based on values in a column 

Answer: BC

Q378. ABC.com is a global company based in the United States with divisions in North American, Europe and Asia. All of the journal imports, recurring journals, mass allocations and manual journal entries have been posted for their European subsidiary. What is the next logical step in the period-close process? 

A. Consolidate to the parent set of books. 

B. Reconcile account balances. 

C. Translate to functional currency. 

D. Open the next period. 

E. Close the current period. 

F. Revalue foreign currency balances. 

G. Run financial reports. 

Answer: F

Q379. Select the income tax report that is NOT available in the Payables module. 

A. Withholding Tax by Invoice 

B. Withholding Tax by Supplier 

C. Withholding Tax by Payment 

D. Withholding Tax by Supplier Site 

Answer: D

Q380. Select three benefits of centralizing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Application software using the shared application tier file system model (originally shared APPL_TOP). (Choose three.) 

A. Eliminates files for unlicensed products 

B. Contains subdirectory for each product under APPL_TOP 

C. Increases performance by adding multiple APPL_TOP directories 

D. Enables Oracle Applications to scale well with an increasing load 

E. Eliminates the need to install and maintain application software on each desktop client PC 

Answer: BDE