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2021 Jun 1Z0-495 practice exam

Q41. Which item regarding plan access is not true? 

A. Compensation administrators have access to all plan configuration tasks for all plans. 

B. Compensation managers have access to the budget sheet and worksheets for all plans and employee administration tasks. 

C. A compensation administrator's general access cannot be overridden. 

D. A compensation administrator's general access can be overridden using roles. 

Answer: C 

Q42. A corporation is implementing Oracle Fusion Compensation Management and needs to set 

up Compensation history. 

Identify the three correct options regarding the various compensations shown in the history. 

A. Compensation history displays six categories of compensation. 

B. Compensation history automatically retrieves salary and stock-related information. The Recurring payments and other categories have to be added manually. 

C. Compensation history shows one-time payments in other compensation and allowances paid regularly in recurring payments. 

D. The summary in the compensation history shows the data for only five years. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q43. A corporation is implementingOracle Fusion Compensation Managementand has set up an IndividualCompensation plan for contribution towards a retirement benefit.This contribution must beapprovedby the four-levelmanager hierarchy. 

Identify all the fourbuilders that supporta restrictionfor the number of levels. 

A. Management Chain 

B. Supervisory 

C. Position 

D. Job level 

E. Resource 

F. Department Level 

Answer: B,D,E,F 


Renewal 1Z0-495 free practice questions:

Q44. While working on a budget sheet or a compensation worksheet, a manager chooses to use the "Export to Excel workbook" option to do his or her work. Which four of the following steps would he or she needto perform upon clicking the "Export to Excel workbook" option and prior to finalizing his or her proposaland submitting it for approval? 

A. Download and authenticate workbooks. 

B. Edit the workbook data. 

C. Filter the edits and upload only the edited fields. 

D. Resolve errors created by the uploaded file. 

E. Upload filter the workbook to include only employees whose data has been modified in the workbook, prior to uploading the file. 

F. Repeat the steps as many times as necessary to accommodate the revisions. 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q45. A corporation implemented Oracle Fusion Compensation Management. A salary bas/s has been created and attached to the employee and a compensation cycle has been run. The corporation wants to include a new component as part of the salary basis. 

Which three are predefined components? 

A. Regular and automatic adjustment 

B. Market adjustment due to salary being out of line with the market 

C. Equity adjustment to correct salary compression or inversion 

D. Adjustment due to corrections within the organization 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q46. While implementing Oracle Fusion Compensation Management for client XYZ, you are grouping compensation items and categories for displaying them together. Therefore, when planning how to group compensation items and categories, you must consider which three options? 

A. Category Type 

B. Contribution Type and Unit of Measure 

C. Level of detail 

D. Statement definitions 

E. Compensation Items 

F. Category Detail 

Answer: B,C,E