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2021 Aug 1Z0-515 test preparation

Q21. Data Guard compresses data:

A. Always

B. When using logical standby

C. When using physical standby

D. When catching up after a network failure

Answer: C

Q22. Your customer wants to implement an ILM strategy. The customer must have which option when deploying Oracle's ILM Assistant to implement this strategy?


B. Partitioning


D. OracleClusterware

Answer: B

Q23. Which can be used in scenario where there are large data loads °f a "me sensitive nature into a data warehouse?

A. Direct path loading

B. External tables for loading flat files

C. Partition exchange loading

D. Any of these are valid for certain situations.

Answer: A

Q24. Which best describes Oracle's OLAP Option for Oracle Database 11g Release 2?

A. Is stored as relational tables and is considered a ROLAP solution

B. Uses bitmap indexes

C. Physically stores MOUP cubes as objects within the relational database

D. Is available both within the Oracle Database and as a stand-alone solution

Answer: A

Q25. How does compression affect resource utilization?

A. Reduces the amount of CPU and disk utilization

B. Increases the amount of CPU and disk utilization

C. Reduces the amount of disk but increases CPU utilization for loading

D. Increases the amount of disk but reduces CPU utilization for loading!

Answer: C


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Q26. How can you use Oracle Data Mining with Oracle Warehouse builder?

A. To identify records to extract

B. As a standard transform operation

C. To increase write performance

D. To eliminate ETL logging

Answer: A

Q27. For which type of query is the SQL result cache automatically disabled?

A. Queries that access data which changes frequently

B. Queries that return large amounts of data

C. Queries that use SQL functions such as SYSDATE

D. Queries that are used infrequently

Answer: C

Q28. You customer wants to segment their customers1 demographic data into those that use and do not use loyalty card. What would you recommend?

A. Use Oracle OLAP Option.

B. Use Oracle SQL Analytic Functions.

C. Use classification algorithm in Oracle Data Mining.

D. Use non-negative matrix factorization in Oracle Data Mining.

Answer: C

Q29. Indentify the true statement about REF partitions.

A. REF partitions have no impact on partition-wise joins.

B. Changes to partitioning in the parent table are automatically reflected in the child table.

C. Changes in the data in a parent table are reflected in a child table.

D. REF partitions can save storage space in the parent table.

Answer: B

Q30. What would you use to evenly distribute data across the disk in your Oracle data warehouse?

A. Range Partitioning

B. Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

C. List Partitioning


Answer: B