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2021 Oct 1Z0-478 braindumps

Q21. When more than one policy is attached to a policy subject, the combination of policies needs to be valid. Which statement is true about the valid combination of policies for a policy subject? 

A. Only one MTOM policy can be attached to a policy subject. 

B. More than one Reliable Messaging policy can be attached to a policy subject. 

C. Both a Reliable Messaging policy and a WS-Addressing policy cannot be attached to the same policy subject. 

D. Only one security policy can be attached to a policy subject. 


Q22. An Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM) agent __________. 

A. Can apply categories of policies in any specified order 

B. Generates a request to an LDAP directory to look up policy definitions 

C. Always fails if the Policy Manager becomes unavailable 

D. Intercepts requests to and responses from a client or service 


Q23. Each JCA adapter has a single deployment listed in the WLS Console. Identify two accurate descriptions about managing multiple instances of each adapter in the runtime. 

A. Instance configuration in the SOA Suite deployment plan 

B. JCA tiles for each adapter instance 

C. Adapter connection factories specified in the WLS Console 

D. One entry per adapter instance in the adapters_config.xml file 

Answer: AD 

Q24. How are task outcomes processed in a BPEL process? 

A. Each path out of the human task activity has a condition in which you specify the outcome that causes that path to be followed. 

B. With onMessage or pick activities that receive the outcome from the human workflow engine. 

C. With a switch containing a case for each outcome of interest plus an optional otherwise case after the human task activity. 

D. With a switch containing one case for each possible outcome after the human task. 


Q25. Which statement is true about an if-then rule evaluation? 

A. It can be evaluated more than once. 

B. It is evaluated once and only once. 

C. It must evaluate only native variable types. 

D. It cannot change the assessment for another if-then rule. 


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Q26. Identify the best description of the recommended use of shared storage in a high-availability (HA) implementation of Oracle SOA Suite? 

A. To allow access to a common installation home for all domain cluster members 

B. To allow access to a shared JTA log 

C. Shared storage is not recommended for Oracle SOA Suite. 

D. To allow access to the default user store on the file system for all domain cluster members 


Q27. How is a SAML token used by OWSM for identity propagation? 

A. As each web service in a chain is invoked, OWSM generates a SAML token and inserts it in the WS-Security header of the request message. 

B. A SAML token is generated on invocation of the first web service in a chain and is stored in the Java Authentication and Authorization (JAAS) Subject so it can be used throughout the transaction by subsequent web services. 

C. A SAML token is used to determine the destination address of the next web service in the chain. 

D. The SAML token, embedded in the X.509 certificate or Kerberos ticket, is extracted by OWSM and delivered to the next web service in the chain. 


Q28. Identify two correct statements about Oracle service Registry. 

A. It stores references to XML based assets and web services. 

B. It provides reporting on portfolio management metrics such as reuse and compliance. 

C. It allows automated notification for lifecycle events to alert asset subscribers. 

D. It provides a lookup service for design time discovery and for runtime dynamic service location. 

Answer: BD 

Q29. Which two configurations provide a certified deployment of multiple SOA domains? 

A. Point all domains to a single SOA Suite schema. 

B. Have separate databases hosting a single SOA Suite schema. 

C. Have a single SOA Suite schema installed on Oracle RAC. 

D. Use Repository Creation Utility (RCU) to create SOA Suite schemas in a single database within unique prefixes. 

Answer: AD 

Q30. In oracle Service Bus, loose coupling between service provider and service consumer is provided by the __________. 

A. database tables stored in MDS 

B. a proxy service and a business service 

C. a JMS-based queuing service 

D. a Mediator component