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Q1. You are at a customer site to install some new PCIe cards into their SPARC M5-32 platform. You want to ensure there are no existing issues on the platform before you begin your word. Which command would you run to see details of the existing problems on the platform? 

A. show /System/Faults 

B. show /Servers/open_ problems 

C. Show /System/0pen_pr0blems 

D. show problems 

Answer: C 


Q2. Which three virtualization options or technologies are included in the SPARC M5-32 server? 

A. Hyper-V hypersior 

B. Physical domain (PDomain or PDom) 

C. LDom (that is, Oracle VM for SPARC) 

D. Oracle Solaris Zones (for OS virtualization) 

E. Oracle VMware 

Answer: C,D,E 


Q3. In order for ASR to work on the system, what must the customer have configured? 

A. ASR Host 

B. ASR Client system 

C. ASR Manager system 


Answer: C 


Q4. Which two statements are correct regarding the power and cooling requirements of a SPARC M5-32 server? 

A. The airflow is from the front to the back of the server. The approximate server airflow is: Maximum; 4200 CFM Typical: 2500 CFM 

B. Only a raised floor with perforated tiles in front of the server is supported. 

C. Cooling from ceiling vents is not supported. 

D. If using a raised floor, you need to arrange seven perforated tiles in front of the server so thatcold air from the tiles can flow into the server. Each perforated tile should support an airflow of approximately 600 CFM. 

Answer: A,C 


Q5. A customer has a newly installed SPARC M5-32 platform. After using the HS processes, the SPs are now configured on their network, and the customer wants to configure the PDomains. Which two options represent choices that the customer has to set up the platform out of the box? 

A. accessing a Solaris domain on another host and using ipmi tool to assign components to PDomains 

B. using the Oracle ILOM BUI to assign components to PDomains 

C. using Oracle Ops Center to assign components to PDomains 

D. using the service processor ILOM command-line interface to assign components to PDomains 

Answer: B,D 


Abreast of the times 1Z0-489 latest exam:

Q6. The service processor collects audit and event records. The records can be used to show when certain actions occurred on the SPARC M5-32 platform. Which two commands list the event and audit log entries? 

A. show /SP/logs/event/list 

B. show /System/Log/audit 

C. show /SP/logs/audit/list 

D. show /Servers/Log/list 

Answer: B,D 

Q7. You power –on PDomain0 and notice that it does not go through POST, Examine the following output: 

In order for this to go through post, which property needs to be changed? 

A. level 

B. mode 

C. power_on_level 

D. error_reset_level 

Answer: C 

Q8. Which statement is true about LDom functions and features? 

A. Each domain operates like an independent server that has full hardware isolation from the others. 

B. Each domain is a virtualized environment with a reconfigurable subset of hardware resources and an OS that can be started, stopped, and rebooted independently. 

C. LDoms enable you to isolate one application from others on the same OS, allowing you to create an isolated environment in which users can log in and do what they want from inside this environment without affecting others. 

D. A maximum of 128 domains can exist on each SPARC M5-32 s 

Answer: C 


Q9. Which three statements are correct about data paths in the SPARC M5-32 server? 

A. Within a DCU, a CPU talks to another CPU directly by using the coherency switch. The SSB is not needed. 

B. From one DCU to a different DCU, an even talks with only another even (same for odd) and hops to the odd-numbered board, if needed, on the destination DCU. 

C. From one DCU to a different DCU, all CPUs can access all PCIe slots In the destination DCU directly in one hop. 

D. A DCU can communicate data only with other DCUs via the BX ASICs on the SSB. 

E. From one DCU to a different DCU, even CPUs can access ail the odd PCIe slots in the destination DCU directly in one hop. 

Answer: A,C,D 


Q10. Assuming that HOST2 is composed of only DCU2, which two targets report the type of CPUs that belong to this DCU? 

A. /System/DCUs/DCU_2 cpu- summary 

B. /System/Processor type 

C. /Servers/PDomains/PDoma1n_2/System/Processors summary- description 

D. /Servers/DCU_2/Processors model 

Answer: A,D