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2021 Jul 1Z0-489 sample question

Q21. You opened a console into PDom2 and you now want to get back to the SP. would you use? 

A. ~. 

B. ~# r 

C. Esc-( 

D. #. 

Answer: D 

Q22. When booting up a pre-installed domain, you are asked for some configuration information. Where should you look for that information? 

A. System Administration Guide 

B. Installation and Configuration Plan 

C. Installation Guide 

D. Server Product Notes 

Answer: C 



Q23. You run the following command: 

-> sec /HOSTO/bootmode script=”setenv auto-boot? False" 

You notice on subsequent resets that Solaris boots in the domain. What are three possible 

reasons for this? 

A. This is a one-time setting. 

B. The default setting for auto-boot? is True. 

C. Keyswitch is set to Normal. 

D. auto-boot? returns to its default setting at the next reset. 

E. Keyswitch is set to Locked. 

Answer: A,B,E 



Q24. Which three statements are correct about the front control panel and rear status panel on the SPARC M5-32 server? 

A. The front control panel and rear status panel are hot-swappable. 

B. The Power On/Standby button is located only on the front panel, not on the rear panel. 

C. The System Key switch is located only on the front panel, not on the rear panel. 

D. An antistatic wrist strap connector can be found on both the front and rear panels. 

E. All the control keys mo on the front control panel, and all the LED signals are on the rear status panel. 

Answer: A,C,D 



Q25. Before turning the system over to a customer, you want to verify that both SPs are functional. Which action do you perform to test the failover? 

A. Set /SP/failover on. 

B. Start /SP/failover. 

C. Set /SP/redundancy failover=true. 

D. Set /SP/redundancy initiate_ failover_ action=true 

Answer: D 




Down to date 1Z0-489 exam price:

Q26. A customer wants two DCUs in physical domain 0. What property must be set to true for this host for you to be able to configure this? 

A. keyswitch 

B. dcus_available 

C. dcus__assigned 

D. expandable 

Answer: D 

Q27. Which two statements are true according to Enterprise Installation Stan (EIS) regarding boot disk layout? 

A. For ZFS-based root file systems, EIS recommends you do not use H/W RAID 1 unless sufficient disks are available for ZFS to mirror itself. 

B. For ZFS-based root file systems, EIS recommends you do not use H/W RAID 0 unless sufficientdisks are available for ZFS to mirror itself. 

C. Under ZFS, the boot devices/disks are placed in a ZFS poof (called rpool by default), and all datasets (consisting of file systems and volumes) are allocated flexibly from that pool. 

D. For UFS-based root file systems, EIS recommends that H/W RAID 0 be used to mirror the bootdisk wherever it is available. 

Answer: A,C 

Q28. When SunVTS has completed its testing, where do you find the log files? 

A. /var/logs 

B. /var/sunvts/logs 

C. /var/adm/sunvts/messages 

D. /var/sunvts/messages 

Answer: B 



Q29. On the SPARC M5-32 platform, CMU11 is located in DCU2. If an error is reported on CMU11, which command would you use to identify the PDomain number that has DCU2 assigned? 

A. show /System/DCTs/DCU_2/CMD_11 location 

B. show /SySt8m/Processor/cpUs/cro_22 location 

C. show /Servers/PDomains/ _level 2 _t dcus_assigned 

D. show /Servers/PDomains/ -level 2 CMU 11 

Answer: B 

Q30. You have completed an OS installation in a PDom and, after subsequent reboots, you observe an error message regarding the pseudo- cdrom. Which command do you use to clear it? 

A. clear faults 

B. reset /HOSTx 

C. boot -r 

D. power off 

Answer: C