This 1Z0-515 Oracle audit is one audit within the compilation of checkups needed to reach Oracle. Candidates whom complete necessary proctored checkups will get your Oracle certification with Oracle and might use the Oracle name on their business cards. Oracle varieties the particular professional level on the Oracle Employment Official certifications application. A Oracle can be something will show that you could have no less than enough standard coaching as a way to bring on the Oracle qualifications checkups.

2021 Nov 1Z0-515 free exam questions

Q31. Identify the type of refresh that is NOT supported by materialized views.

A. Deferred

B. Incremental

C. Full

D. Heuristic

Answer: D

Q32. Identify the statement about Oracle OLAP that is NOT true.

A. Oracle OLAP cubes are stored in the Oracle relational database

B. Oracle OLAP uses standard Oracle database security.

C. Meta data for Oracle OLAP is accessible in an external data dictionary

D. Oracle OUP can be deployed using RAC.

Answer: C

Q33. How many Exadata Storage Server cells can be used in a grid?

A. 7

B. 14

C. 128

D. No practical limit

Answer: D

Q34. What is the estimated maximum speed of data loads for a Quarter Rack with the Exadata Storage Server?

A. 1 TB/hr

B. 2 TB/hr

C. 4 TB/hr

D. 5 TB/hr

E. It depends on the number of CPUs in the server.

Answer: A

Q35. Which is NOT an available composite partition in Oracle Database 11g?

A. range-list

B. list-list

C. list-range

D. interval-hash

Answer: D

Far out 1Z0-515 test:

Q36. What are two ways in which query performance can be improved with partitioning?

A. Partition pruning

B. Partition optimization

C. Partition compression

D. Partition-wise joins

Answer: AD

Q37. Identify the true statement about adaptive parallelism.

A. It Is turned on by default.

B. It is turned off by default.

C. You should always leave the default setting

D. There is no such thing.

Answer: A

Q38. What two types of results can be cached in the Result Set Cache?

A. Results of an SQL query

B. Results from a PL/SQL function

C. Sequence object results

D. Result sets derived from data dictionary tables

Answer: AB

Q39. What are Oracle Data Integrator templates used for?

A. To model SAP applications

B. To define how to transform data

C. As reports to monitor ETL activity

D. None of these

Answer: B

Q40. Identify the action that you CANNOT perform using Database Resource Manager.

A. Define Consumer Groups.

B. Create rules to map sessions to Consumer Groups.

C. Define a Resource Plan.

D. Allocate individual CPUs to Consumer Groups.

Answer: D