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Q31. In a design session, a colleague makes the following comments about cluster support for Oracle SOA Suite 11g application. Which two statements are correct? 

A. A cluster appears to clients as multiple WebLogic Server instances 

B. The server instances in a cluster must all run on the same machine. 

C. You can scale a cluster by adding machines to the cluster to host additional server instances. 

D. Server instances in a cluster can run different versions of WebLogic Server. 

E. You can create it cluster by using WLST, the WebLogic Server Administration Console or Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. 

F. For management purposes, you can split a cluster across multiple domains. 

Answer: CE 

Q32. A partner needs to access services that are defined in one of your Service Composite Architecture (SCA) applications via a web service interface. Which approach (and accompanying reasoning) describes a loosely coupled and robust solution? 

A. Use Oracle Service Bus to provide an Interface layer over your SCA application. This enables you to hide the locations of your SCA application, perform load-balancing across those endpoints, and provide the ability to define service level agreements to help ensure that you are meeting your contractual obligations to the partner. 

B. Use the Mediator component to provide a web service interface to your SCA application. This arrives you the flexibility of using the industry standard XSLT technology to perform translation and transformations. 

C. Use Oracle Service Bus to provide an interface layer over your SCA application. This enables you to "skin" your SCA application with a web service interface and still provide a robust experience to the partner. 

D. Allow the partner simply to connect directly to the SCA application. This provides the best performance and helps keep the partner happy. 


Q33. You expand a business rule component that a colleague added to the BPEL process. You see an Assign element named Facts_To_Rule_Service. 

Which statement is true bout this Assign element? 

A. It was added automatically based on entries that your colleague made in the dialog box that approved when the business rule component was added to the BPEL model. 

B. Your colleague manually added this Assign element after adding the business rule component to the BPEL Model. 

C. This Assign element was automatically added when your colleague manually added the corresponding Rule_Service_To_Facts assign to the BPEL model. 

D. You can delete this Assign because it was created for documentation purposes only. 


Q34. Which statement is true about editing adapter InteractionSpec endpoint properties with Enterprise manager Fusion Middleware Control? 

A. InteractionSpec properties can be added or removed, but they take effect only after the composite is retired and activated. 

B. Adapter endpoint property values can be changed, but they take effect only after the composite is retired and activated. 

C. Adapter endpoints property values can be changed, and they take effect without retiring and activating the composite. 

D. InteractionSpec property values cannot be changed. 


Q35. A customer demands access to your Service Composite Architecture (SCA) application. 

However keeping with the customer's company standards, the interface must be EJB 3.0. 

Which solution meets the needs of the customer while requiring the least amount of time, effort, and architectural change for you? 

A. Create a small EJB 3.0 application that interfaces directly with your SCA application. This approach hides the web service interface from your customer while adding the smallest amount of overhead in the process 

B. Create an EJB 3.0 interface using Oracle Service Bus, which, in turn, invokes the SCA application through its native web service interface. This approach hides the web service Interface from your customer while adding the smallest amount of overhead in the process. 

C. Use the Mediator component to provide an EJB 3.0 interface in addition to the existing web service interface. This approach adds the least amount of overhead to each call. 

D. Explain to the customer the importance and flexibility of modem web services, and encourage the customer to learn some new skills. 


Down to date 1Z0-478 practice exam:

Q36. Which capability or benefit is not applicable to Oracle Service Bus? 

A. Service mediation 

B. Service abstraction 

C. Translation and transformation 

D. Service creation 

E. Stateful processing 


Q37. Which two options are allowed in a decision table? 

A. An action modifying an output fact 

B. Asserting an output fact in a decision rule action 

C. Calling a rules function in an assertion 

D. Having rules specifying different actions 


Q38. Identify two service components that can be added to the components section of the SOA Composite Editor. 

A. Database adapter 

B. BPEL process 

C. File adapter 

D. Business rule 

E. ADF-BC service 

Answer: BD 

Q39. You want to monitor a specific BPEL process variable in your process. You have all the capability Oracle SOA Suite at your disposal. 

Which approach do you take if you want the variable data written to a JMS queue to be processed by another application? 

A. Identify the variable as a key performance Indicator (KPI) and track it in BAM. 

B. Use a composite sensor on the appropriate service or reference binding. 

C. Use a BPEL Process Manager sensor to collect the value and context. 

D. Use Oracle Event Processing (OEP) to monitor the activities being executed in the BPI l process. 


Q40. Which two features are provided by decision tables? 

A. Sets of input data can be bucketed and reviewed for gaps. 

B. Data sets can be reviewed for conflicts. 

C. Data can be used for only one rule evaluation. 

D. A rule evaluation can be used only to enter new output data. 

Answer: AB